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Chevy Express/GMC Savana Accessories & Modifications



  • jwbergerjwberger Posts: 2
    I've got a 2002 GMC Savana 3500 and the interior bits are falling apart, the door panels and center (Dash) console specifically.

    I've found a donor 2009 model that's being parted out locally.

    Does anyone know if the 2003+ interior parts and be installed in a 2002 or earlier without serious modifications?

    Also, the factory drivers seat has no right side arm rest, what other seats can I replace it with?

  • My question is can my 2001 gmc savana cargo van front end be converted to look like a 2003+ savana ... I know I will need to change the fenders hood bumper grill ect. But my question is will it fit and bolt up? I have a 2010 donor mini school bus?
  • I would like to convert my 2011 Express 3500 15 passenger van to dual rear wheels if it will make the van safer. Does anyone know how the conversion will effect Stabilitrak? Or where to look for a definitive answer?

    I talked with the local dealer, but they could not offer any help.


    - infrared
  • I have the solid steel doors on my van. I want to replace with doors with Windows.

    1. What years (or only 2006) will fit on this van?
    2. Will Savana doors also fit? If yes, same question, what years or only 2006?

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