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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • This is my 1st post here. I have a 2004 Mercury Monterey, in the beginning of January 2010 I had my transmission rebuild for the 2nd time as of today I have 62,500 miles on my van. My mechanic just called the tranny isn't covered under the last repair because it is the cooling system that cools the tranny that is causing the continued problem. I just filed my complaint with NTHSA (I think that is the correct acronym).

  • Jennifer,

    1.) You need to get a second opinion on the cause of your transmission failure.It is not likely the cause that your mechanic has said it is. Is this by chance a Ford or Mercury dealer?

    2.) In addition to NHTSA, please file a complaint with the Center for Auto Safety. They are not affiliated with the government but are a very credible and well-respected organization.

    3.) Stay tuned to this forum and keep us posted on your situation.
  • Mine gave out at 54,000. It is a 2004 Mercury Monterey. Cost $2,500 to replace.
  • my freestar lost its transmission at about 65,000 miles and its a 2004
  • Today I filed a complaint against the Ford Motor Company with NHTSA concerning Freestar's transmission problems with particular emphasis on safety. In addition I have filed same with the Center for Auto Safety recently. I will keep you advised of their reply!
  • Yesterday our transmission died. 2004 Ford Freestar with 75,000 miles. Is there a link that I can submit a complaint to an organization that might care about this. Reading the messages below lead me to believe I'm among many.
  • Yes, both are on the internet: (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration); (Center for Auto Safety). In addition I wrote to Ford Motor Co several times. Let's hope that others who have problems will do so as well.
  • For anyone out there with the same situation of a dead transmission on your Ford Freestar, I have some advice. I had the repairs done at a Ford dealer and after I told them what I had found on the internet, I asked what he could do about reducing the $1750 bill. (that included the replacement of the stripped torque converter shaft and labor to remove and install the transmission) Ford was able to do what they call and after warranty adjustment and reduced my bill by $1000. I walked away with only paying $750. Don't be afraid to ask for a reduction because Ford obviously knows about this problem!
  • My husband and I both spent over an hour going back and forth with Ford and our Lincoln/Mercury dealer. Our bill at first was $ dealer finally kicked in his "total budget" for the month to help "loyal customers," which was $500. We still ended up paying over $2500. This seems so criminal to make a customer pay for anything that is a defect to begin with.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    You are so right with the comment about it being criminal when it is a know defect. I do not understand why this is allowed to go on for so long! Isn't there any laws in this land to protect citizens from this type of fraud? :confuse:
  • omtjromtjr Posts: 1
    yes i had the same problem my mini van has 56,000 miles and the transmission went
    now the repair is costing me 2500+ i was driving fine with no sign what so ever just quit working
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220
    Consider yourself lucky. My transmission went at 45K miles.

    My dealer told me to pound sand. Ford treated me like I was a second class citizen and made it very clear to me that I was not a valued customer after bying Ford exclusively for 25 years.
  • I would certainly echo your sentiments. I too felt as if they didn't care and we have owned personally and for business many, many Ford vehicles. They keep telling me that there has not been a real problem only isolated cases. My transmission went out at 56,000 miles without any warning. Pretty scary when you are driving on the interstate alone - luckily I made it to the shoulder of the road but not without some heart-stopping moments. I am relentless on this subject. I have written Ford many times as well as the NHTSA and Center for Auto Safety.
  • lmcallerylmcallery Posts: 6
    edited March 2010
    I just hung up with Ford. This is the second time my 2005 Freestar has had the transmission go. The first time was at 39K in 2007, I am now at 65K. I am incredibly disappointed with Ford for not standing behind the vehical, and for not taking aim at this serious problem. Mine went as I was traveling on the highway with my 10 year old in the van with me. Thankfully, we were able to get off the road before being plowed into. This entire situation is unacceptable to me. That there are hundreds of pages of posts about this problem, and still Ford has done nothing is unbelievable. I will fight this as far as I can as the repair/replacement is being quoted at $2965. My next call is the Attorney General here. And I will continue up the food chain until I get what I deserve. And from the sounds of it, I think I deserve a whole lot more than Ford does!
  • Last thursday night my transmission stop working while running. The diagnostic is the Transmission Converter is gone. A couple of weeks before, the car started doing abnormal accelerations up to 3000 rpm while no shifting properly. When it rains, the check engine lits and blinks, and if you push the gas pedal it makes like little explosions. My van just have 55,000 miles on it. I traded my 2001 Escape, which I loved for this piece of junk I'm crazy to get rid of. What can I do to not get stuck with a van that owes more than it is worth? I'm open to :lemon: suggestions. :lemon:
  • I bought a 2005 ford freestar from Nassief in Ashtabula, OH. Up until Feb 20, 2010 it was driving JUST FINE. Then on 2/20/2010, I went to pull out of a driveway and NOTHING. The engine was running, the gear shifter went into reverse, but NO movement backwards. When some friends came to help me out, they noticed that my front tires were not spinning to move backwards, I could turn my steering wheel and move the tires sideways, but when I hit the gas pedal, the van just stayed right where it was. There were NO problems AT ALL prior to this happening, either the day it happened OR leading up to that day. It just quit, died, broke down. I have not taken it anywhere, due to financial reasons, yet. But in reading these posts, should I go to a FORD dealer, or where I bought it, or what? I am at my wits end. I WILL be going to NHTSA and Center for auto safety, and to FORD to put my 2 cents in there as well. I hope all goes well. By the way, I have a little over 120K miles on mine when this happened. It was used when I bought it, 99K. Thanks for everyone posting their issues and problems with their freestars.
    I also heard that the transmissions that are in the freestars are the same ones that are used in the ford taurus, has anyone else heard this? IF so, how is that allowed? Isn't there a significant difference between the two cars as far as weight and carry loads? Is this something that is of questionable product safety?
  • jgenovesejgenovese Posts: 220

    Thank you for contacting NHTSA and Center for Auto Safety. These steps are CRITICAL to our cause.

    As for the transmissio being the same as in the Taurus, that is what my mechanic told me. He is a retired Ford tech w/ 20 years experience there who now operates an AAMCO franchise. I am pretty sure that qualifies him to make that statement.

    Keep us posted on your progress.
  • Yes, my transmission went at 70,000 miles sept 09. I luckily bought an aftermarket warranty with full coverage so all I had to pay was my $100 deductible. I've seen lots of other posts on the net about it and that they're the same kind that they used to put in the old taurus's. They need to make this a recall, but I know they won't. Keep an eye on your Power control Module too because it will give you problems too if it gets any kind of moisture.
  • That actually could be your power control module. If it gets any moisture in it the motor will run all kinds of choppy and sputtery. Mine has even stalled out while driving!
  • momtobcltmomtobclt Posts: 19
    Why are the 2004 and 2005's the only ones being investigated? I have a 2006 and I had to have my PCM replaced. I had my van in the shop more than 25 times in 3 years because of all of the issues from the PCM. It was because of this site that I found out what the problem was.
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