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Ford Freestar Transmission Problems



  • I own a 2004 Ford Freestar and back in Oct 2009 I lost power to the wheels and coasted to a stop amoung a busy stretch of road. Got it towed to a ford dealer and was told the transmission failed (I could have figured that one out!!!). The "Ford Certified Techncian" explained to me that it was the torque converter that caused in issue I had with the drive train. The only option that I was given by the manager of the "Certified Ford Service Center" was to replace the entire transmission, at a cost of $3210. Now there is a recall out for just the torque converter, ford has decided to only refund those who paid out-of-pocket repairs to their vehicles $1450, which I think is wrong. Is anyone having the same issue with getting a refund of what you paid to have your Freestar's fixed?
  • I am deeling with same situation with ford and trying to get a refund. My Freestar transmission quit working back in 2009, same signs as it the torque converter failed. The only option I was given by a Certified Ford Mechanic at the dealership was to replace the entire transmission which cost me out-of-pocket $3210. Ford is saying they will only refund me $1450, not the total out-of-pocket I had paid. I sent copies of all my reciepts to Ford requesting full refund of the total I paid or I will seek legal avenues to get my issue resolved.
  • it is the computer it's self. the computer is directly under the windshield wipers and is coverd with the crapiest box ever. there is a leak in the plastic part under the windshield. u shoud buy some sealing puddy or somethin like that and cover all crevices and anything that could possibly cause a leak. e-mail me for more if you are not sure. also you should get the computer replaced.
  • I am also having the same problem. My transmission was replaced in 2010 to the tune of approx 2500.00. Ford reimbursed me 1450.00. Problem is when the torque converter failed it took out my whole transmission so I had to have it completely rebuilt (89,000 miles). I found in the Wikipedia website where there is also the possibility this model of transmission AXOD or 4F50N transmission will need rebuilt (see below) as this is what I am basing my total refund request from Ford on. Will keep you posted w/any updates.

    From Wikepedia site:

    Recently, NHTSA launched an investigation into the Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey due to numerous complaints with regard to the equipped 4F50N transmission.[1] Although the investigation is centered on the Torque Converter, these failures often require that the entire transaxle be rebuilt or replaced.
  • In 2010, we had to replace shuddering transmission. In 2011, shuddering transmission was replaced under warranty (2nd new tranny) - however, it was documented by dealer as torque converter. In 2012, transmission is shuddering again. This time, the dealer says they cannot find problem without tearing down the transmission. The dealer claims that the transmission has water in it. No water shown on dip-stick, no sign of water in transmission fluid, and no milky appearance or substance in fluid. Water is only in valve chamber (upper left corner), but has not mixed with transmission fluid. Dealer says water this is why transmission failed - it is considered an intrusion and therefore not covered by warranty?? Three times, three transmissions???
  • I have almost the exact same thing we have have 3 transmsions 2 covered by waranty from ammco but now its gone out for the 4th time Ford said there is water in it so it is not covered by the recall because its the tranmsion this time & not the torge converter. I paid ammco $2800 originally Ford only gave me $840 stating that the way the bill read that was all they would cover. Still have the van siting in storage because I don't want to put another $3500 in it that's what Ford wants to fix it again
  • I have a 2006 Ford Freestar that's been sitting in my yard for 14 months. Ford doesn't have a recall on it and I'm hesitating about getting it fix because I see so many posts on here from people who had to replace their transmissions more than once. Ford should be ashamed of themselves and put a recall on all the years not just the 04's and the 05's if they are having this many complaints about the same model vehicles. I've seen a few 06's on here also. Someone give me some advice on what I should do. My van only has 110,000 miles it.
  • I honestly was very lucky. I wasn't having any issues, but I received the recall letter the beginning of 2012, but stated the parts would not be ready for install until the 2nd Qtr. So I called sometime in July when the parts were in and made the appointment for the next week. My husband and I were on the interstate on the way back from a weekend trip when the van just lost power while driving 80 mph. My husband (who was driving) had this look of panic on his face so I asked him what was wrong. He stated he had no power and proceeded to coast to the shoulder. God was looking out for us that day because we were driving in the passing lane and no one was in our path which allowed us to "safely" coast through three lanes to the shoulder. Not only did the stars aline in that manner, the spot it went out was literally 1/2 mile from the exit that the dealership was located. Thank goodness because it was 100+ degrees that day. My husband tried to put it in every gear and it wouldn't go so we knew it was the transmission. In any event, this was a Sunday and my appointment was for the coming Thursday. They tried to play semantics with me on the phone stating it would be covered under the "recall" if in fact it were the torque convertor that caused the issue. I was married to a mechanic for 14 years and worked at a repair shop for 9 so I basically told them "don't even try it"...I know that's what it is. So I got it fixed, no problem. They even got me a rental car covered under the warranty as well as an exhaust hose. I feel sorry for the people who are getting screwed because a prior repair bill doesn't state "Torque Convertor"; having worked at a repair shop, I know that most transmission malfunctions are the torque convertor and most shops will just call it the "transmission" because it's easier than trying to explain it to the customer and quite frankly, the torque convertor is the main component of the transmission. I think this recall should be scrutinized by the government and should force them to change the wording to "Transmission". In all fairness, if they have to replace a few transmissions that aren't because of the "torque convertor", that's much more fair than leaving hundreds or thousands of customers in the cold because of wording. Funny thing is, I received the letter stating my vehicle was one of recalled, however, when I looked up my VIN on their recall website, it didn't come up......hmmmmm....wonder how many people got screwed because they didn't get their letter for some reason and it didn't pull up on their guess, probably more than they repaired.
  • I just bought a 2004 Ford Freestar Van. in June of this year. For the last month, my van has been running slugglish, its really bad when I go up a hill. After reading what everything on this site. Now I don't know what to do. I still owe $7,000 on this van. I took it back where I bought it , they
    wanted to charge me $136.00 just to look at it. I took it to another shop, they wanted $90.00, I passed both of them up. I guess I had better join AAA.
  • :lemon: I just bought a 2004 Ford Freestar Van. in June of this year. For the last month, my van has been running slugglish, its really bad when I go up a hill. After reading what everything on this site. Now I don't know what to do. I still owe $7,000 on this van. I took it back where I bought it , they
    wanted to charge me $136.00 just to look at it. I took it to another shop, they wanted $90.00, I passed both of them up. I guess I had better join AAA.
  • I also had #3 misfiring. I replaced them all too! Now the computer reader system saya it is the MAF (mass air flow sensor) I cleaned that (with MAF cleaner!) and changed the idle contol valve and the pcv valve. Now it wont even start!! I have a friend that works on cars and said it could now be the fuel pump. Haven't tested it yet, but plan to today.

    I too am at a loss for what might be going on here. Good luck.
  • mrfozmrfoz Posts: 2
    We had the torque converter replaced before a 2500 mile summer vacation. Ford did the recall work. Just short of our destination the powertrain failure light comes on. I had to have the tranmission valve body replaced at my expense -almost $2500. On the way home, powertrain failure light is on again. We make it home. Ford replaced the torque converter again as they claimed it was defective. I called Ford customer service asking for a refund for the $2500.00 valve body repair. NO! Has anyone else had a similar experience? The tech at one of the dealers told me Ford should have ordered the recall for both the torque converter and valve body.
  • I just bought a new EGR for my 2004 was 130.00 bucks and we put it on ourselves. there is a video on youtube showing how to do it...its fairly simple. I also just took my van to the shop and my PCM is bad...a total of $1200 to get it fixed. I plan on saving receipt hoping ford will eventually recall for the PCM and hopefully I can get some of my money back.
  • i have an 05 freestar and just had my torque converter replaced by the recall.. i just got it back on 1-18-13 and now my warning light for the powertrain is on.. it wasn't before.. its flashing non stop.. not sure why.. i plan on calling the dealership and finding out what they will do.. it wasnt flashing til they put the new converter in.. hopefully they will fix it and bill ford for it.. after reading these post i plan on paying this piece of crap van off and getting rid of it.. i still owe 2000 on it.. i put it on a tester and it told me i had a prob with the egr cuz my check engine light was on too now.. none of these lights were on til they put the new converter in.. will not buy another ford again after all the probs everyone else is having with ford and their customer service..
  • my van is doing the same thing.. my powertrain light keeps flashing.. it didn't do it until i had the torque converter replaced with the recall one.. it started as soon as the new converter was put in.. did you have a test done to see what made your powertrain light come on?.. my brother in law tested my van and it said it was some turbine in speed sensor that is connected to the top of the tranny that is messing up.. if anyone else is having this prob or did and it was the same thing messing up please let me know..
  • drr5drr5 Posts: 1
    I am very disappointed. I got a recall notice on my 2005 Ford Freestar SEL been a good van. 185 thousand ks on it. They put a new torque converter in it. Two months latter the transmission is load with water and I am stuck with 2500 dollar bill. The transmission man said it is a common issue with Ford Freestars. Going to call Ford but not holdimg my breath. What really ticks me off is that the Ford dealership wanted 4500 hundred bucks. The transmission guy down the street said 2500. If you get a recall notice ignore it. FORD FIX OR REPAIR DAILY OR FOUND ON ROAD DEAD.
  • Wow, after all the bad posts on here I am really hesitating about getting my van fixed. Ford does not have a recall on it and I'm scared to even put money into it. Don't really know what's wrong with it. My husband drove it work on September 2, 2011 and when he got in it to come home it wouldn't move and it's been sitting in the ever since. One guy said it is the torque converter and another said it could be the computer. Someone please give me some suggestions.
  • If the torque converter is bad, plan on replacing the whole transmission. This should be included on the Ford recall list. Unfortunately Ford will only pay for the converter replacement, which has been, up to this point, $1250.00. My transmission replacement cost me $3300.00. I had my trans replaced by an independent service shop and it came with a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Your friendly Ford dealer with probably be more costly. The van is no good without it, and is worth about $7000.00 retail in good shape. Your kind of stuck in the middle. I

  • i had mine just like that a year ago . on my way back home , i stopped in a red light and then in all of sudden the van won't move no matter how hard i accelerate .
    it happened to be the torque converter that went bad . it cost me 485 to buy a new one and 500 labor .
    30000 miles with the new one and still runs fine except that i need to change a engine mount
  • You are having pcm failure due to water dripping on the computer.. this is very common on these vans. it is it is located on the right side fire wall. should be about $600 for the computer..
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