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Jeep Wrangler Tires and Wheels



  • That looks great. thanks for the tips. Thats how i want mine to look like. After i get the lift and tires, i want to add the front and rear bumpers and warn winch. However will yours fit into a garage or do you know the height clearance on your jeep. i need to have mine still fit into the garage so i need some measurements before i invest the money. thanks
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It's basic math really. Measure the height of your Wrangler, subtract it from the height of your opened garage door (not all garages are the same height), and that's the amount you have left to play with.

    If you're on 29s now 33s will bring you up 2", then add 3"-3 1/2" for a lift. If you have 6" or more clearance now, you should be good to go.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Yes, it fits, but the CB antenna whacks the overhang as I go in. Without the antenna I still have a bit of space.

  • 4rider4rider Posts: 96
    Does the stock 15X5 wheel have enough backspace to clear 33x10.5 tire without rubbing on trails?(assuming there is enough lift).
  • 4rider4rider Posts: 96
    Opps, I think I posted my question a little too fast, Tom had answsered this questions a while back.
  • Hey there,

    I've got a 98 TJ 4.0L with 31x10.50 BFG ATs on stock rims. I just got some black Cragar 342 series 15x8 rims with 4" of backspacing. What's the max tire width I can run on these w/o any kind of lift? (no extra cash for that, lol)

    If I do need a body lift, what kind/size is recommended?

  • Hey Paul i have few questions
    are you saying that i can go up to 33x12.5 on the stock rims if i get enough lift? i thought max tire width on stock rims was 10.5?
    Also you have a total lift of around 4" right? so if i go with just 3" will 33x10.5 fit without rubbing? and the 33x12.5 could fit on stock rims but would rub with just 3" lift?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I have 4.5" of total lift (3.25" susp and 1.25" BL).

    Keep in mind, I DO have stock rims, but I also have 1.25" wheel spacers behind em - which gives me an effective BS of 4.25".

    An 8" wheel can handle 12.5" wide tires easily and actually makes a pretty good combination.

    I don't know anybody with 33x10.5's so can't really address that, but as long as you have sufficient lift, I would THINK they'd work on the stock wheels with minimal rubbing while turning or when offroad.

    Rubbing occurs in 2 places.
    1 - tires to swaybar or spring perches when turning (usually full turning lock).
    2 - tires being stuffed into the wheel wells/fenders when offroading.

    1 is usually a function of tire width and backspacing
    2 is usually a function of tire height in relation to lift height.

  • I have a 2004 Wrangler SE 4WD without lift. It has factory 15" x 7" Styled Steel wheels with P215/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler.

    Can I change to 17" by 7 1/2" Chrome Wheels without lift?
    The tires I would like on the wheels would be either
    1)Goodyear Fortera P245/65R17 or
    2)Goodyear Eagle P255/60R17.

    Will these wheels and tires work? and if so what is the best option or is there another option? (note: FYI, the wheels I'm getting free from my brother so I can't change wheels).
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Assuming that the mounting holes and backspacing are the same as your present wheels there shouldn't be a problem. The tires you want aren't an extreme size and it doesn't matter if the hole in the middle is 15" or 17".

    Eagles are a performance on-road tire, but if you stay on-road that's not a problem. ;)
  • jeepgurljeepgurl Posts: 3
    I'm a newbie to four wheeling and I need an answer to a question about tires. I have a 2006 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited that came from the factory with LT245/75R16 tires 30x9.5
    I want to beef it up a little and put bigger tires on it. I was thinking going maybe 32's or 33's do I need to lift my Jeep for tires that big? I have Dana 44 heavy-duty front and rear axles if that matters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    For 33's you'll need a 3" lift. A 2" suspension plus a 1" body is the usual way to go. 31"x10.5" is the max otherwise.
  • jeepgurljeepgurl Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response. Do you know of any good web sites that might have some decent literature on lift kits?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Your best bet is to check out the various jeep forums out there.

    Many love the OME (Mac24, tsjay, and I all have it) for its onroad ride (many say better than stock, I agree), and it's nice flexing capabilities offroad. It is pricier, but with lifts, you often get what you pay for.

    Rubicon Express is another good one. I've also heard many good comments about Rusty's Offroad (located here in AL) having a nice ride and flex.

    Keep in mind, if you go bigger than 3-4", you have to worry about other issues (drivelines, steering geometry, etc), so a 2-3" suspension lift with a 1" body lift will be a GREAT way to get that Rubicon up in a decent manner.

  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    Jeepgurl, great timing. I was browsing the Jeep forums just for the question you had!
    I have a Jeep Unlimited and also want to "beef" it up. I was also considering 33" tires.
    A few more questions:
    - Why a 2" suspension lift and 1" body? Why not just a 3" suspension?
    - Any issues with driving at higher speeds (60-70mph) with a lift like this?
    - If I went 33 I was considering the BFG All-Terrain. Any opinions?
    - AND.. last but not least, for those of you who had your Jeep lifted, what was the overall cost? I'm in the Chicago area...

  • jeepgurljeepgurl Posts: 3
    Thanks alot Paul for the useful information. Boy I sure have a lot to learn.. :)
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    That's why we're here. Ask anything else you need to know! :)

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Karl, as mac and I mentioned previously, there are factors to consider with going to a larger suspension lift.

    - You may have your axles shift to one side more
    - You may have to change your pitman arm, which alters the steering geometry and can lead to more uncontrollable steering (death wobble)
    - If you go too big on the suspension lift, the control arms will be too short. The stock control arms are good to about 3" or 4", but any larger, and you REALLY need to go long arm or run the risk of an unstable/uncomfortable Jeep.
    - Cost
    - Center of gravity

    A 2.5" lift or so will cost a bit less (normally) and minimally impact axle centering and steering geometries. Also, if you think of the control arms as the radius of a circle, with a smaller lift, the axles and wheels rotate down and 'in' towards each other. A higher lift will bring them in a bit more, leading to a possibly harsher ride. A SWB TJ is bumpy enough. :D

    Larger lifts will impact them more.

    While a 2.5" lift will fit 32's no problem, 33's will really fit nicely with that 1" Body lift, and 33's are about the ideal size for a daily driven Unlimited, IMO.

    That body lift also keep the frame lower, giving a better center of gravity (lower). That will help stability in turns. A body lift also opens the door for other mods, such as a tummy tuck to raise the transmission.

    As for the cost of the lift, I did the work all myself, but I bought the DPGOffroad Basic kit, and have since pieced together the body lift, motor lift, adjustable trackbars front and rear (to recenter the axles), and the quick disconnects for the sway bar for offroad articulation. That would be the ultimate kit on Dirk's site.

    If you guys end up using him, just let him know Paul in Alabama referred ya. I don't get any discounts from him, but I like to let him know I'm keeping my word of letting people know about his EXCELLENT service and products. My entire suspension and lift is from him, as are all my headlights and driving lights (IPF).

    Even with my TJ being a 4cylinder, I have NO problems at highway speeds (up to about 78 or so).

    33" BFG AT's would be great for Chicago, but I'm not sure how well they handle winter snow/ice. I hear the Mud Terrains actually handle it better and I know a LOT of people who use the BFG MT's on their TJ. While they may be a bit noisier, I kinda like the road noise my Jeep makes. I have TrXuS Mud Terrains, but ran the 30" variety of the BFG AT's prior to that.

    And before you ask, the quick disconnects allow better articulation offroad and give better flex, like this:


  • 4rider4rider Posts: 96
    Thanks to Paul for such detailed posting on the topic. I am still undecided on which kind of lift/tire mod to go. But more and more I am leanling toward OME kit which I think can be a relative permanent solution for me since I dont think I will go beyond 33" tires for obvious monetary concern. Couple of more questions assuming the setup is OME 2 1/2 lift + 1"BL and 33" tires:

    1) Will my stock 3.73 gears(4.0L/auto)be good enough for the much heavier 33" tires? Currerntly I have the stock 30" tires and I feel the power is very good.

    2) the stock wheel lug toque is at 90lb(I think). Do we stick with the same torque spec when switching to a larger and heavier tire??
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    You'll probably be happier by stepping up a ratio or two. However, it won't be undrivable on 3.73s, so try it and see but expect a reduction in acceleration. Weight of the tires has nothing to do with any possible requirement for changing the axle ratio, it's all to do with the increased diameter of the tire and therefore the final gearing.

    Lug nut torque will remain the same. It's related to size, construction, and loading of the wheel rims and the location hardware.
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