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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • You were lucky. I started out Mr Nice guy and a Ford customer for 24 years, 9 new Fords in all. I expressed that I wished to remain loyal to ford as well as continue to recommend Ford to all of my friends and family. I can safely say I am directly responsible for at least 50 sales of Ford vehicles over the years. Needless to say, my outcome was not as pleasant as yours. now we have a family vehicle that is worth nothing on the open market and that we have ZERO confidence in every time we drive it. The problem is, we are still paying off the loan for the new tranny and a month worth of rental. The silver lining is that we rented a Toyota Sienna- A MASTERPIECE of an automobile, by the way. We are now sold on Toyota and will be purchasing a Sienna for my wife and a Tundra for me just as soon as we get whatever miles we can out of our Fords and can accept the paltry amount that they are worth when we sell them. If I have to give them away because they aren't worth anything, I'm going to get as much use out of them as possible in the meantime.
    What a shame,24 years of fierce customer loyalty lost over a vehicle they new was defective when they sold it to me and then refused to stand behind when it nearly got my family killed. I will never buy or recommend another Ford as long as I live.
    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • Amazing. 2 in a row. The inconsistency of how they are handling this debacle is mind boggling. They need to step up all the way and issue a recall and take care of those of us that they turned away. I did go to the dealer, by the way, and they told me to pound sand. Now I am out almost 4 grand and I only had 45K on my van!

    By the way, I hope you still reported your tranny failure to NHTSA!

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • Ford already knows and the media is a bunch of cowards as well. They are afraid they will lose ad revenue if they pick this story up. The best thing we can do is kep reporting hese failures to NHTSA and force a recall of these death traps before somebody gets killed.

    Jim Genovese
    Annapolis, MD
  • Today my van completely lost power while I was driving 45 mph. There were no warming, shaking, or anything, it just died. Luckily I was able to pull over safely. It would not start back up. I had no steering, brakes, nothing at all. It was towed. The Ford mechanics said it later started right up and they can't find anything wrong. In fact the internal computer doesn't show any sign of losing power. They said Ford has nothing issued on their website of this happening. My BIL is a Ford mechanic and he checked the Ford website they can access and said they were telling the truth, there is nothing listed on Ford. He is currently calling other mechanics for me. Does anything know what this problem would be caused from? Is it a transmission issue? Electrical? It is a 2006 Freestar Limited with 24,000 miles and is still under warranty.
  • I sent a complaint tonight to the NHTSA. I hope I get some answers tomorrow when I ask them to check the torque converter. I am so frustrated right now.
  • I am posting this here because some of you may have a vehicle with this problem: Tie rod ends on many Ford vehicles are coming apart ( this means you can no longer steer this wheel). Ford of Canada has sent a letter to 1997-2002 F150 , 1998&1999 light duty F250 , 1997-2002 Expedition , and 1998-2002 Navigator owners stating that every 20,000 kilometers they should inspect the tie rod ends. I have also had this problem with my 2000 Ford Windstar and have changed several tie rod ends. The problem appears to be that the design of the tie rod end is up side down ,the boot and catches water and salt like a funnel when it should be inverted to shed water. Please go to
  • I was all proud of my 2004 Mercury Monterey that I purchased used with 50K on it this past weekend. It is super clean and seems very well taken care of. Fresh transmission fluid and all. But now, upon just doing some casual research on my new vehicle, I find this thread and am ready to cry. There's nothing wrong with my new van ... yet, but it sure sounds like if I make it to 100K without almost getting killed by a dead transmission, I'll be lucky. Any suggestions what I should do? I can't go in to the dealer and say "I changed my mind about this car because I read bad stuff about the transmission on the internet." LOL But should I be scared or do I at least have odds in my favor that this won't happen to me? I'm assuming most of the people that are on this thread are on here because it happened to them. I've counted about 25 to 50 complaints in this thread. I'm hoping (maybe wishful thinking) that there's lots of people with no problems with their Freestars/Montereys. What do you guys think? Is it just a matter of time before I'm hitch hiking for a ride along the side of the highway?
  • I have a 05 Freestar with 90270 miles original engine and trany and it has never given me a drop of trouble. This van is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I drive it for my business and it has always performed. I have all the maintenance done on time and never miss fluid changes. From reading the posts in this forum, obviously there are some troubles with these transmissions but I'm here to say not all of them. My advice to JerryPaul would be to make sure you have the maintenance done on time and have it done at a reputable car care place.
  • The people posting in this forum are complaining about a certain problem that their vehicles have ( faulty torque converters ) . I believe that there are many Freestar/Montereys that do not have these faulty converters and are not lemons. The problem is Ford will not make good on the faulty ones. Please let me know of any reputable car care places that have transmission fluid that can harden the butter soft splines ( or correct design flaws) in these converters.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    As you mentioned, not much you can do about returning it. Remember, not all Freestars will suffer a transmission failure. The fresh fluid will help. If you can, try and save up the money to cover a transmission repair.

    Of course, I'm wondering if your Freestar already had the tranny replaced before you bought it.
  • >> Of course, I'm wondering if your Freestar already had the tranny replaced before you bought it.

    I thought of that. But have no real way of knowing. The car dealer says they don't have any service records on the vehicle other than the 150 point inspection and fluid/filter changes they did before they sold it. They also warrant the power train for 4,000 miles so I hope that if the tranny's gonna go, it does it within 4,000 miles. LOL But so far, no problems. The car is crystal clean and immaculate. Looks brand new inside and out. New tires. Wipers. Etc. The only thing that doesn't work is the cruise control (which seems to be a common Freestar/Monterey problem). They said they'd fix that for me if I bring it in within 30 days.

    But that's a good question about if the tranny is original or replaced. Any way a novice like me could tell by looking under the hood?
  • I just bought a used 2005 Freestart a week ago. Yesterday as I was slowing down at a stop sign, my van died with no warning. The engine check light and oil pressure light were the only two lights on. I cranked on it for a minute, and the van finally started. No more problems that day. This morning, I started the van to let it warm up before I ran some errands, and about 30 seconds later it died....same warning lights. After about 5 minutes, I went back out and cranked it problem....and no problems since then. I do not know if having both the front and back heaters on is causing a problem or not......I have called my delearship to see what I can do....I am not to happy!!!! This vehicle did have some electrical work done 8/03 and 3/07, but has no issues since then.....I am wondering if they just quit driving it??? ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS???
  • Im sorry, but I too THOUGHT we had a beauty. We have a 2004 Freestar. Never had a problem till 3 days ago. We just got off freeway exit(thank God), my RPM went up to 3. But I had no "pull". Towed home. Son in law figured it was in need of a "Neutral Saftey Switch". Nope. Needs new Transmission!!! And, to come on here and see this many complaints of same issue, is EVERY REASON FORD NEEDS TO HAVE A RECALL!!!!!!! Will be over $3000.00, and my husband is 70 yr. old and still working part time, with fresh knee replacement, to make it with this economy.And Ford thinks we all need to repair our worthless crap they built incorrect?!!!!!!!!!!! My brother buys a new car every 2 yrs.& I WILL MAKE SURE NO MORE FORD MUSTANGS!!!!!! Or, ANY FORDS! Im sooo upset over this. I took my retirement to buy this van 2 years ago, and now find out FORD screwed up on transmission. NOT FAIR FORD!!!!!!!!!! Im getting an attorney, I refuse to fix FORD workers mistakes!!!! I will display "lemon signs" in our yard too. And warn all friends ,of Ford NOT attending to their mistakes made!!!!!!!!
  • Following up to my previous post......I brought the vehicle to the delearship where I bought the 2005 van, and they called me first thing this morning. The idle control module was stuck in the closed position, and since they replaced it, the van will run great (or so they tell me). I just wanted to add this to the list of things for people to be aware of as we go through the Ford issues together.
  • Still paranoid about my nice running (for now) 2004 Monterey that I recently purchased, I decided to play devil's advocate and call the local Ford dealer (not where I purchased it) and ask their thoughts (we've always had fairly good experiences with this service department and trusted their mechanics). Said to the guy that I've been hearing all these horror stories on the internet about the transmissions in these, and he claims they've seen only ONE faulty transmission come through their door on a Freestar and they narrowed down the problem to the wrong transmission fluid. He said the transmission in the Freestars/Montereys is so picky, one bad shot of the wrong fluid and your transmission is toast. I'm wondering if the folks on here who've had their transmissions go are using the right fluid or even if the mechanic that you trust is using the right fluid. Everyone get proof that the right fluid is being put in your Freestar/Monterey! I'm hoping the right fluid was put in mine. It "looks" right from what the guy told me ... the color of it, that is.
  • These guys would lie to their mother! That doesn't even make sense... my mechanic says that ford used the wrong size transmission for the engine and that they had done the same thing with taurus in the 90's. If the tranny fluid was soooo picky, I would think that this little fact would be in bold print in the book somewhere. Our tranny went out in our 04 model at 59000 miles without warning... good luck to ya! :lemon:
  • Add our 2004 to the list. Where is it that you make a complaint?
  • Well this may be a dumb question, but I was on another message board. One of the casualties (an owner of a dead 2004) said that it's not really the transmission per se that is faulty but the torque converter which fails at the splines and causes pieces of metal to ruin the transmission. So my dumb question: would it be beneficial to have our torque converters replaced BEFORE the splines fail and ruin the transmission? Of course, a Ford mechanic would probably look at us like we had two heads and it's a darn shame we'd resort to even thinking about this, but since it doesn't look like Ford will step up to the plate and recall these things, would that be a way to save money and beat the system instead of paying for a whole new transmission once it's already ruined?
  • hEY IGENOVESE. I too got screwed on a 2004 FORD, FREESTAR!!!!!! had it 3 years this March. Just complained to NHSA. People register complaints to them. The more complaints, the better the chance of a recall. Like everyone else, no warning, coming off freeway exit.......BOOM! no pull. Going to be $1800.00. Husband's 70 yrs. old, still working cause of the economy..... And FORD'S asking and receiving GOV. LOAN!!!!!???? I say, fix their junk first they sold people!!!!!!!!
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