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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • turtle45turtle45 Posts: 4
    If it was a foreign car it would have been recalled and fixed
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
  • So is the James Genovese the same Jim Genovese from this Edmund's forum? If so, thank you for your continued pressure on Ford for me and all other victims.
    Cathy in MD
  • So after reading the post about the Minnisota case, I googled Ford class action Freestar and found ths!

    Anyone know anything about this?
  • "There are several criticisms of class action lawsuits.[13] The preamble to the Class Action Fairness Act stated that some abusive class actions harmed class members with legitimate claims and defendants that have acted responsibly; adversely affected interstate commerce; and undermined public respect for the country's judicial system."

    Class members often receive little or no benefit from class actions. Examples cited for this include large fees for the attorneys, while leaving class members with coupons or other awards of little or no value; unjustified awards are made to certain plaintiffs at the expense of other class members; and confusing notices are published that prevent class members from being able to fully understand and effectively exercise their rights.
    "In the United States, class lawsuits sometimes bind all class members with a low settlement. These "coupon settlements" (which usually allow the plaintiffs to receive minimal benefit such as a small check or a coupon for future services or products with the defendant company) are a way for a defendant to forestall major liability by precluding a large number of people from litigating their claims separately, to recover reasonable compensation for the damages. However, existing law requires judicial approval of all class action settlements, and in most cases class members are given a chance to opt out of class settlement, though class members, despite opt-out notices, may be unaware of their right to opt-out because they did not receive the notice, did not read it, or did not understand it.

    The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 addresses these concerns. Coupon Settlements may be scrutinized by an independent expert before judicial approval in order to ensure that the settlement will be of value to the class members. 28 U.S.C.A. 1712(d). Further, if the action provides for settlement in coupons, the attorney must take a corresponding part of his fee in coupons. 28 U.S.C.A. 1712(a)."
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    edited June 2010
    The problem with class action suits is that the attorneys and the lead plaintiff are the ones who make money and the automotive manufacture (Ford) will settle to keep thing quite. The other issue is for those who are not original owners of the automobile will never receive any type of notice about the lawsuit or settlement.

    However, what alternative is left for those of us who have attempted to rectify this issue with Ford? What would you recommend?
  • bbb_bbbbbb_bbb Posts: 7
    I can now be added to the growing list of problems with the transmission. When the torque converter goes it goes without warning. I parked my van in the driveway on a Monday night and Tuesday morning it wouldn't move. I have since found out that not only was it the torque converter but I need to have the transmission rebuilt. When getting the torque converter replaced other issues inside the transmission were discovered. I have less than 60,000 miles on the van. I bought it new and at the time I thought Ford could be trusted. After talking to a person at the Ford Corporation they said I could find out how much the repair would cost. If it turned out to be expensive maybe they could work out a good trade for me on a new car. My reply was if I can't get 60,000 miles out of why would I want another one from you. I didn't receive a reply.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Please file a complaint with NHTSA and the Center for Auto Safety. If I were you, I would call Ford back and complain again and again until they do something. Also, when you talk to them, MAKE SURE THAT THEY KNOW the safety concern. I would send them a registered letter demanding that they fix the faulty transmission that they should have recalled!
  • We just took at trip from Ohio to Virginia,Tenn, and guess what, the transaxle light came on and flashed dang near the entire trip. I just had the torque converter output shaft (rebuilt tranny) replaced in December 09. I filed a complaint with the NHTSA as well after the first failure at 54,000. I'm taking it back tomm morning to the place where the warranty is still in effect. It's gotta be fixed, as we are going even farther south in August. I just wanted to keep everyone updated that we too had yet another failure after a "fix". I'll keep you posted.
  • bbb_bbbbbb_bbb Posts: 7
    I do plan to file a complaint with NHTSA. I will have my van back today. The whole transmission had to be rebuilt. Several other problems were found. I plan to file as soon as I get the paperwork on everything that needed replacing.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    If you felt that you family or your safety was in jeopardy, please make sure that Ford understands the peril you felt. I would also ask for documentation that the conversation took place, or have some kind of record. I have many emails that I sent to the Ford Customer Service.

    Ford needs to assist so many with the repair bills for these vehicles. Hope Ford is placed first in the hall of shame!
  • Now that Chrysler has just recalled some vans MAYBE, just MAYBE Ford will step up to the plate and do likewise. However, don't hold your breath.
  • 40merc40merc Posts: 1
    Bought my Mercury Monterey on 3-28-05 with 9521 miles on it! In December of 2007 the transmission went out. Had it towed to the Mercury dealer I bought it from with 49,326 miles on it. I knew I was over factory warranty, but I had bought extended warranty thru the dealer. Dealership asked me if I had run the car into high water as the car had water in tranny! I said absolutley not. Extended warranty people said they would not cover the tranny as it had water in tranny. Ford in turn said they would cover 1500.00 and I would have to pay 1197.28! I mentioned that there was a possible problem with the tranny vent location letting water in! On my repair bill there is a note that says they relocated the vent! I took the extended warranty people to small claims court and got 1100.00 refund plus court costs. The reman tranny they put in had a 12 month warranty or 12,000 miles! Well at 79,000 miles (6-11-10) I had my scheduled oil change and the tranny oil changed (30,000 miles on reman tranny)! Had my car computor checked for codes! Well wouldn't you know a tranny problem come up for 2nd shift! Mercury was traded on 6-14-10! I have bought Fords or Mercury's since the 60's! No more!!! Ford can take a hike! I will be giving Ford some real good advertisment!!!
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    I would love to have some good ideas for advertisement. Any that you want to share?
  • spade2613spade2613 Posts: 1
    I tried to go to the link yet I could not. I am newest victim of the FORD faulty Torque Converter. On the way home from church this afternoon it went out leaving my wife and children stranded while I was working out of town. Is Ford going to stand behind their product as this is a common problem? It looks like even thou I will get it repaired tomorrow that it will only happen again as other owners are having continued problems. Who do I need to contact in order to help out the cause for us Freestar owners?
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    Minn. Judge, I've been on here for 2 yrs. this Nov. NO PROGRESS. I still own FORD'S piece of junk! Only waiting for trans. to go again. I want to travel 97 miles to my sister's home, and scared to cause of this undependable piece of crap..... We need a tune up on our van, but don't want to invest another 10 cents on it! never knowing when trans. going out AGAIN. So all the best of luck to you in any contacts. It's been waste of time for us. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • tervmomtervmom Posts: 12
    Nadineb - what e-mail address do you have for Ford Customer Service?? Any special person??
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190 is the address. Keep all your transactions with them.

    This the response that I received from Ford about them making this issue right, "The dealership has made an assessment based upon Ford warranty and policy. They are in the best position to determine the amount of assistance that will be provided. In this case, the dealer offered some assistance and we encourage you to speak with the Service Manager/Customer Relations Manager in regards to their decision in this matter."
  • 757tech757tech Posts: 1
    From what I have found out about the PMC is that it gets wet from poor drainage just above it. When it gets wet you can loose reverse, engine will stall or not run at all. Also will make the van feel like it has a miss. Which my van did all of these. The fix is to replace the PMC which can be picked up 395.00 from autozone. Have mechanic put a cover over the PMC's plug so that new PMC will not get wet. I did mine in 3 hours. 550.00 to 700.00 should be the charge for the PMC and install. Also some think that the PMC which controls the engine and the transmission when it is wet it is shifting the transmission improperly putting extra stress on the torque converter which may be the cause it to fail. Also put amsoil in transmission it will help.
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