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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • I called Ford today and put in a complaint on my 2006 that had the tranny crap out. They said to take your receipts to your Ford dealer OR submit them to the home off ice Deerborn, MI for reimbursement.
    Also, ANYONE who has a 2006 that has the same problems as the 04 and 05 needs to call Ford and complain. I was told the recalls are decided by the engineering dept and its based on the number of complaints and your vehicle. He also told me not all 04's and 05's were recalled. It was based on the info that comes up with your VIN number.
    2006b owners call Ford today and submit your complaint!!! 313-322-3000
  • Our 2006 Freestar had the same problem. The torque converter blew up as our whole family of 4 was crossing a Missouri River bridge in St. Louis. We had no power and no place to turn off. We were traveling for XMAS and had car full of gifts and luggage. I was scared we were going to get hit in the rear as we were coasting to the next off ramp. Lots of people honked and gave us the finger as they went by. Did they thing we planned for the transmission to shell out right there going 75 mph?. Transmission had to be rebuilt. No financial help from Ford. They told me I should have purchased an extended warranty. Sorry but I figured the transmission would last more that about 60,000 miles. I was wrong. I filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Board. Lots of good it did. The recall for 04 and 05 models says "THIS CONDITION RESULTS IN A SUDDEN LOSS OF MOTIVE POWER WITH NO WARNING, INCREASING THE RISK OF A CRASH." I guess if the same thing happens in an 06 it doesn't?
  • I called Ford customer service today about my 2006 that the transmission went in 2010. She said that they have had other 2006 owners calling in with the transmission going and Ford is looking into it. She told me that as of now 2006's aren't in the recall but to call the NTHSB and ask to be added into the recall. I've filed a complaint with them back in 2010 and an investigator contacted me for more information for the but when I contacted him when the recall came out he told me to contact Ford. I'm hoping that the 2006 models are added on and I get some reimbursement for the new $3300 transmission I had no choice but to replace. Fords SUCK!
  • 2005 Freestar - No Recalls listed for this VIN on the FORD Website. The Van is back in the shop again, 1 month later after a complete transmission rebuild by aamco, leaking oil/transmission fluid, slipping 2nd to 3rd gear on occassions. They've had it for a week, and agreed to tear it down and rebuild it again 3 days ago.... Thank goodness for the warranty they gave me, but I'm almost to the point of demanding my money back (van fixed or not).
  • ansassansass Posts: 2
    Has anyone had any luck with the 2006. Mine died last night in the highway with 3 kids in the car. Towed to Ford dealer and the torque converter needs to be replaced for only $1700. My vehicle is not included in the 2004/2005 recall. If this is happening to you please call and fill a complaint with the NHST board. Also go to and file a complaint. There are 36 complaints as of right now on there, mine will make 37. Please file your compaints so we can all get our cars fixed or reimbursed. Ford needs to recall the 2006 Freestars.
  • I have filed a complaint and called ford. I just picked up my car an hour ago. Same issues, same bull. Replaced coils, spark plugs, blah blah blah. My van has the same symptoms included in the recall for the 04-05. Ford needs to go by symptoms, NOT by year!
  • I called again to file a compliant with Ford and the national highway safety! I have a 2007 that had the same problem. No warning just lost all power to vehicle on a very busy road! I hope they recall this soon. $2300.00 paid out that we did not have!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :cry: :confuse: :sick:
  • paulflovillagapaulflovillaga Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    The same with our transmission ~ Sudden loss of all gears!

    After reading all the complaints, the 2006 Freestar MUST BE INCLUDED in the recall.

    Additional problems: Power steering leak, PCM failure, Coolant loss, front windshield weatherstripping, fuel gauge not calibrated correctly, persistent tire pressure warning

    Ford Built Lemon ... $2300 versus $2800 at two, Ford dealers?!!
  • I posted at the time our transmission went out ... no word from whatever gov't agency ....
  • We, too, have the tire pressure issue. Our vehicle's most persistent malfunction is it bucking. Since we bought our 2006, when first beginning to accelerate, it sounds almost like a diesel truck. It is very low and rumbles like a truck would. This happened whether or not the car is going to malfunction or not. When the malfunction happens (which if we are lucky won't happen for a few weeks), the van will begin to buck/jerk and the check engine light will begin to flash. The shop keeps replacing spark plugs, coils, etc. The other persistant issue is, of course, the loss of power. Without prior notice, the car just turns off while driving. Sometimes while driving the van, it will feel like it is trying to stall (if that makes any sense). Then, as soon as I come to a stop, the thing just loses power. Unfortunately, everyone I have talked to said in no way is an 06 able to be included in the recall. So basically what they are saying is that because not enough owners of 2006 Freestars crashed and/or complained, those of us with the exact same defect don't matter. That disappoints me so much!
  • news gets better , the freestar 2005 has an issue with water leaking onto the seal of the computer , it degrades then the computer is cooked . If you have this issue look for weird codes that come up that make no sense .It was then that i found out that alot of people have had this happen to them . I have contacted ford to see if they will come good for it
  • I have the same problem with my 2006. Ford stated that the water entry into the pcm is a customer satisfaction issue. They are so wrong for leaving the customers to their own defenses when they are at fault for all of these problems
  • motheyemotheye Posts: 17
    Keep pushing. It took hundreds of complaints to get the first recall. Same problems with our -4. Transmission of course; PCM board water leak problem two years ago; power steering pump blew on long trip home--threw oil all over both front brakes--requiring not only new power steering but brakes, calipers, and everything else that got oil soaked.
  • ansassansass Posts: 2
    to update on our status, my vehicle is now looking like it will be getting reposessed due to I can't afford to pay for all the repairs. My first bill for torque converter $1700. Now that is not the only issue, because of metal shavings from that the transmission is now shot, Another $2800+ in repairs. What is a family supposed to do? Looks like my car will be sitting at the shop until the bank comes to get it because I just cant dish out over $4000 to get the repairs done for faulty ford products. If anyone is interested in trying to take some legal action please let me know. I am definately interested.
  • anabelanabel Posts: 21
    The new transmission that you put will have the same torque converter the old one had. It's not a fix, it's a cover. It will break too. That is what happened to us. They told us that only the specified products that Ford suggests to be replaced is what it can be replaced with ever if it is a faulty product. So you are not out of the woods with the new transmission. FYI! In otherwords, they can't replace it with a TC that will not break. It has to have the same one from Ford. Which is BS.
  • Has anyone heard what, if any, the warranty will be on this repair?
  • I count myself blessed to have gotten rid of this pile of junk! I got myself an American made Toyota Camry, and I can already tell you it was the best decision of my life getting rid of my dangerous Ford Freestar. I am a single mom, and I have been stranded too many times and with NO HELP FROM FORD! I will never, and I repeat, NEVER, buy another Ford. I have loved Ford all my life, but after how Ford has treated all of us, I cannot stand them. I tell EVERYONE about how poorly Ford has treated us, and if I can keep others from purchasing their garbage, I feel my effort was a success. FORD--YOU SUCK!
  • im having a hard time understanding this recall...i have a vehicle that is listed under # is the how about no 1 can cant do nothing until the 2nd qtr...may?june..they sent out advance noties to dealerships..but not to me...i have a rental and how am i to pay for a car payment and a renatl..and its a possibility that i will be reimbursedin may? they dont have the parts to fix the van..and the dealership has 1 transmission tech and he fixes them sucks big guy said its like a preview to a movie...i told them they not going to care until someone gets killed..
  • For more recall information, owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236, or visit
  • How on earth did power steering fluid ruin your brake calipers? That's impossible. Or more likely they didn't need replacing and you got taken by the repair place you went to.
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