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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • ban4ban4 Posts: 1
    I have 2005 freestar with 190 thousand KMs on it.A week after returning home from a 3000km
    trip my speedo stopped working and my traction light and antilock brake lights came on. I pulled the dipstick for the tranny and found the fluid was white. It was full of water from the
    rad..I put on an external rad cooler and flushed the tranny 3 times to remove the water.I am lucky so far becaues it still works as well as it did.My dash lights are still on and my speedo
    still not working.
    I just wanted to let all you Freestar owners know that this could be your next problem.I called
    my local dealer about it and they have never heard of this issue with a freestar.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Thanks. I want to know what figure they take into account for all those people who do not know where to file a complaint, or just give up hope that anything will be accomplished.

    I've had many people who tell me that I am fighting a loosing battle, but you still have to try.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    You should file a complaint with The Center for Autosafety They will ask if you want to be part of a class action suit.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Ford exec. Jim Farley shows true colors:

    “F---- GM,” Farley tells the books’ author, Bill Vlasic. “I hate them and their company and what they stand for. And I hate the way they're succeeding. Ford is back because people trust us. And that is a powerful message. I'm a car guy. I wake up each morning thinking about cars. Watch out. We're only going to get better."

    Farley is also quoted saying “I'm going to beat Chevrolet on the head with a bat. And I'm going to enjoy it."

    Read more: rs-in-upcoming-book/#ixzz1UaAmEMpX

    Read more: rs-in-upcoming-book/#ixzz1UaA2sGzu
  • azygosazygos Posts: 9
    We recently had our ford freestar's transmission replaced. Go figure right. I went to the website and filed a complaint. This crappy van just started jerking and dieing when we put it in gear to. I did some research and people are saying there is water in the pcm. Oh yea the transmission fluid is milky white... We just had the transmission replaced not even 6 months ago and the fluid is white?? I read some post and they say that there might be water leaking into it from the radiator... Thank god i bought the extended warranty with this lemon car or we would be out a car with a car payment! How can Ford continue to rape us the customers? It might have something to do with there mathematicians saying they would save more money on settlements than to have a massive recall. We should all try to sue Ford for selling us this lemon! Go to the website if you have had similar problems. Maby we can make a difference. If there is any other website i should report this on email them to me at Thx.
  • Please read my post #1522 then report your complaint to NHTSA at They need more input. I will also be reporting to
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    I sent my information to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2010. I spoke with Ford customer service and they said that their records show no complaints on this. I have a 2004 Montery. Had the same issues as everyone else except I caught it before I had any issues on the road and took it in. Cost to repair was over$2,000. This year the same light came on and since we had bought the extended warranty for the repair they replaced it again at no charge. The only difference is that this time the battery was bad a pulling power to the transmission down. We did pay for the new battery.
    I have had an attorney call me from CA wanting me to get involved in a suit but my findings on this is that the attorney get's rich and the owners get a few dollars. My van only has 84,000 miles and so far everything else is fine. I am hoping that Ford is forced to do a recall.
  • idbumpkinidbumpkin Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    Please google Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller and Shah (SFMS), from PA. When you find them, you can call them directly and ask for Pam Mauger, or just send them an email asking about how to join their lawsuit. They are still working on the lawsuit with Ford, and in many states!! I just got off the phone with them, and they need more people with more cases to get on board!!

    My personal experience was with our torque converter on our 2004 Freestar. I did not have the other issues, yet... but from reading everything else, it sounds like I will have the same issues soon.

    Good luck everyone!!
  • jodustjodust Posts: 1
    2004 Ford Freestar. Ugh. I have owned about 17 different vehicles in my lifetime. This is my first Ford surely this is not typical of Ford or they would have gone out of business years ago. .
    I really don't know what to say about it. We finally made it to 100k miles but it has fought us every step of the way. Luckily and Thank God i bought a good 5yr 125k warranty on this thing. Transmission went out at 70k. I think its acting up again. Warranty company is aware of issue with Ford. They tried to stick us on not servicing the transmission at certain mileage. Warranty company decided to change the mileage recommended from when we originally bought the policy. New struts. Tensioner, Crankshaft sensor, Air Conditioner, plus some others i cant think of. AC is out again but I don't blame Ford for AC issues. however the stupid Check Engine light is on yet again. Warranty company has doled out over $4500 in repairs vs. my 1600 i spent on warranty. Warranty expires in Feburary of 2012. Its gonna be outta here.
    My poor Buick Regal 1999 has seen more cars come and go from my driveway. She keeps on running and reliable. 185k and drive it daily. all original.
  • azygosazygos Posts: 9
    Yea my '98 Ford Ranger outlasted everyone of the cars we have owned... I geuss some cars are just made to last and while others are made in crappy factory's where people don't know how to weld and assemble cars and the company's sell them anyways to make a profit...
  • I also own a 2005 Ford Freestar with transmission problems :-( First transmission went out March 2009, after warranty had expired of course. Service tech said it was a problem with torque converter, not the first he had seen. Cost us approximately $3,000 to replace. Thankfully, it came with a 3 year warranty. In December 2010, same thing happened again, took 3 weeks to get it replaced. Now, the transmission is starting to skip. I am scheduled to take it in next week for them to check. I have a bad feeling it's the same thing :-(. I filed two complaints with NHTSB. I have sent email request to the attorney handling the class action suit to see if I qualify to participate. It is ridiculous that Ford will not address this problem. If they don't feel it's a large enough problem to issue a recall, then they should at least cover the cost of the repairs. They KNOW this is a problem with these model/year vehicle. I used to be a Ford person, but this will be my last.
  • As I sit here on Main Street in Winnipeg waiting to have my Freestar towed to the tranny shop, I ask myself, "Why do I insist on liking the Winstar/Freestar vehicles?"
  • I have a 2005 Freestar too and my transmission went without warning also. At least I wasn't driving. I just tried to put it into reverse and it wouldn't move. We only have 110,000km. I am in Canada and would like ot know if there is anyone else that has taken some kind of action against Ford. Before this problem the radiator and air condition went only 2 months ago. A month ago some other problem with the motor. Since when do they build cars to only last for 100,000km?
  • when I tried to reverse my 2004 Mercury Monterey from parking lot, it didn't move and the engine was just accelerating. then I changed the gear to the drive and moved the vehicle forward, the vehicle jerked a lot , the electrical lights went off , finally the engine shutdown in the middle of the road.

    Towed to local repair shop, the mechanic after inspection, he confirmed the transmission failed and the estimate was 3k and one week time

    I called up the local Ford dealer, they were promising to fix it within few days and towed the vehicle to dealership. After Inspection , they called and let me know it was faulty PCM , which had water on it and the estimate to fix it would be $1000.

    I said to go ahead and fix it . After an hour , the service representative from dealer called me again with a pleasant surprise, the PCM was covered under recall and no need to pay anything.

    I thought to share on this forum - the good news, atleast PCM is covered under recall warranty though we have to go through the pain of panic in the middle of road and towing.
  • nadinebnadineb Posts: 190
    Thanks for sharing the post. I think that I will write once again to Ford and demand all the money that I had to put out for them to repair that vehicle.

    I did see that NHTSA is also investigating the failure of the jack so please take care if you have to use it. They had a manufacture complain, but even sadder was a person lost their life because of this failure.
  • As I read the many reports from all of you I am sick......same issue as many of problems with tranny until last night out of nowhere car just stopped going, wouldnt go forward or backward and is now sitting in a Ford dealer. I am waiting for the call to tell me I have to pay up to 4k to fix it...I have had so many problems both electrical and otherwise with this piece of carp I would NEVER buy another Ford product. I want to join any lawsuits out there in Pa.......they shouldnt get away with this.
  • I wish I found this site 3 weeks ago. My husband and I just purchased a 2006 Freestar. It has 92,xxx on it. We seem to be experiencing some of these issues. It has stalled on us many times. When we shift out of park, it jerks and makes a deep sound like it was literally thrown into reverse. A few times, while driving, the traction control light will blink and the car would start slowing down (feels like it would if the e brake was on). When driving or idling, if we become silent, we can here a semi rhythmic almost drumming sound. If we lift the hood and place our heads down on the drivers side, it is much louder. It is not a constant thumping. It seems to do it when the compressor kicks on (I think). The one thing that has been 100% consistent is the DIESEL sounding acceleration. If I slowly press the gas to begin speeding up, it is terribly rough feeling and sounds like a I should be behind the wheel of a V8 Truck. The idle sounds a bit like a truck as well. The check engine light was on the day after we bought the vehicle. The dealership gave us a rental and kept the van for 2 days. Called us and said we can pick it up. He said quite a few codes popped up and the did something with the intake (Don't remember what it was). All seemed fine until the check engine light came back on this week, only this time, it went off the next day. It hasn't stalled since we picked it back up...which I am assuming after reading this thread is inevitable. I don't know what to do at this point. :cry:
  • Dealership in Pa refused to work with me even after showing them the hundreds and hundreds of documented cases of premature transmission trouble nor did they care about a pending class action suit, they want $3300 to fix it. Just towing it home and now have to buy another car. How long before this class action kicks in and Ford gets whats coming to them?? Spread the word people, DO NOT BUY FORD VEHICLES, they do not stand behind their cars and don't care about anything other than your money !!!
  • I have read in some messages about there being a recall of the PCM's - but when I try to search I don't find it. How do you locate recalls that have been issued?
  • Can I add my complaint here ? I'm in Canada.. I love everything about my 2004 Freestar EXCEPT the transmission. The torque converter failed (worn away where it contacts the input shaft) at 93,000 Kms. Just 3 weeks after the warranty, but my Ford dealer said "sorry, nothing we can do". Thanks guys.. Took it to a friend with an auto shop. He replaced the converter with a stronger aftermarket converter.. Cost was $1200 for parts & labour. That was in the summer of 2009. Its been great since then. Now it is October 2011 and the trans has developed a shudder. The fluid has small dark metal filings in it, so I guess it's going to fail again.. I've always owned Fords (for 30 years) and never had a failure like this with the product or the service..
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