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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • drea3005drea3005 Posts: 9
    You shouldn't have to. Go to your local Ford dealer (to the service department) and tell them why you are there.
  • sjtdadsjtdad Posts: 11
    This garbage of only reimbursing up to $1450 is ridiculous! My dealer recommended 2 1/2 years ago when my tranny died at 52,000 miles that I replace the transmission with a rebuilt instead of rebuilding the bad one, saying it had the pieces of spline all throughout the tranny. It cost $3400 total. The bill says that the "stator shaft" was the problem. The stator shaft splines are the problem, and the stator is part of the torque converter. Anybody want to bet they say no because of the bill being too detailed? What a joke! Replacing just the torque converter would not have fixed the problem--I would most likely still have had metal shavings in the trans even after flushing--and they probably had already done other damage to the valve body or housing.
  • lhatchellhatchel Posts: 15
    Well, I contacted Dale Jarrett Ford in Monroe, NC several weeks ago regarding the recall. They kept my information and just contacted me that I am eligible for a $1450 refund. They are processing everything for me. I want to commend this dealership for everything they have done to help me get this processed. I am satisfied with the $1450 although I paid $3000 to have the transmission replaced. Half is better than nothing at all. Thanks to all of you that filed claims to finally get the ball rolling, especially Jim and Nadine for staying on top of things.
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    I took all of my paperwork to the local dealer and they are processing it. My work was done at a transmission shop.
  • lynda7lynda7 Posts: 3
    If you actually get your $1450 I would like to know what your work order said to get you that. My local Ford Dealer is saying she keeps talking to Ford and trying to get us as much money as possible and makes it sound like Ford is trying to muddle through all this mess and she has to debate with them over numerous phone calls or something. She says she will call again and call me back. Wouldn't it be simpler if they just gave everyone who had torque converter replaced the $1450 and not have to scrutinize each claim? What a mess!
  • trimadscotrimadsco Posts: 10
    That's interesting - because the Service manager at my local dealership made it sound like ALL he does is send the receipt in, and Ford pays whatever they are going to pay - like he has no say in it. Seems like everyone is getting a different answer/information. Will be interesting to see when people start actually receiving reimbursements.
  • drea3005drea3005 Posts: 9
    Has anyone reading these posts received a reimbursement? If so, how much?
  • lynda7lynda7 Posts: 3
    Just heard back from the gal at my local dealer. She said all she could get me is $1139.13. I told her I want the max and that there is no reason not to give everyone that. Where did they get that number from anyway. My bill is not itemized but does state torque converter. She said she looked up what it would cost today to replace torque, labor and fluid and that's where she got that number. Are other people's bills itemized? I would like to know because you said you were getting the $1450. Does it say that amount on your bill? My mechanic that fixed my car said he would never itemize something like this because any qualified transmission shop would go through the whole thing and fix other damaged parts. I would also like to contact the dealer in North Carolina who is getting the $1450. Maybe I could go through them? Got a number?
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    My trans. I already had repaired 3 yrs ago. BUT, then they didnt have the NEW part that they have now. so, letter says they will reimburse me + they;ll have put NEW INVENTED part on mine too. Havent heard since the 1st letter. SOOOOO, who knows. lol :lemon:
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    ALSO: I have my receipt, etc for repairs, I exspect refund on towing too!!!!!!! :mad:
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
  • I also have only received 1 letter. My car broke down on a move from Michigan to Florida. We were stuck in Kentucky in a hotel for a week. Paid 2800 to have the trasmission replaced. Mechanic said I had no other choice because it was full of shavings. What do I do to put in a claim? And is it true we are only getting reimbursed 1400? :cry:
  • My receipt does not state that the torque converter was replaced so I am assuming I will not get reimbursed anything?!?!?!?!
    I had the same issue the recall states "it may be possible for your vehicle to lose forward and reverse power while driving, due to worn splines in the transmission torque converter"
    The mechanic told me this caused shavings to be throughout the whole transmission and he HAD to replace it.
    What am I to do? Any advice??? PLEASE:(

    This is what I read on the Ford website;
    Safety Recall 11S25 Freestar and Monterey Torque Converter Replacement
    Ford Motor Company issued Safety Recall 11S25 for 2004 and 2005 Ford Freestar and Mercury minivans built between March, 2003 and May, 2005 for a possible loss of forward and reverse power due to a torque converter malfunction caused by stripped pump drive splines. Torque converter parts were not initially available at the time of the initial announcement, and customers were advised that parts were expected to become available during the 2nd quarter 2012, and that they would be re-notified when parts were available.

    Beginning June 29th 2012, all dealerships and some customers will be re-notified via letters that parts are becoming available to complete 11S25. Letters will be mailed to customers over the course of several weeks, allowing for parts availability to further improve and dealers to complete repairs in an organized manner. Customers who are experiencing a current concern with their torque converter, or desire to have 11S25 completed prior to receiving the re-notification letter, should contact their dealership for part availability and repair scheduling.

    Owners with a receipt and a repair order showing torque converter replacement are eligible for a refund. Refunds will be provided for reasonable and customary torque converter replacement costs – up to $1450. Customers seeking a refund should provide the original receipt and the repair order to their dealership for reimbursement consideration – it is not necessary to wait for the re-notification letter. Customers receiving a refund will have completed the 11S25 program and a repair will not be performed. A transmission repair or assembly replacement that does not clearly indicate that the torque converter was replaced will not receive a refund, but will receive a torque converter replacement at no charge under the 11S25 program.

    If a vehicle should unexpectedly lose power due to torque converter malfunction, it remains readily controllable; the vehicle will coast during which it can be safely maneuvered and parked. Because the engine continues to run, steering and braking are unaffected, and the electrical system and directional signals remain functional. The transmission park system also remains fully functional. If your vehicle is experiencing a problem related to this recall, please schedule a service appointment with your preferred Ford or Lincoln dealership .

    If you have any other questions, please contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center at 1-866-436-7332.
  • This is what I don't understand... if I take the refund ( which I am guessing I will only get $1015.00 for from looking at my bill ) I am still driving around with my children in a likely defective vehicle. How is that a fair or appropriate recall? The guy at Ford Customer Service was trying to assure me that they haven't seen this problem in the torque converters that have already been replaced. That's likely because they don't have that magical 50,000 miles on them yet. And if the part that is in my van right now is so awesome, why are they still making a re-designed part? If I can get two more years out of this piece of garbage I guess I should be happy, never had so many problems with a vehicle. I will never buy a Ford again.
  • I am hoping I get my last year out of it without any more major problems. I will not be driving very much this next year I know that:(
    This is my 1st and last Ford.
  • sjtdadsjtdad Posts: 11
    I was told the same thing by my dealer when my trans died in January 2010--the entire trans must be replaced because there are shavings all throughout the trans. Logic should tell anybody that if the pump splines strip, which pumps the fluid throughout the trans, then those shavings will scatter with the fluid! But we aren't even going to get back half what it cost us to fix. We waited 2+ years, through an investigation, and a 6 month recall process just to get this? Rip-off!!!!
  • Exactly! I was given no other option than to replace the whole transmission. But my invoice does not state that they replaced the torque converter so as it is right now, I won't be getting reimbursed. I've been calling the shop that replaced it everyday to get a new invoice with no luck so far. Wonder what can be done to make complaints to Ford? It's not fair to spend so much and only get less than half back in return.
    Rip off is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    The service manager at the Ford dealership by us was clueless and had to call Ford to find out how to process everything. She thought they had to inspect the car just to put the reimbursement through, which isn't the case. Anyway, after calling Ford, she told me that the dealership has a guideline of what can be put through for reimbursement and the amount. They can fax the info to Ford and Ford sends out the check but the dealership also has to send Ford (via registered mail) the original receipts. There are a couple of people on the Recall Ford Freestars facebook page that have already received their checks for $1450 within a week. They were processed by their dealerships.
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    My husband took our receipts to the local Ford dealership today. Porter Ford in Newark, DE. The warranty manager looked at the receipts and actually told my husband that he wouldn't submit them because they looked "faulty" because the mileage wasn't listed! Basically, he implied that my husband was trying to get over on Ford! Outrageous because Ford is actually screwing us. I hate to think it was racially motivated, but my husband who was in his gym clothes, was basically called a criminal...and HE'S A POLICE OFFICER! He was with our kids at the time and thankfully didn't let the guy have it. I called the service manager and she was very apologetic and promised to submit our receipts when we bring them in. Just another reason to HATE Ford!!!
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    My transmission died almost a year before the recall information came out. My local independent repair shop, whom I have used for over 30 years did all the work. Trans was full of metal filings and the whole thing was replaced at a cost of just over 3k.
    I bought my 04 van in 2005, used, from a Ford dealer, but haven't been back since.
    In an e-mail to and from Ford, I was promised information on a refund since the work was already done. My invoice just states transmission, but the converter is part of the trans. How can Ford find a problem with that?

    I'm really surprised that no class action has been started - yet.
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