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Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Accessories & Modifications



  • Are you still as sold on the integrated phone as you were a year and a half ago? Am about to order a new car and wondering if it is worth the investment. I see two prices on the list:
    "Hands Free" and "Hands Free Voice". I would choose the former as I don't do a LOT of driving and talking, but when I do, it would be nice to look up numbers on the dash display instead of trying to do it with my handset.

    On the other hand, I already own a Motorola V-710 (which is one of the same phones MBZ sells for $600+) which is Bluetooth and voice compatible, so perhaps it is not really worth the freight unless I were a driving fool?

    Appreciate your thoughts
  • I am looking for a good Internet source of high-performance parts, (Chips, K&N's, ect..) for my 03 MB E500 can anone recomend a site..s on the web for Parts, or even how to places?
  • Do a search for k&n filters.Came up with many suppliers. Same for the other items.
  • blissfulblissful Posts: 79
    Does anyone know whether these cars come prewired with phone/hands free and just need to have certain codes input to make things work? Or is there additional hardware required? Looks like all the buttons are there, and I have some technical specs that look like the data to turn these things on, but dont know where it would occur. Just curious.
  • janiepeajaniepea Posts: 1
    Did anyone ever respond to this posting? I'm about to buy a 2001 E320 that has the phone equipment but I'm not sure whether it will work with my Treo 650. Any ideas?
    Thanks -
  • edspider1edspider1 Posts: 195 is where you need to go. The answer is no. The MB handsfree system includes a cradle/phone combination in the armrest. You have to use the MB phone. They are coming out with a bluetooth "cradle" option shortly. You might be able to upgrade an 01E with that cradle and then be able to use the bluetooth connection of your treo.
  • drv4fundrv4fun Posts: 16

    I've had my 06 E-class sedan for almost a year now and noticed the other day another E-class with a different tail lights than mine. It was badgeless so I couldn't tell if it was a 350 or 500. It had a bunch of LED looking lights on the top part of the tail lights. I know for sure mine does not look like that. I've looked at a few sites and could not find it. Is this an AMG thing and can I order it somewhere for my E-350? Anyone know?

  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    I cannot seem to get a straight answer on whether the E350 has bluetooth phone capability and whether it allows voice activation. Even doesn't specify. There is a "hands-free phone" option, but it is not clear whether you can use your phone via bluetooth, or whether you have to get a new phone from Mercedes. Does anyone know the answer?
  • lanewbielanewbie Posts: 25
    I didn't get an answer to my posting here May 8th, so today I posted it in another E-class forum. But I'm also going to repost here in hopes of getting an answer somewhere.

    Can one of you E-class owners or experts tell me whether the hands free communication option in the 2006 E350 allows you to use your own phone via Bluetooth, or whether you have to buy a new Mercedes phone (and therefore have yet another phone number!). I would like to be able to use my own Bluetooth phone, through the E350 audio system, giving it voice commands. Can I do this? The dealer isn't sure.

  • alissaalissa Posts: 9
    Posted today on

    It's been only two months since Mercedes announced the second coming of the E-Class, an updated version of the widely popular sedan that features a number of new revisions. More power, slightly enhanced styling, and a wealth of new electrical components are just a few of the changes the 2007 E can boast of.


    To view the full press release and more photos click here
  • rleyrley Posts: 4
    Not sure if you got an answer yet, but my understanding is that Bluetooth is available, but (and it is a big but) you have to buy a bluetooth interface module. The cost is $350.00! You can get info at Or you could get a handset cradle (if one is available for your phone). Again, go to to get information.

    I gotta tell ya, MB just keeps on ripping you off. I guess they assume money doesn't matter to us.
  • nimhrodnimhrod Posts: 49
    I just read your post from '03 about the NAV CD. Did you ever find a place where you can upidate or trade nav DVD's? I have an E320 CDI and need an update as I'm a realtor, but can't afford the buy the full blown new one.

  • mbmexmbmex Posts: 2
    those tail lights only come in avantgarde package and amg. i just bought a 2003 e320 designo interior and avantgarde package and it came with those cool lights. :blush: ">
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