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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • Has anyone filed and/or received reimbursement for previous transmission replacement?
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    I contacted Ford this week and was told that information on this would be sent out the second quarter of this year. Meaning we should receive something on this by the end of June. I also received a recall letter from Ford that gave this same information. I am going to contact them in July if I have not heard anything.
  • Thank you, I guess I will wait at least until the end of June.
  • robert2012robert2012 Posts: 1
    I had my 05 towed to my Ford dealer. I was told it needed a new transmission. I called around and found a Aamco shop with a former Ford tech who told me it might be the torque converter. I had it towed there and got it fixed without needing to have a new transmission. If you had the same power loss problem and were told by a Ford dealer you needed a new transmission, you should be entitled to a full refund. That's just my opinion, based on my own experience.
  • jannesidjannesid Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info. I guess I have to get on the phone everyday too. Our torque converter was replaced over a year ago and now is going out again. Worried to get it replaced and drive it until Ford comes up with a solution, which doesn't seem to be happening quickly. Supposed to go on vacation end of June. Wow, not sure what to do.
  • bj24fanbj24fan Posts: 1
    edited June 2012


    I have the same problem that most of ya'll have. I was driving down the road last week when something went out in my transmisson. I had just gotten off I-75 about 10 miles from home and stopped for a traffic light, when I tried to take off my van would not go. It was like I shifted it into neutral, lucky for me I was in front of a wal-greens so I was able to pull off the road into a safe place. I had my van towed to my dealer, where it is sitting waiting on the transmisson tech to "get to it", And from whoms pocket will this cost? I found my recall notice that I received in the mail marked March 2012, now I'm afraid that I will be stuck with a "dead" van until the replacement parts are ready. Sticker Price for this van was $36,000 bought it new in April 2004 right off the showroom floor, I wont ever make that mistake again!!
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    As I posted before. we received RECALL NOTICE, THINK in April. It said in JUNE Id receive forms for reinbursement . Im hoping they'll have to replace the NEW built part. Seems they'd have to cause it was just manufactured, and been waiting on it to be made. good luck. :lemon:
  • lhatchellhatchel Posts: 15
    My transmission was replaced in July 2009. I am still awaiting a recall notice. This is the response I received from my local Ford Dealer when inquiring about the recall:

    Unfortunately Ford has still not updated this recall with a complete recall
    procedure. The last date posted on any changes to the recall notice from Ford
    was March 16, 2012. Until Ford finalizes and post the recall we have no
    procedure to follow for repairs or refunds.
    According to the advance notice we have, Ford was forced by NHTSA to send an
    advance letter of a forth coming recall. I am sorry for any frustration this may
    be causing for you, but we are waiting along with the consumer for answers.
  • jayman8200jayman8200 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    how many people have recieved recall notices? i havent gotten one yet. Also did anyone have any trouble with it making like a loud clicking/grinding noise when accelerating with a loss of power while it was doing that before it went out? mine started doing that on saturday and getting worse everyday. I am thinking it is due to the torque converter. going to call ford today to see what they say.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    We got the recall notice but, we are still waiting to hear from Ford on how they are handling reinbursement of money for repairs already done. According to the recall letter this information will be sent out during the second quarter which, we are in now and ends on June 30th.
  • The Transmission and PCM went out on our 2006 Freestar; coolant and steering leak also, with additionals.

    Any word on a recall?
  • jhertvikjhertvik Posts: 1
    I received a notice in March for my 2004 Freestar. The recall #s are the following:

    Ford Safety Recall Notice 11S25
    NHTSA Recall 12V-006

    My transmission went out in 2009 driving down I-90 at ~65 MPH. Thought I heard a pop before I lost power but was able to coast to the side of the road to get out of the way of traffic. Got towed to the dealer where they charged several thou$and to fix. First thing they said when I brought the car in was "You got an extended warranty on this thing?" Knew I was in trouble.

    The thing that amazed me about this was Ford's attitude when I complained. "We have no evidence of any problems, blah, blah, blah." But then they told me that they rely on the DEALER to make the call as to whether the owner should be reimbursed for the repair. According to Ford, they had no control over giving me a refund at all. Ford defers to the dealer in these situations. When I went to the dealer, I couldn't even talk to the Service Manager and they put me on to the tech who fixed it and he got all defensive about it. Couldn't get through to the Service Manager.

    Then the tech said something even more interesting. He said he checked the records and that they might have been able to do something for me but I hadn't been a "loyal customer". They expected me to bring the car in for all my routine maintenance, oil changes, and other work. If I had been a loyal customer, maybe they could do something but since I wasn't...

    So it basically came down to...the lousy transmission was my fault. They weren't going to stand behind their product because I hadn't stood behind them.

    After a couple of weeks of banging my head against the wall, I wrote an email to every executive at Ford outlining the situation and basically telling them they sucked and I would never EVER buy a Ford from them again. As expected, no response from anyone.

    I am going to gleefully enjoy getting the refund for the repair.
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    I too am "suppose" to get my REFUND FORMS this month....JUNE. We'll see. :lemon: :lemon: But I think also they should HAVE to repair and replace the "NEW" part for transmission or it will still go out again & we'll be paying again. I will hire me a lawyer if need to. :lemon:
  • My 2005 has a recall on it and it's the torque converter. When I was on the freeway driving with my two children in the car I lost all power and the worst part I was two hours away from home and to make matters worse I was in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception. Well finally 500 dollars later I get my car home and remembered that I did get a recall notice in the mail so I looked and that's exactly what was wrong with my car. So I call the ford dealer here in Tracy Ca and also the customer service number that for provided on the recall notice and got nowhere!!!! The ford dealer told me to bring it in and they will take a look I spoke to JOHNOTHAN he said he word check if the torque converter is bad so three days later I get a phone call say I owe 135.00 for the diagnostic on the van and if I wanted them to check if the torque converter is bad I need to pay them 900.00!!! I told him to kiss my @$$ I'm not paying anything. Then I asked what documents they have proving that they did a diagnostic on my car and he had NOT ONE!!!! He said we did a visual so basically he check the tier pressure and lifted the hood up and that it. So when I asked for the documents and he said he had none I said you're not going to get a penny out of me and he said okay no argument at all. Why? Because he knows what they were doing was shady. But what he did mention is that the torque converter probably messed up the rest of my transmission and that ford would only pay for the part that was recalled. Which the final report of what the recall is going to cover isn't going to be out until the end of June 2012. Then customer service said oh okay ill make note of what your telling me .. I was like that's it ?? This is my main vehicle to get my children around in and all your going to do is make a note in your system and basically the guy said yes , but if I would like to get my car fixed (mind you is a few thousand dollars)and save the receipts' they might reimburse me.. Yeah like I have that money just sitting in my pocket.. COMPLE HORRABLE EXPERIENCE WITH THE FOR DEALER in Tracy ca AND THE COSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT ON MY RECALL LETTER!!!!!!
  • johntopojohntopo Posts: 5
    Our 2004 Freestar has had the transmission issue almost to the tee of everone else. In 2006 AAMCO replaced the torch converter after that is was replaced 3 more times within 2 years, hadnt had a problem with that until May of this year now Ford said its the transmission & that is my problem. I still have not gotten a recall notice called ford they blew me off, I have had many other issures with this van the rear hatch is a poor design is keeps rusting closed, had power stering issues, tire issues, brake issues filed a complaint with NHTSA still stuck with a Van that Iam having to pay to store until I get this propblem figured out Szott ford told me it would be over $4000 to fix & they couldnt guarantee I wouldnt have any more problems.
  • drea3005drea3005 Posts: 9
    It is terrible that Ford has dragged their behinds on this recall. We were all told everything would be handled in the second quarter. Today is June 27, 2012 and nothing has been done to this day. My husband has called Ford twice this month, and both times he was told the letters would be mailed in two weeks. The "letter" was supposed to contain detailed information on how we were supposed to get a refund. My husband called again yesterday-June 26th. A representative told him you should receive something in two days, if not sir please be patient with us and allow us another week. When my vehicle was towed to the Ford dealer, and a new transmission was put in -I had to find the $3500 within a week -and I don't own a business nor was I born with a silverspoon in my mouth. You would think that Ford (with profits posting) would do right by the consumers and pay, in a timely manner, for all the wrong they have done. This really disgusts me. Buy American??
  • sjtdadsjtdad Posts: 11
    I agree! I've been waiting patiently for many months now. I didn't bother contacting Ford, I started exchanging e-mails with someone at the NHTSA. I have questioned many of Fords tactics regarding the investigation and recall and have been told to keep them up to date on Ford's actions. You had better believe that I'll be contacting the NHTSA this weekend if I don't get something from Ford in the next 3 days! And it had better be a simple and fast process. I too laid out about $3400 2 1/2 years ago and I've been waiting for money back ever since. I was a service manager at a GM dealership many years ago and I can tell you from experience that Ford dealer service departments are useless..."never seen this before". Uh-huh.
  • box207box207 Posts: 4
    Just like all the tranny failed w/o notice 3 years ago at 100K miles. I replaced the tranny with a Ford rebuilt for about $3K that is now acting up after 30K mikes. We are in a holding pattern waiting to see what Ford plans to do WRT the recall, replace again, refund, or just blow us off?
  • motheyemotheye Posts: 17
    All: I posted this before but its now coming true. My Freestar transmission went back in November and I paid to get it rebuilt by a Ford dealer--all prior to the recall. When the recall came out I contacted Ford and have been awaiting instructions on reimbursement. Ford told me yesterday that I can now go into the dealer and start the process. I called the dealer, they pulled the records, and told me "my problem was the transmission and the recall is for the torque converter". Just as I expected--the receipt I have simply states "Transmission, $2,800". No details. My failure was exactly like everyone else--driving along and all power just went. No forward, no reverse. No leaking transmission. Nothing catastrophic in nature. So--all of us go to the mechanic and are told "its your transmission". How many transmissions have been replaced when it was the torque converter? Having said that--I've been told that the largest part of a tranny job is labor getting it out--which has to be done to get the torque converter out and replaced--so if you are doing the torque converter you may as well go through the transmission--since a torque converter problem can cause debris in the transmission (so why pull it out again three months later). Bottom line is the dealer told me he has to look into it and I've yet to get a call back. Small claims court it is.
  • trimadscotrimadsco Posts: 10
    Spoke with Ford customer service this AM who said recall/reimbursement letters have been mailed. For those who are requesting reimbursement for work already done, you do NOT have to wait for recall letter. They said you can take your receipts to your local Ford dealership for reimbursement. Customer service rep informed me that they are only reimbursing max of $1,450.00, said I would need to talk to service manager regarding anything above that. Talked to the Service Manager at my local Ford dealer, who informed me that Yes, they are only reimbursing a max of $1,450.00 - they will NOT reimburse anything above that, even if you had to have whole new transmission. He said they have to submit reimbursement request to Ford, and that would take 2-3 weeks. They do not give you a reimbursement check immediately. Like many others, my receipt only says "replace transmission", it does not say specificially "torque converter". I'm probably going to have to fight them to get reimbursed at all, and it's not even the full amount we paid, $2,800.
    Does anyone know if we have any recourse on getting them to reimburse the full amount? Small claims court? Lawsuit? etc???
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