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Volvo C70 Interior & Trim



  • I am actually looking for an aftermarket wood trim kit for a 2000 C70. Does anyone know where I can find a decent one? Volvo seems not to sell the entire kit.
  • miamcmiamc Posts: 1
    I love my 1998 C70, but I will admit that it isn't perfect. With proper maintenance it keeps running well, and I've been a stickler about repairing even non-critical problems. But this one has my mechanic stumped, and now it's escalated:

    First the passenger seat froze in a forward position. My mechanic (an independent Volvo guy) hooked it up to his computer and moved it back, but couldn't get the onboard seat computer to work. He didn't have a replacement for that side (only a driver side one), and he didn't want to order one without knowing if it would fix it. Fair enough. I mostly drive alone anyway. So it's been frozen for about two years now.

    Yesterday the driver side seat adjuster stopped working. I think it's a different problem because if I fold the seat forward the motor moves it forward like it should. But the adjustment and memory buttons won't work. And when I fold it back, it does not move backward like it should. So I daren't lean it forward at all because eventually it'll run all the way up and there won't be room for me to sit behind the wheel. It would be better if it were completely frozen like the passenger seat!

    In any case, does anyone have any experience with or sage advice about seat computer and motor problems. And can anyone explain why on earth they'd build the car so that you can't move the seats without power?

  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,006
    Have had the same problem with the drivers seat on my 99. Sounds like the bracket that holds a little spring that controls the seat micro switch broke. If you're lucky you may see the spring on the rear floor, if so, keep it and take it to the dealer. It's about a half inch long. Yhe micro switch is located on the bottom of the seat back above where it pivots. If you can find it, push it towards the front of the car and all controls should work, for that seat. It is a two handed operation!! This may also be the problem with the passenger side. Cost to fix the bracket at the Volvo dealer was around $50.
  • larry466larry466 Posts: 4
    I have an 07 C70 and the seats are driving me crazy, they constantly lose their memory and besides that when I press the button at the top of the seat to move it forward it does all kinds of strange things like adjusting the tilt, not doing anything, and sometimes moves it forward but won't move it back. Has anyone else had this problem,what suggestions do you have.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I have had problems with the key memory as well as the settings on the seats. Often it moves the right hand mirror to the extreme outboard position and keeps pushing it, making a disturbing thumping noise that can't be good. Sometimes it won't stop until I use the mirror control to turn it back. I have't had the car that long but I intend to bring it to the dealer's attention when I take it in for its first service. I also noticed that the key memory only works when the driver's door is open. It stops adjusting when the driver door is shut so I have to stand there waiting for it to finish before I get in and shut the door! I am hoping that there is a software fix that the dealer can take care of.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I haven't gotten the memory function to work properly since I got the car. neither the key memory nor the onboard memory works right all the time. The dealer said that it wasn't set properly at the factory, but even after they reset it, it's still quirky. Anyone had similar issues?
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    My wife also has trouble with the memory function, but I haven't checked out what is happening...

    There are two memories: one for the keys and one controlled by the buttons.

    The keys set the seat and mirrors based on how they were set last time for that key regardless of the memory settings in the seat buttons. So don't get your keys mixed up with your spouse.

    When I borrow my wife's key, I need to press one of the seat buttons to change the seat and mirror. Then the next day when she uses her key, she needs to use the seat button too to reset things.

    However if we don't trade keys, the seats automatically adjust when I open the door using my key...

    Hope this make sense
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    I'm having trouble with both the key memory and the seat button memory. Sometimes the key memory will adjust the seat and left hand mirror but not the right hand mirror. The seat button sometimes will turn the right hand mirror all the way out or all the way in and keep trying to go further making a distressing clunking rhythm until I touch the right mirror button and adjust it. The same thing has happened with the key memory a couple of times. I unlock the car and go to the trunk to put something in and the next thing I hear is the right hand mirror clunking. My wife and I never switch keys. She has never complained about the memory settings but I'm not sure that she understands what they're supposed to do. By the way...the adjustment stops cold if I turn the key before it is finished with the adjustment and doesn't resume when the car starts. I don't know if that's normal but it seems like it takes a long time to adjust and I'm always eager to get going. I still love the car!!!
  • We recently purchased a 2007 C70 (and love it). Should the heated seats reset to "off" when the key is taken out? Ours seem to turn off when the key is out but turn back on when we turn on the ignition the next time. Do we have to make sure we turn off the heat before getting out of the car?
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    My '07 C70 also remembers the last setting for heat in the seats which I think is a desirable feature. A friend of mine has a V50 (same dashboard and controls) that operates similarly. By the way, my mirror memory issues continue. It's been to the dealer twice with no success. This last time, they tried to convince me that I misunderstood the owner's manual because it is written in "Swenglish"! They claim to have updated the software for the passenger door but it's still a crap shoot whether the mirror will work right. It amazing what you'll put up with when you're in love! I still get zillions of complements on my beautiful car.
  • Really are enjoying our '08 C70 but are experiencing some of the above-mentioned seat gremlins plus others. One key fob has no effect on the seats or mirrors(save the one time it worked AT THE DEALERSHIP!!!) and the driver seat will frequently move fully forward and seat-back will move fully forward when the driver door is opened(after turning off ignition and removing key). The memory button on the seat will return the seat to proper setting but the key fob has no effect. Even when the seat doesn't actually move forward, occasionally the seat will 'flinch' as though it is headed to another setting. Our large(Nalley) dealer in Atlanta has not been able to solve this de-lemon by upgrading software or contacting N.A. headquarters. They say that N.A. has 'opened a file' regarding this problem in case someone finds a solution.

    Does anyone have an update or any good news regarding these seat gremlins? Fortunately, the seat doesn't move while the car is in motion!!! but who knows what might be next!!! Really like the car otherwise!!!
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    My problem was finally resolved (sorta) by the dealer after I raised the issue directly with Volvo Customer Service in Rockleigh, NJ. They had the car for three days while they swapped out the entire guts of the passenger side mirror and reinstalled and/or updated the software. Our problem seemed to be independent of the smartkey - the driver's seat and the passenger side mirror seemed to have two or three favorite positions that didn't correspond with any of the three memory settings we had programmed. It sounds like your problems may include a bad smartkey. The last day that our dealer was holding the car they were waiting for a Volvo rep to verify that it had been properly fixed, but he was delayed with another issue at another dealer so they crossed their fingers and let me take the car. On one occasion the seat went to the correct position but the passenger side mirror did not but I had pressed the unlock button when the car was already unlocked. I'm not sure if that qualifies as a failure but otherwise it has functioned OK. The dealer says that Volvo has only had one other C70 worldwide with the same issue. I recommend calling Volvo Customer Service. It really made the dealer try harder. I love the car. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone to so much trouble! Good luck!
  • Thanks for the info. Drove the car again tonight(actually DW's car) and the seat went to the fully forward and upright position BOTH times I tried to exit the auto. We are packing for a 1000 mile move and I'm not sure if I'll get back to our Atlanta dealer. Maybe the folks in Austin will have better luck!

    BTW, four of our five Volvos have had the memory seat function and the new C70 is the only one to have these problems.
  • johnnyb756johnnyb756 Posts: 3
    Hi all, newbie JohnnyB here. We are sold on the C70 and will be submitting our order next week for an '09 for European Delivery. We are having problems choosing the interior seat color. We love the look of the Calcite Cream (so does our dealer as most all he has in stock has that color), however, we are concerned about trying to keep it clean.

    Any owners of C70s with the Calcite Cream seats want to comment on how difficult they are to keep clean? How about wear?

    Anybody have the upgraded "Sovereign Hide" soft leather option? I have not seen any and am wondering if they are worth the extra grand.

    Thanks all for any help with my questions.

    JohnnyB - Texas Hill Country
  • I just got my '08 C70 last week...celestial blue/calcite cream. I have every option except BLIS which I really wanted only for the retractable mirrors. Maybe I should have waited for an 09 but I just had to have it NOW! The calcite cream color is very very light and I'm concerned about wearing blue denim on those seats. I actually bought seat covers but I hate using them as they are truly ugly..I haven't put them on yet.

    I did see the sovereign hide in a dark brown color with ice white exterior 2 weeks before I bought mine and I was on the fence as to whether or not I liked the way it looked. It seemed to have some obvious stitching all around the seats that I did not care for at all. I saw no difference in the seats but the leather is probably softer and I'm not sure that's so good either.

    I have an '06 VW Touareg right now with the top leather, nappa, which is beautiful and soft but VW discontinued it in the newer Touaregs. Could be a price issue or a wear issue. The leather is definitely not as strong as the regular cricket leather seats. People have complained of the seams coming apart and the leather wearing badly in spots. I had an '04 Touareg with the same nappa leather that actually wore so thin it got a hole at 8k miles, and that was on the SIDE of the seat, not even the actual seating area. VW was going to replace the seat but they bought back my car for other reasons. I do notice alot of denim rubbing off on the seats and my seats are a Teak color, kind of like saddle. I love them but I don't think I'd pay an extra grand for upgrading anymore.

    I'm fanatical about keeping my seats clean so I try to clean them on a weekly basis when I wash my cars.

    Good luck on whatever you decide.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi JohnnyB,

    I own a 2007 C70 (Magic Blue, Calcite Cream interior). My experience is that the seats collect dust/sand particles and thus get 'dirty'. I've tried several brands of cleaners but no one worked fine. I ended up using IKEA's leather cleaning set, called 'ABSORB', for cleaning and conditioning. Works perfectly!!

    About the wear: After 45,000 km/28,000 mls I think it's average, only the driver seat has a small sign of wear: the sit part of the seat has lost it's print and has become flat.

    a) I almost always wear jeans.
    b) I (still) think that calcite cream is the nicest interior color they have for the C70

    Good luck
  • scolafxscolafx Posts: 2
    Similar problem just reported to dealer with no resolution offered. 2 key fobs (his and hers) with 2 different settings. Ocassionally "his" setting reverts to "hers" and vise versa. She uses key fob to unlock car, then opens door and the seat moves to "his" setting. He uses his key fob to unlock car, then opens door and seat moves to "her" setting.
    Will try 'rebooting" by disconnecting battery for a while then reconnect and start from the beginning??
    P.S. she absolutely loves the car as well (except for this nightmare).
  • scolafxscolafx Posts: 2
    Sorry, forgot to mention that our car is a 2008 XC70 but shows the same type of problems.
  • gsimangsiman Posts: 4
    I am new to this. Just got a C70 convetable. Is the spare tire supposed to be in a "bag" in the trunk and no cover on top of it. How are you supposed to use the trunk,the stuf you put in falls along the sides of the spare.
    Is the backseat armrest supposed to come out of the car when you pull it down.
    Is my dealer giving me the runaround.
    Thanks for any help
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    Yes, the spare is in a bag and yes, it takes up a lot of the trunk. That's why the spare is optional. If you don't order the spare, you get an electric pump and goop that will temporarily fix your flat tire but leave you more room for storage. Such are the dilemmas of the convertible driver!

    The "armrest" in the back seat is not really intended to be anything but a removable panel to allow you to transport long items such as skis. You can even get an accessory bag to cover the portion that ends up in the interior of the car.
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