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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • Just got my check (for $1425) ... What a nightmare! My transmission is out for the second time, and getting them to reimburse me for the first one was the most frustrating experience of my life. I like many others had the tranny go out at 67,000 miles, and had a rebuild from a shop, not a Ford dealership. (Not to mention, I splashed through a puddle one time and had that same PCM failure many others have had).

    The first dealership I went to (Crown Ford in Nashville) was totally inept. They seemed clueless to the process, and found every reason to block me from my reimbursement (to the point I had to call corporate and three way their service manager in on a conference call). They made me get a letter from the shop stating that the torque converter was part of the tranny rebuild, then eventually they told me they couldn't do anything cuz I had a copy of the receipt, not the original. I drove to the shop finally to get the original, but when I did I saw a different Ford dealership on my way home (Ford Lincoln of Franklin). When I took it in there, the service manager Chris (who was the only helpful person I encountered) said just make a copy and leave it, that he didn't need the original cuz all he would do is fax it to them anyway. Wow.

    The following week, he said they would give me $980, but I stood my ground. I mentioned this forum, how others in the exact same situation had received the full amount, and that I would not rest until I got the full amount. He said he'd call and ruffle some feathers about it. A week later, yeseterday, I got my check. (I got $25 shy of the full amt but I'll take it at this point).

    Anyway, now that I have my $ I get enjoy it by spending it on a new tranny rebuild. Needless to say Ford will never get my business again. Not only did they screw all of us over on this vehicle, but the sleezy way they attempt to NOT take responsibilty for it is reprehensible! Hopefully at some point they will be forced into some sort of restitution on the PCM issue as well.
  • What is a PCM??
    I just got my Torque converter replaced through the recall, but still had to pay $180 out of pocket to reseal something & get a new transmission filter.
    I too have had nothing but issues with this, second owner - purchased from my brother-in-law. I've had it for 4 yrs, only has 107k miles & I too have replaced coil pack & plugs (twice) and axel & sway bars. It still isn't right! I have this piercing noise that is almost constant while I'm driving it. They can't find the cause. I picked it up from the recall fix & had to return it the next day b/c my engine light was on. I then had to pay for an EGR valve?? The dealership was kind enough to cover the cost of the part & I just paid labor. I really despise this van & will never purchase a ford again, this was my first & last for sure! :lemon:
  • The PCM or ECM as it is also called is basically the "brain" to the car. It stands for powertrain control module. I wonder if my EGR valve is bad too and why my van does not accelerate smoothly.
  • I'm wondering if anyone else has had strange noises since the trans was replaced. Ever since mine was replaced, it has an intermittent humming noise. It makes a sound like when you blow across the top of a bottle. I can trace it to a general area under the hood on the passenger side, but can't find a specific item. Anyone else have this. Service dept always says they can't hear the noise when they have the van.

  • I recently had the recall torque converter replaced. While there the steering alignment was messed up and my steering wheel was out of lign as well. they have scheduled for me to come in again 2 weeks later to have this fixed.

    In reading some of the below discussions I see that the torque converter is not the only problem. I to have had to change the coil pack 3 times and have had a transmission rebuild. The good thing in relation to all of this is that I took my van to an independent transmission specialist and he caught the fact that the tranny had a little bit of sign of water in it. This means it is considered that the trany has been flooded. He called me and said that my comprehensive insurance would cover this repair. He was right. I jsut had to pay the deductible. Geico covered the rest of the repair.

    When it rains really hard i have a problem with my transmission now. My van will not go. it jerks and misses and will finally go dead if you try to drive it. It has done this three times recently. When I have called the dealership they say they have no idea what is going on. I wonder if Ford has decided to do anythign about this design issue???
  • Received my $1450.00 check directly from Ford. Still would never buy another Ford product.
  • Has anyone paid to have their EGR valve repaired/replaced? My check engine code is on for EGR, and I'm curious what it should cost
  • I think it is about 180. How is your van running? I wonder if mine is bad because it feels like it is going to stall when I put it into gear and give it gas. I've had torque converter replaced and the PCM replaced just last month. This van is a piece of sh*t
  • I just had to replace the filler neck, fuel pump, egr valve, and gas tank pressure sensor totaling approx $3000. Not to mention the entire transmission 3yrs ago for $3000. P.O.S. Will never but a Ford again!
  • It's running just fine... I just had the transmission replaced (used unit, also had it rebuilt at 65K) ... it has 170K miles on it but runs fine again after the tranny repair. I had the PCM replaced once before too, bercause it was doing the same thing. Recently I think I remember seeing a link about how the PCM can get wet, and there might be a way to service it yourself if you are a DIY-er.

    I agree, van is a POS and I would've scrapped it had Ford not given me $1,425 for my previous repair, making the new repair free. Love the features, hate the problems.
  • They did do something about the design issue, they stopped making I would like to know if there is anything we can do on the consumer side since we all have pretty much the same problems. It drives me nuts that fact that I have an eight year old car with just over 80K miles sitting in my garage doing nothing. I just paid the damn thing off about six months ago and now I have to decide to sink MORE money into or just go buy a new (non-ford) vehicle.

    I just replaced my spark plugs today because I was told that #3 cylinder was misfiring. I replaced all six and the van still runs rough, but the "service engine" light is off. I don't know what to do anymore...
  • I had to replace my EGR & they only charged me for the labor, $135...the part was more than that but they didn't cahrge me b/c it happened the day after I picked it up after the torque converter recall fix.
  • Yes I had the EGR, replaced cost me 585.00, and had to have the brain replace 585.00, and transmission before recall was put out. Now it is making a sound as if I need to replace the axle or something. I was at stop sign went to take off and it started sound ing loud and would not go forward or backwards. I am wondering what this is now.
  • I had the left front axle last month. There is a service bulletin for this exact problem but of course Ford does not care if when it breaks it leaves another family stranded in the middle of a highway.
  • Shocked...can't complain here...had tranny replaced back in Oct 2008 with a Ford reman. unit. Recently that tranny had developed a problem where the RPM would fluctuate +250 RPMs up to 3 X per minute. Ford could not ensure that the reman. unit from 2008 had the updated TC and shaft. Dealership performed the 11S25 recall and subsequently fixed all issues.
  • emb5emb5 Posts: 2
    My torque converter went out on family vacation stranding my entire family. We had it replaced by a Ford dealer for way more than the $1450.00 they want to pay us. They replaced it with another faulty, recalled transmission. Now they don't want to pay us what we paid them to replace it. But not only that now they don't want to pay us AND replace it. They gave me the run around and said one or the other not both. Ford has now sold me 2 recalled transmissions and will not make right on it. So I've set up a facebook page for everyone in the same boat. Perhaps if we all join together Ford will have to make right on their recall. They are still putting my family in danger and they have stolen my money. I'm not going to stand for it, I'm fighting it. Interestinly enough when I threatened legal action to the guy on the phone he started back peddaling fast. Perhaps it needs to go to class action. Check out the page and leave your comments.!/pages/2004-Ford-Freestar-Recall-Issues/19597785386893- 5?created
  • emb5emb5 Posts: 2
    Did Ford reimburse you the money you paid to have the tranny replaced AND give you another new one? Did you have any problems with them? I'm totally getting shut down by them.
  • took all my bills from repairs back to dealership along with recall letter. in total my van was at the shop 6 times for a total of $2025. i know that the recall stated that the most to be refunded is $1450 so thats what i was expecting. turns out that the only bill they accepted was the one that specifically said torque converter on it. it took them 5 other time to figure out that that was the problem but that didnt matter. i guess $1100 IS better than nothing but the inconvenience and worries should have been enough for their mistakes in diagnosing the problem. dropped off 9/12. we'll see how long it takes...... stay tuned............
  • nope. one or the other
  • My transmission went out and I paid to have it fixed. When it went out the second time I let it sit for a year waiting on a recall. When the recall came the dealer repaired it. Then I turned in my paper work from the first repair to the dealer. The dealer stated I would be reimbursed but Ford said no.
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