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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • hectorshectors Posts: 1
    My 2004 has a recall on it and it's the torque converter. When I was on the freeway driving with my two children and my wife in the car I lost all power and the worst part I was 6 hours away from home and to make matters worse I was in the middle of nowhere finally I called 911 for help, I left the car in maryland and payed $500 for the tickets (train) to come back to boston, 7 days later I went back to get it and it cost me $2500.00, two years after the car have the same problem and pay another $2500.00 because the previos warranty work was all ready expired,
  • motheyemotheye Posts: 17
    Wow. I think I'm going to be in the same boat. Paid $2800 for the fix--which included about $350 for them to tell me my main board did NOT have water in it--then they told me "the transmission". I too spoke with Ford this week and they told me I was ok to put in for a reimb through the dealer. Called the dealer and they pulled my records--and initially told me "recall was for Torque converter and NOT transmission"--which is what my invoice said. I complained and said he would look into it. Got a voice message from him late Friday that simply said "they are going to put my reimbursement through" but with no other details. I'm already planning on hearing they are only going to put through a portion of the total bill--maybe claiming I'm only authorized to get the cost of the torque converter. I will call Monday and let you know what I hear.
  • lynda7lynda7 Posts: 3
    I also had to have my torque converter replaced twice in 6 months and a rebuilt transmission as well. I went to a reputable private transmission repair shop because it was cheaper than Ford. I am concerned Ford won't give me a reimbursement because I didn't take it to the dealership. Has anyone asked that question? Know the answer?
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    I just took my receipts to the dealership and the service manager told me that they were only reimbursing up to $1450. He gave me a copy of the second letter (which I still haven't gotten) and told me he was sorry and didn't agree with it and the only thing we can do is get a class action law suit going. We paid $1953 in 2010 because we had to have the whole trans done. I just spent an hour on the phone with them, talked to 3 different people (including a supervisor) and they aren't budging. I asked why I have to pay $500 (the difference) for a mistake they admittedly made. They just kept apologizing saying they understand but they are only reimbursing $1450. I'm so frustrated with Ford. If anyone else wants to fight for full reimbursement, please let me know. I'd rather give the $500 to a lawyer than to Ford.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    Only the attorneys get rich with a class action suit from what I understand.

    We have yet to receive the second letter. Our transmission was not replaced at a dealership. I emailed Ford several weeks ago about the second letter and was told it would be sent out the end of the second quarter which June 30th. I am going to check again.
  • sjtdadsjtdad Posts: 11
    Ford said they would have the second letter out sometime during the second quarter of 2012. I finally got mine today--July 2. But--Screwed Again! They are only reimbursing up to $1450 max--and you have to give them the original paperwork--and it has to say "torque converter" on the bill in order to get squat. NOW--stick with me for a minute here. I have a college degree in automotive technology and have been a line tech and service manager at GM dealerships. They claim that a torque converter stripping its splines affects no other part of your tranny so that is why they are only paying for the price of the converter. BUT--when my transmission was replaced 2 1/2 years ago the splines on the stator (part of the converter) had indeed stripped but then sent metal shavings throughout the transmission. The dealer told me it may be impossible to get all of them out and you don't know for sure if the shavings had done damage to other parts, etc. I agreed with that accessment and took their advice--spending $3400 on a Ford rebuilt transmission with a 3 year / 100,00 mile warranty. Saying that the torque converter affects nothing else is a LIE or STUPIDITY or both. And if they question the words "stator spline" on my bill someone's head will roll. I have been patient long enough. Yep, waited to 2 years to get screwed again.
  • drea3005drea3005 Posts: 9
    edited July 2012
    I am ready for a class action suit. Every case is different, and they are handling all cases the same. They are not concerned about the consumers and the position in which their product has left us. They don't even care that they endangered our lives. You would think after posting a big profit last year that they would want to make a wrong, right. Instead they are concerned about a buck. My total for a full transmission was $3319 at my local Ford dealer. Not to mention towing, and rental fees. That leaves me in a hole over $1800.00 The service manager at my local Ford dealer told me that Ford is claiming that there is no way of knowing how the vehicle was ran and that the transmission was not new at 80,000 miles it was bound to go out. However, my husband owned a Chrysler 300M that drove
    well over 200,000 miles without ever needing a new transmission. I will be reasearching, to make sure that a class action suit is not already started. Then I am going to talk to a few local lawyers, to see what can be done. If anybody knows of a class action suit already in motion please post here. We all need help. Thanks!
  • motheyemotheye Posts: 17
    My dealer just called me and said they were putting my receipts through for reimbursement (like the rest of you, mine said "transmission" only-$2800). I asked him if he was putting the entire amount through-expecting a fight--and he said its not up to them--its up to Ford. He never mentioned a $1450 number--but after reading all of your posts today its hard to believe he doesn't know more than he told me. BTW--he told me 3-4 months!
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    Please let me know if you find anything out about the class action. I'll be searching here in Delaware"> also.
    $1450 is the most they will reimburse, but I wouldn't expect that amount. The letter says "costs associated with replacement or repair of the transmission are not reimbursable under this recall." So, only items on the receipt that say "torque converter" will be reimbursed. There are a lot of people who have a receipt that simply says "transmission" and they won't get a dime. It's just WRONG. If you haven't received the second letter from Ford, there is a Facebook group called Recall Ford Freestars and I have posted it there.
  • I received a recall on my '05 Freestar. Do any of you know if we will get reimbursement forms or should we just send in our receipts, etc. My receipt does say torque converter so I think I will be covered. The total cost was $1549 - so should I just expect $1450 (and why $1450)? If, however, I get any reimbursement I will be surprised and happy!
  • drea3005drea3005 Posts: 9
    The reimbursment of $1450 is set across the board. Even though most people spent double that amount for an entire transmission -after being told they "had to replace the whole transmission." It should have been set on a percentage since all cases are not the same, and labor charges from dealer to dealer vary. We were told by Ford that a second letter was to come out with directions on how to get a reimbursement; however, not everyone got a letter. Just go up to your local Ford dealer, with your receipt in hand and ask the service department to submit your receipt for reimbursement according to the recall. You will have the option to receive $1450 or a new torque converter. I submitted my form on Monday of this week. We were told a reimbursement may take 7 to 10 days. We shall see. My fear however, is that the transmission that I had replaced 2 years ago, will soon- no longer be covered by warranty. We should have been given the option to have the new torque converter put in our vehicles and the $1450 reimbursement or to have our entire repair total reimbursed.
  • lak3lak3 Posts: 4
    Our Freestar topped running in July 2010 and I had to have the transmission replaced. The shop told me there were pump drive shaft splines floating around, but did not write that specifically on the receipt. So Ford has told me on the phone that without specific wording on the receipt, I won't qualify for any reimbursement. After reading all of your comments, I'm coming to the conclusion that it is hopeless to pursue reimbursement without the proper documentation.
    In 2010 I did report this situation to the NHTSA, but the latest I read from them is that they have stopped further study because of Ford's recall.
    It seems to me there is an argument to get the torque converter replaced now just in case it might have a positive impact on future resale value.
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    Could you possibly go back to that shop and ask for a detailed receipt? They may keep electronic records.
  • amyd3amyd3 Posts: 4
    :lemon: In Feb 2010 we had our tranny rebuilt on a used Freestar we had bought only 6 months before. Disgusted at the time, but what can you do? Its a used vehicle and we bought it as such. Had approximately 125k on at the time. Today, we are looking at replacing the tranny AGAIN ... moisture (ie rainwater or antifreeze) is getting into the tranmission via a faulty design, no fault of ours. When we had the tranny rebuilt the first time, we discussed with the transmission clinic the issue of moisture entering and he created a diversion to keep the moisture from entering the transfer case. Obviously, this was a short time fix. We brought the vehicle in again to the same transmission clinic when it failed on me leaving the drive way ... I could reverse but not drive. The owner told us about the recall, as we never received the first notification, even though we are the current registered owners. We have our bill from the last round, so I called Ford and got my name on the system for the 2nd bulletin letter to go out ... they were suprised I didn't get the first one ... I did confirm our VIN falls under the recall. We were told this time, there was moisture in the tranny again and the torque converter failed. I called our local dealer, explained the situation to the service manager, who advised this falls under the recall and to bring our vehicle to them. We did that yesterday. Just got a call from the service manager advising we need a new transmission because of the moisture in the unit ... not the torque converter this time, it was only affected because of the moisture. We are back to square one once again, facing the same situation we went through 2.5 years ago. Why are we having to do this???? Does anyone know of any recourse we might have for our situation? I'm aware Ontario doesn't have a lemon law, but there must be some protection for consumers in these instances. I have been reading this forum thread since we bought our van in 2009 ... that's right, 3 years only and we are replacing/rebuilding the transmission for a 2nd time. Anyone else think there is something severely wrong with this?
  • amyd3amyd3 Posts: 4
    You will be covered by the recall. I took my invoice in from 2010 for the total rebuild of my tranny, and torque converter was clearly written on it. This is what my local Ford will be submitting for us. Unfortunately, today we are looking at replacing our tranmission AGAIN because of faulty design allowing moisture into the transmission. Screwed again.
  • Do you know if you have to take the receipts to the same dealer that repaired it (mine was out of state because I was on a trip) or any Ford dealer?
  • kaki1kaki1 Posts: 7
    I traded in my Freestar 18 months ago knowing that the 1 year warranty for my rebuilt transmission was soon to expire. Am I eligible for reimbursement even though I no longer own the car?
  • lak3lak3 Posts: 4
    It's a great idea, and I have been trying. Unfortunately the shop closed about a year ago and I have not been able to find the former owner!
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    Anyone received forms from RECALL for reimbursement? Ive received 1 st paper, suppose heard by June for sending in my proof of repairs..... haven't heard anything more. My repairs were $1495.00. :confuse:
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    You don't have to wait for the letter. You can take your receipt to the dealership and they can submit it for you. Ford is only reimbursing UP TO $1450 and that's if your receipt specifically says "torque converter". They are not reimbursing for the replacement of transmissions.
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