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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • box207box207 Posts: 4
    Still have not received the actual recall...did receive a preliminary letter saying that we would get the recall in the 2nd quarter
  • box207box207 Posts: 4
    I am in the exact same position....I already had repaired 3 yrs ago. BUT, then they didnt have the NEW part that they have now. Letter says they will reimburse me + they;ll have put NEW INVENTED part on mine too. Havent heard since the 1st letter...tranny is now starting to have TCC problems... :lemon:
  • im4luvim4luv Posts: 3
    Call the place that replaced your transmission and ask if they can do a detailed replacement bill with the torque converter part number or invoice number listed individually and reprint your bill. I had to do that with mine and I was told they could and would. They will have it ready for me to pick up tomorrow.
  • drea3005drea3005 Posts: 9
    Go to your local Ford dealer, with your receipt and ask them to submit it per the recall. My refund took 10 days and was only for $1450.00 $1800 short of the actual total, but it did help -still not completely happy.
  • drea3005drea3005 Posts: 9
    I have received the $1450 that Ford wanted to pay, but I am still not happy. I have e-mailed the National highway safety people, and I have some calls out to lawyers. Still working for justice (not half way or mediocre justice).
  • johntopojohntopo Posts: 5
    Did they make you sign anything that if you accepted the check you had no other claims or other recource or anything like that?
  • I did and he said he was more than happy to do so! Now I just have to wait for it. He is in Kentucky and I am in Michigan. I was traveling when my van broke down. As soon as it arrives I'm heading to the Ford dealer!!!!
    Has anyone recieved a check yet and how long is it taking from the time you put the claim in?
  • I received the notice that states they would be contacting me in the 2nd quarter but no check yet. Did you just get the check in the mail or did you have to call the dealer to get the ball rolling. $1450 is only about 2/3 or what I spent to get the job done at the dealer.
  • lhatchellhatchel Posts: 15
    I received $1450 from my Ford Dealership. They filed all the paperwork for me. I did not have to do anything. I never got any notices in the mail. I just went to my Ford dealership and they filed everything for me. It took less than 2 weeks to get my check. I am happy with half of what I paid. It is better than nothing at all.
  • lhatchellhatchel Posts: 15
    You have to do everything through the Ford dealer.
  • dgmeyerdgmeyer Posts: 1
    You hear stories like this one, but you never think it's going to happen to you...

    Our family was traveling between Seattle and Saint Louis when our transmission went out on a gas stop. It was late on a Sunday evening deep in Montana (ranked second to last in population density right above ALASKA) and we were over 100 miles out of Billings. Despite having AAA, there wasn't even a tow company within distance to take our car into town if our lives had literally depended on it. This vehicle had 75,000 miles on it. We had already replaced the engine. I should have taken that as a clue and sold the :lemon: while I had the chance!

    We had the same cascading failure as everyone else. The torque converter blew and that threw metal shavings into the transmission. We had both replaced on the advice of the transmission shop in Billings. The rebuilt transmission had to be shipped in, so we are out the cost of the transmission and torque converter and the cost of nearly a weeks worth of hotel stay because of the wait. We got some compensation from AAA for the hotel stay but it doesn't cover it completely. Now I have paid for replacement of both components and will only be repaid for one.

    If I had my way, Ford would be buying this vehicle back from me at 100% the cost I paid for it and I would buy something from a more reputable company. I've been a loyal Ford customer since before I could drive (Dad bought all Fords). Looks like it's time to vote with my wallet... as soon as I have enough money after sinking it all into this rotting pit of a van.

    Sore in Saint Louis.
  • dkuttydkutty Posts: 1
    This is everyone else in Dec 2010 the transmission failed with only 82,000 miles on the van. Luckily it was late evening with little traffic. Like everyone else I have been patiently waiting for action and finally the govt forces a recall!!! I get my intial letter this winter from Ford about the recall. Patiently, wait. Based on the advice on this board I bring my receipts to the local ford dealership and WHAM, punched in the gut again! "My 2004 Freestar is not part of the recall, you will need to contact Ford." Call Ford.....this is awesome. "Sir, yes it appears that it was determined by Ford that your VIN# was not manufactured with the defective part. You will need to go back to your dealer for resolution." I particularly love the circle they put you in basically each one is pointing at the other. My response to Ford was can you tell me what production dates or what mfr plants installed the defective part? Ford: "No". Back to the National Highway Safety Board. Anyone know where I can find out how many Ford Freestars/Montereys were produced in 2004-2005? It appears as if I may need to make a visit to small claims court.
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    If you got the letter from Ford about the recall, they have already committed to the repair - my opinion. Did you show them the letter? i just went to Ford's web site and according to them, there is no recall on my vehicle. I got my letter many months ago. If you Google Freestar Recall, you will come up with many hit. One site listed 205,000 vehicles in the transmission recall.

  • Now Ford has MORE new recalls ( on other vehicles) and its taking longer to process my refund. I am supposed to call the dealer back on Monday ( its been over a week now since I reluctantly left them with my original receipt- so scared someone will 'lose' it). In the meanwhile I have contacted the BBB about Ford Motor Company as the NHTSA said they don't oversee how recalls are administered. Then who does? There has to be accountability somewhere. :mad: I won't go down without a fight. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I want my whole repair bill refunded and a new torque converter. But right now I REALLY need that refund check.

    I also would like an apology for the customer service supervisor who tried to convince me that losing your transmission on a busy 6 lane highway isn't dangerous because you "can coast and steer". :confuse: Would anyone at Ford corporate want to drive their family around in my van right now? I doubt it.
  • We have been dealing with Ford for many years and never had a problem until this Freestar 2004.
    Two years ago, the engne light came on and I had to take the van into Ford.....I cannot stand dealerships....I had a extended warranty on the van...After a week they told me that the radiator had leaked water into the transmisiion and was rusting it out.....they would replace it with a new transmission.....What a crock that was....they installed a rebuilt transmission., the cruise control was not working and the traction light would not go off. I was told by the service advisor if I wanted it checked out, it would cost me $90 to look at it and then whatever charge would apply to repair this problem...Told him they had my van for three weeks and I had to pay $600 over the warranty charge....did he care????what a also costs me $650 to rent a car as they do not provide courtesy cars....My van only has 56000 miles.....and now I get this friggin letter about a recall? I am going to drive this van into the ground and then never buy another Ford product
    Now I cannot find the recall letter...does anyone know if the dealership has a copy????
    I purchased my van in CT and then moved to NC..Perhaps I should go back to Ford Corporate..............
  • akachasakachas Posts: 5
    Updating my own story here...I just visited the dealer (Watertown MA Ford) and they took my receipt and attached it to an official-looking request form, saying there were going to submit it to Ford today. The service manager felt I would be getting something, but probably only in the neighborhood of $400. His reasoning: it was 3.5 years ago that the torque converter was replaced with rebuilt part at out-of-state AAMCO. I told him I had already traded van. He seemed to slump over a little at this news, as if maybe it would not be a high priority for them. But I persisted and said I wanted to claim the full amount of the rebuild of $2,400 (although I will be satisfied if I get the $1,450). I will be following up on their progress and posting updates.
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    I took my receipt in to Ford dealer...He tells me also i may not get exact 1450.00 I said ," THEN I'LL GO ANOTHER 3 1/2 YEARS AND GO TO COURT!!!! Mine was $1495.00 I Will not take less then $1450.00. He says they "done" extra work, dont want pay for that....I told him TUFF!!! I never wanted a recall van either, but got one!! Dont allow them feed you that 3 1/2 yr bull!! It took them 4 yrs to do a recall!!Here in OHIO, you get the check OR repaired again...told them no thanks, mine's got over 108000 miles, i'll junk if goes out again.. Stay on them, shouldnt matter WHEN transmission went out, all that matters is, IT WENT OUT!!!!! GOOD LUCK. suppose see check in 60 days for 1450.00 If not, Ill go court. ALSO, MAKE SURE YOU GET ORIGINAL RECEIPT BACK!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    I WOULD NOOOOO WAY SEND MY PAPERS THRU MAIL.....ONLY WAY TO DO IT ,IS HAND IN PERSON, DEMAND THEY MAKE THEM A COPY. security tried get me to call customer service while I sit on lot!!! NO way!! I went in, didnt take 10 mins. You have talk up to them. It's THEIR mistake, THEY need take care of it.......
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    YOU WON'T BELIVE IT!!!!! (I DIDNT) Only thru prayer..... I went yesterday, DIRECTLY to FORD dealer here in columbus, Ohio. RICART FORD. I simply told the I WILL not settle ANY LESS then $1450.00. ( I paid $1495 for tranny repairs 3 1/2 yrs ago) Did receipt page, etc, said will get check in 60 days. I came home thinkin, right, "SURE" I will. lol 19 hours later she called me to come back & get my check!!!!!!! $1450!!!!!! Dont give up, hope you DEMAND they make themselves a COPY of receipt, DO NOT give original. Hope everyone gets their $$$$$.. I thank God for ours.
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    GOT MINE IN 19 HOURS!!!!
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