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Chevrolet Uplander Brakes and Rotors



  • stanyhstanyh Posts: 4
    There are good news. I own a 2008 long base Uplander. I always heard of brake problems with GM vans. In the marketing sales literature, Chevrolet stated that the brakes on the 08 Uplander are ventilated and oversized. I doubted that. Well it is true. I just had my brakes checked after one year of use, and 30,000 km, and the brakes are not 50% used. The independant mechanic says the 6 bolts wheels have oversized disc plates that are also heavy gauge. He added these brakes can go over 80,000km.
    Thats about the same distance i did with my Sienna. However, the ABS system is quiet on the Uplander, where it was noisy on the Sienna.
    We need some good news at times, voila.

  • You may not believe this, but we have 55,000 MILES on the original pads. Granted, my wife is easy on brakes, but I told her that I was going to change them soon just for the fun of it. I have had the rotors rusurfaced twice, however. My van is an early 2005 model.
  • Can you tell me where you bought those heavy duty rotors and perhaps part number?
  • schwangschwang Posts: 7
    Hi, we have a 2007 Uplander and we first had work done on them at 18000 km and now at 40000km we have to have them looked at again. we have had 2 other problems, a leak in the roof at 12000km and the rear main oil seal at 14000 km, i am probably going to get rid of this ................ :lemon:
  • fixit12fixit12 Posts: 10
    Front Rotors crap!!!!!!!!!!
    I have put three sets on now in 95,000Kms
    the gm rotors are crap :lemon: and I am sick of changing them. Dont bother turning them they might last ten days.
    I am in Germany and having problems getting a good heavyduty rotor.

    Any help with a part number store that ships to Germany would be greatly welcome :
  • fixit12fixit12 Posts: 10
    Heavy Duty Rotor part #
  • fixit12fixit12 Posts: 10

    Can you forward the details on the heavy duty rotors for us to get as I cannot find them anywhere! I desperately need rotors and I am tired of buying the stock cheap ones from GM.
  • fixit12fixit12 Posts: 10
    I need these 2005 uplander rotors

    Please help !!!!!!!!!! : :shades:
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    I don't have a part# but here's what I did: go to your local parts store and buy their premium rotors - look for a brand name like raybestos or wagner...also replace your brake pads.

    Here's the important part: Once you've installed them and put the wheels back on, you need to "burnish" the rotors...The procedure is listed in the GM repair manual. If you don't have the manual here's what you do: Go for a drive around your neighborhood. Accelerate to 30 MPH and then firmly come to a complete stop without "stomping" on the brake pedal. Drive a little bit (about 30 seconds or so) and then do it again. repeat this about 25 times. What is happening is that you are building up a layer of brake pad material on the rotors which will protect them once you go back to your normal driving routine. I did this 40,000 miles ago and still stop as smooth as the day I replaced the rotors. Problem solved. :shades:
  • fixit12fixit12 Posts: 10
    tkx dude i will give it a try.
    i need to find a store that will ship to a PO BOX I have in Belleville ON.
    I'm military in Germany. From Belleville they can be shipped to me free.
    do you know of a good parts store in Canada.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373

    I've had good luck with them and their prices are very competitive with your local store... :shades:
  • fixit12fixit12 Posts: 10
    Thank you,
    They want to much money to ship them to Canada.
    They want the same amount to ship as they want for product.
    I guess I will have to find a store in Ontario Canada or have a friend ship them personal for me.

  • kilrbatskilrbats Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    I have an '05 Uplander and need to replace front rotors...Can anyone tell me the name of the tool required to remove star shaped screw ( that what I think holds it to the hub) on the front rotors? Guess I got lucky compared to others as this is the first replacement since I bought it new, But I got them upgraded too. My new heavy duty rotors from NAPA have the hole this screw inserts to so it needs to be removed.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    edited October 2010
    You need a "Torx head screwdriver" or a "Torx head socket" for your ratchet.

    I believe its a size "T20" but I'm not 100% positive - I did mine a few months ago.

    I have a set of torx screwdrivers that I use for removing taillights & such...its pretty tight so I used a wrench on the screwdriver to get it off. If you don't have a set of torx head screwdrivers, now is a good time to buy them as you'll use them more than you think...

    Make sure you put a little never-seez on the screw threads before you put it back in so its not too hard to replace next time you have to take the rotor off.
  • fixit12fixit12 Posts: 10
    :) the torx does not have to be tight when you re-install as all it does is hold your rotor in place until you put rim back on! So dont tighten the crap out of it.

    I have new rotors for mine and so far so good.
    Anyone else with 95 Uplander rotor problems do not replace with OEM parts.
    GM or AC Delco rotors are a waste of time and effort on this van. My forth set is now installed with only 102kms. This time i went with after market rotors and it did the trick.
  • I have replaced the rear break pads in my 2008 uplander. I have bled them out until the fluid is clear. The breaks are not working and the traction control light has come on. I am clueless. Does anyone have any advise for me
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Step 1 - You do not need to bleed the brakes unless you opened the brake line which you did not need to do to replace the rotors & pads.

    Step 2 -The Uplander ABS system likely needs to be bled using a scan tool if air made its way to the brake modulator.
  • ken1217ken1217 Posts: 1
    I had the front and rear brakes and rotors replaced after only 10,102 km. there was large grooves and lots of rust on them. The service guy said he has never seen this before. Now i need another replacement at 30,000km. So now i am thinking that this minivan was not a good purchase.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Replace the rotors and brake pads with an aftermarket brand like Raybestos (not the OEM AC Delco ones) and your problem will go away long term...Did that to ours 1-1/2 years and 20,000 miles ago and never had a problem since.
  • tommie_dtommie_d Posts: 3
    Do the brake caliper bolts have left handed threads? I would not think so but I can not get them broke loose on my 07 uplander. I have done about a dozen or more brake jobs in my lifetime but I'm not a mechanic, just a parts changer with basic hand tools. This should be a very simple job but using a brakeover bar with a 15mm socket and all my might I ended up splitting a brand new 15mm Craftsman socket down the side. Any suggestions out there on getting them loose?
    Thank You for your help,
    Tommie D
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