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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    Just curious - was the check you got from the dealer or from Ford Motor Company?

  • lak3lak3 Posts: 4
    This is a follow-up on my last post [July 9]. I finally was able to find the guy who did the actual work on my transmission and he found his billing statement while I was on the phone. He then faxed it to me; it had the magic words ‘torque convertor’; my Ford dealer thought the paperwork was sufficient, sent it into Ford, and yesterday I rec’d a check for $1450.
    Glad that is over! Hope many of you are equally successful.
  • trimadscotrimadsco Posts: 10
    How did you get it in 19 hours? Did they mail you the check or did you have it sent to the dealership??
  • trimadscotrimadsco Posts: 10
    lak3 - when did the dealership send your paperwork in? Just curious how long it actually took to receive your check.
  • I haven't even been able to make a a claim yet. My invoice only states the transmission was replaced. I talked to the mechanic in Kentucky (I am live in Michigan) and he said he would send an invoice giving details, stating the torque converter was also replaced. But I haven't recieved that from him yet.
  • motheyemotheye Posts: 17
    To my Watertown Ford: I had my "transmission" done at Watertown Ford--actually they sub it out to someone. My bill said "transmission". When I finally got word from Ford I can start the refund process through the dealer the customer service guy at Watertown first told me "this is a torque converter recall--not a transmission" and that I didn't qualify. After some persuading--he said he would look into it. A couple days later he left me a message that said "we submitted your paperwork to Ford. It might take 5-6 months to hear back". No other info. I finally got him today and he told me they submitted on June 29. I called Ford (again) and the customer service agent told me they see it as received on July 13--but with no other information. Nobody has officially told me the max is $1450. I haven't even got the second letter yet. If I haven't been calling or watching this site I would have known nothing. Do you get the impression the guys at Watertown are simply annoyed? I would be doing whatever I could to regain potential buyers.
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    they called me next day....19 hrs later....i then went in and got it. I live 2 miles from Ford dealer
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
  • shocked1shocked1 Posts: 85
    LYNN>>>> my check was from RICART DEALER, here in columbus ohio....thru BANK ONE.
  • lak3lak3 Posts: 4
    It took about 10 days; there was a slight 'slowdown' at Ford HQ according to the dealer, or it would have have sooner!
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    It is apparent that most of us are not happy with the way Ford is handling this recall. I would suggest that we all start contacting media outlets to share our story. It's pretty easy to submit a story idea online and if enough people make noise about the same thing, I'm sure it'll get picked up. Media attention seems to be the only way to get big corporations to do the right thing any more.
  • amyd3amyd3 Posts: 4
    I am in Ontario, Canada, and I know a lot of you are in the US. I am a bit concerned about my cheque, as my dealer has submitted my claim 2 weeks ago ... we haven't heard anything further since. Should I follow up with the dealer or with Ford? Will the dealer receive my cheque or will it be mailed directly to me? TIA for your input!
  • Hi,

    I have reported to Ford on March 2012 after the 1st recall letter regarding the torque converter recall which my van was experiencing early stages of this problem but Ford told me I had to wait for a second letter.
    On May 2012, I called them again and told them my Van is worse and experiencing hard movement. Again Ford tells me I must wait for the second letter via mail which should be mailed to me by mid June 2012.
    During this time, I took my van for an oil change at Jiffy Lube. One of the tech discovers something wrong with the transmission oil. He said it looked water and the dip stick appeared rusty like there was moisture. I couldn't understand how that was possible. But I had notified that the trans oil was changed in the past and it wasn't up yet for another change.
    My van worsen while 1st week of July still I have not received any 2nd letter. I called them and they said the letter was sent out and I can take it to any Ford. I am upset that I never received this 2nd letter.
    Finally, my van gets check and replacement was done to the torque converter but mechanic also noted that the transmission fluid is burnt.
    I drive my van out thinking finally I saved my minivan a trans break down. BOY WAS I HOPING TO HARD!. As soon as I left my van still show the same warnings and symptoms. No change at all. I called Ford Service center and told them about it. The tech say "Oh, you are probably having other transmission problems not associated with the torque converter. This expense is not covered by the recall."
    Does anyone know anything about a recall regarding moisture and transmission damages as I mentioned above? If so, what year was that recall? How can I get a copy so that I can get this fixed? Or would the transmission damages caused by a torque converter covered by the recall?
  • jccrawfordjccrawford Posts: 18
    It's been about 2 weeks for me also. I talked to the service manager at the dealership a couple of days ago and she told me that she submitted the claim to Ford and that when Ford accepts the claim, they credit the dealership's warranty account. The dealership then prints out a check. I'm also nervous that something has gone wrong with the processing of my claim because I've heard of some people getting their checks within days. But it could be that some dealerships are issuing their customer's checks before Ford even processes the claim.
  • johntopojohntopo Posts: 5
    My VIN does not come up either, I had my transmission replaced for the first time by AMMCO over 4 years ago for about $2800 plus other cost, since then they replaced the torque converter 3 times after that with in about 3 years. The guy from AMMCO was a former Ford guy he said at the time he contacted some of his friend at Ford they all agreed that Ford knew there was a problem but it would be too costly to help us out with it. AMMCO finally made a torque converter that worked did not have a problem until just last month when the transmission went out again, took it back to a Ford dealer since I had heard about the recall mine still doent show but its in the year range 2004. They told me this time it was the Transmission not totally related to the torque converter but the metal that sheared off of the tranmssion made the radiator fluid leak into the transmission which caused water & other fluieds to totally destroy the transmission. Ford said that was not related to the toque converter we now have our van in storage because they said it would be over $4000 to fix it the Van is only worth probally half that. I turned in my reciepts over 3 week ago still havent heard anything from Ford also turn my reciept & letter to the Zone office & BBc they sent me info but since its so old it dosent look like they can help. IVE also had issues with the back hatch not opening because of a design flaw, power stering issues, & front end problems. Ford doent seem to care :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • lynn1102lynn1102 Posts: 13
    Being a little paranoid, I would seriously question this tactic. I have heard of other dealers doing this and none of them paid the full $1450. I wonder if any of the dealers are making a few extra bucks on this deal.

  • joema1joema1 Posts: 1
    I too have a college degree and have been doing transmissions in ford dealerships for 30+ years.If you failure was caused by stator splines then you are out of luck and will definitely not be reimbursed.The recall is for pump drive splines and no they do not send metal or contaminate the transmission-good luck!
  • gobamagobama Posts: 16
    I took my receipt to a Ford Dealer in Huntersville, NC on July 13th. The work was done my a local transmission business in Huntersville two years ago. We received a check for $1450 from the dealer this past weekend. We are happy to get this amount. Our total bill with an extended warranty was around $2200. We did have another issue last year and the work was covered by the warranty. So, we feel we came out Ok on this and we have had no problems since.
  • My Ford dealer wants to keep my original receipt in order for me to receive my rebate check. Is this standard policy. I was under the impression that the customer always keeps the original.
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