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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • mumpspromumpspro Posts: 1
    Add me to the list with 2005 Ford Freestar Transmission failure....only 54k miles on the vehicle and no warranty :(
  • I called Ford customer service. All thou they were very friendly they could not tell me any thing other then there has been no recall on the transmission. They said I could pay to have the van towed to the dealer and pay to have a dynastic test to see what the failure is. But no promise of any help.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    edited April 2011
    Ford does not play well with others so I would not play nice with them. This is a well know issue, well documented issue, and if you are waiting for a promise of any help...I would forget it. This is a time to be assertive with them otherwise they will let you foot a rather large bill for repairs. From what I have experienced, Ford has not a bit of regard for your safety, financial status, or any ethical issues that revolve around this vehicle. All reasons that I will never, ever have another Ford in my driveway. I will express this to all I know, and the longer that Fords allows this miscarriage of justice to continue, the louder I will become in my expression of outrage.

  • i have a question....i have a 04 freestar with the 3.9 motor in it....ithas just recently started squeaking over somewhere by the serpentine belt and we just cant figure it doesnt do it all the time only when it is cold...but now it will sputter every once in a while and die but it never turns on the check enginel light when it does so we have changed the belt tensioner because it wiggled a little thinking that was it but it sounds likeit is inthe back and lower on one of the pulleys but i have no clue...plz only has 104,000 miles on it...we have replaced the everything but the sparkplug wires, fuel pump,and the motor and tranny because we havent needed too
  • misty10misty10 Posts: 23
    We also have a 2004 and the squeaking comes from the cam position sensor. Just take out the two screws and unplug wire, then lift the cap off and squirt turbine oil or slick 50 lube. This does work for quite awhile but the part does need to be eventually replaced. It's about $140.00 and need the alignment tool to do it. My husband is a mechanic so I luck out with this. You're lucky because we had to replace out torque converter twice so far.
  • fordfailfordfail Posts: 4
    Wanted to join the list of Freestar transmission failures. We heard a noise, and the transmission was gone. Had it towed to a transmission shop. Waiting to hear an estimate for repair. Anyone know what this is likely to cost me?
  • carranoacarranoa Posts: 7
  • fordfailfordfail Posts: 4
    Wow. That is a tough pill to swallow. I was thinking $2000 max. I'm gonna puke.
  • cknechelcknechel Posts: 1
    Have a family member with a 2005 or maybe a 2004 Freestar. The van only has 17000 miles on it. The tranmission just stopped working. No problems leading up to the failure. This just occured yesterday April 11, 2011. She was told that it would cost $3400 to replace. It is totally wrong that Ford knows there is a problem, and never had a recall. So much for anyone in our family ever purchasing a Ford again.
  • fordfailfordfail Posts: 4
    I was given three options for the transmission.

    1. Rebuild existing transmission for $2200;
    2. Install after-market transmission by Precision Auto Parts with a 2 year parts/labor warranty for $2600 or;
    3. Get a genuine Ford transmission with a three year parts/labor warranty for $3150.

    Since the car is an '04 with 60,000 miles on it, and I don't trust the Ford transmission anyway, I decided to hedge and go with the Precision Auto Parts transmission.

    Any thoughts?
  • In anticipation of replacing the tranny on my 2005 Monterey, does anyone know if the rebuilt trannies have corrected the spline issue, are they any better than Ford's replacement?

    Is there a definitively better replacement tranny out there?
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    edited April 2011
    A friend suggested this as recommended reading:

    I believe that you will find it very interesting to read about Ford through an employees perspective.
  • The transmission should be covered by the warranty even if you bought it used. I had the same problem, called Ford directly, and they took car of the replacing the transmission. Mine went out a 45,000 miles. You have to be forceful but kind with the people at corporate. They really are descent people. I hope this helps.
  • tervmomtervmom Posts: 12
    Nadine, Thanks for starting a FB page. My 2006 Freestar transmission died at approximately 47,000 miles without warning in March of 2009. (I posted on this website fairly soon after and have also filed with NHTSA.) Just asked to join the FB group.

    Thanks, Brenda
  • Purchased a 2004 Freestar 11 months ago. We've now spend $1,400 in repairs to date. Took it in a couple of days ago to find out that the PCM we had replaced in Aug is already causing problems again. Luckily (or maybe not) the dealership did the PCM repair and I have my documentation. I'll be duking it out with them to cover the repairs since then that wouldn't have happened if they had fixed the problem right from the start. Mechanic opened the box to the PCM and told me that water poured out. In August, we were assured it was sealed up tight. Even the Ford mechanics can't fix these vans right! As someone else said, I thought the van was a steal but now I wish someone would steal the van!
  • ddivittoddivitto Posts: 3
    I have 2004 monterey, I replaced the transmission last year, and have had several electrical issues that seem to be the PCM problem. I called the dealer and he told the cost to replace the PCM would be $700 to $1000 dollars and he could not give any idea how long it would take because the part was hard find either new or used. So I had a friend who is a mechanic take the PCM out and dry it, and seal it up after replacing it, that was about 3 months ago and I am having problems again. Does anyone know if I could order a new PCM and have him replace it or does the PCM have to be hooked to a computer before using.
  • Well, I thought I was done with the mechanic for a while. Torque converter went. Besides the tranny, this is the last thing in the long list of Freestar problems to go. They quoted me $1000. Sound about right?
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    I have the Mercury Monteray. My transmission and torque convertor both went out. The cost was around $2,300. We did not have it done by the dealer ship since they would not cover it. A local transmission place did the work. So far we have had no additional problems. We did purchase an extended warranty on the work. I gave up on Ford after several attempts. Mine is a 2004 and has less than 80,000 miles on it. I drove my last two Mercury vans, both Villagers well over 100,000 miles each and never had issues either of these. I was hoping the same would hold true with the Monteray.
  • philvidphilvid Posts: 8
    edited August 2011
    Only 48,000 kms, holly ****!!

    I've got a Freestar 2004 - 4.2 l and the transmission went last August. I was at 150,000 kms approx. Cost me $2500. Lucky for me that the transmission shop has a one year / 30,000km guarantee. I need ti send a letter of **** to Ford Canada...What a piece of junk this van !

  • philvidphilvid Posts: 8
    edited August 2011
    The transmission of my Freestar 2004 - 4.2 l died on me last August. The van had 150,000 kms on the odometer. A $2500 job + towing, thank you very much !
    I need to contact Ford and give then **** !

    Don't ever buy a used one !

    P. Vidori
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