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Toyota Highlander Accessories and Modifications

mkstringmkstring Posts: 53
I inquired to as to getting chrome nerf bars for our HL (my wife's short), and they replaid that availability will be the end of April. Makes sense considering the vehicle went on sale in Feb.

And, I'm going to look at the idea of remote-on fog lamps for our base model (posting the the discussion group). Hopefully I can find ones that fit in the bumper where those stupid looking grills are.


  • stevesr1stevesr1 Posts: 28
    I read that you have successfully made this modification to your '01 Highlander. I am going to do the same to mine and have a few questions.

    1. I take ir that the plastic trim around the shift lever needs to be replaced. I looked at an '03 this past week and these trim pieces are different shapes. BTW, I have a Limited with the woodgrain trim.

    2. Are the holes aready in the floor of the cabin for the mounting brackets for the console? I am assuming that these are weld-nuts and not sheet metal screws.

    3. After removing the extra mounting brackets on the side of the driver's seat did you have to fashion new ones to mount the new side cover?

    4. Could I trouble you to send me a complete list of parts required for the modification? I will be mail ordering my parts and would like to get it right the first time! Copies of your packing lists would suffice. My e-mail address is:

    slund347 "AT" ieee "DOT" org <-- Some assembly required!

    Please send me an e-mail and I'll send you the rest of my contact information.


  • aoertelaoertel Posts: 1
    Did I read something about consoles being available? I didn't think I wanted one, but this is my only gripe with the HL. There is no place for my "stuff" (cell phone, wallet, etc.)

    This is a great vehicle. People don't believe me when I tell them it was less than the 4Runner.
  • mkstringmkstring Posts: 53
    I believe they're an option. I'm guessing it's a port-installed one though. you might hunt through the regular discussion list.

    We liked the HL becuase it did NOT have one. I'm not too worried about my cell phone - better not to talk and drive anyway :).
  • dean2sm1dean2sm1 Posts: 34
    Have option of taking a new HL, V6,4wd, with towing prep(radiator, tran cooler, etc.), but for some reason, no hitch. Told factory doesn't have enough hitches for demand, and told local parts dept. can't get hitches, because Toyota unable to get add-on harness that works. Those tried have been blowing fuses, etc., etc. In contact with "Hidden Hitch", very nice guy, who says HL has standard 12V system, and a power isolation converter, readily available, will work. After market hitch itself looks fine. Anybody know about the electrical question? Thanks dean2sm1
  • mghattasmghattas Posts: 2
    Consoles are available. The Toyota code for consoles is SK. The center console is like any other console with two cupholders. MSRP $199.
  • dniehusdniehus Posts: 83
    Yes, an HL console is available. I have preferenced an HL, including the console. I want the center storage and can't deal with cupholders on the floor. Who came up with that absurd design?! That's an accident waiting to happen. HOWEVER, have you actually seen a console? I wouldn't say it's "just like" other SUV consoles. It's incredibly small. It barely comes up to the top of the seat cushion. But I think it's big enough to hold CD's and other "junk". The Japanese version of the HL ("Kruger") has a continuous console (i.e., the protrusion from the dash which has the shifter continues right through to the back of the front seats like "normal" consoles). There has been talk about trying to get a Japanese version of the console but since it appears to be unibody, I'm not sure how that would be feasible.

    Anyone have more definitive information?
  • I was told that I/N will have an air filter in a couple of cons. Does anyone know of a substitute sized I/N filter? Anyone do anything yet to their highlander like change springs (lower) or performance mod?
  • dpaolinodpaolino Posts: 2
    I've been told by my sales rep that the HL fog lights are the same size as the 2001 Grand Am fogs, and they can be put in. I have not looked into it, but I know that you can get those for much cheaper than the HL fogs. Would be interested to know what anyone finds out.
  • ycr1ycr1 Posts: 9
    I'm interested in purchasing fog lights for my HL. I was told by dealer that the HL fog lights are not available to purchase separately yet. Have you been told that the HL fog lights are available? If so what's the price. Thanks.
  • osoriobosoriob Posts: 44
    Yes the fog lights are available from toyota ($280 lights only) and you better stick with the original ones because the opening for mounting the lights after you remove the round covers is very unusual, and there is no other way to support any other kind of light, unless you custom make some kind of bracket.
    I also installed a remote controlled relay that works with the HOMELINK system.
    Check post #23 @ MEET THE MEMBERS
  • gtalaveragtalavera Posts: 15
    osoriob, where can i get the remote lighting system by rally. I'm ignorant when it comes to this. so you can turn it off and on by the homelink system with out any wire harness.Is there a wire that goes to the battery for power from the lights? can anybody install this with direction. how difficult is it to place the fog lights in the bumper. thanks for your info.
  • ycr1ycr1 Posts: 9
    Where is the dealer located who is selling the fog lights for $280? My dealer is still telling me that fog lights are not available to be purchased separately for the highlander yet. Thanks.
  • osoriobosoriob Posts: 44
    I bought my remote control kit a the local pep-boys store.

    The remote operated relay kit comes with a complete wire harness,1- 30amp relay, 1- remote receiver box and two portable transmiters (program them, following the steps on the owners manual)to make them work with the buttons on the visor.

    Yes you have to connect the power lead to the battery to feed power the relay. and find a good chassis ground.
    It took me a good 2 hours two install the kit, make sure you get extra zip-ties because the kit only gives you 3 or 4.
    The fog lights I purchased came from a dealer in the carolinas
    Very good service and prices.
  • Hi, As a new owner of a Highlander what are your thoughts on a paint protection package and extended warranty? thanks
  • So far I've been unable to find the K/N Air filter (the RX-300 filter isn't the same).

    Here's something I've been doing for the cars that I don't change the intake plumbing...
    On my '01 Highlander I've drilled several holes (about 3/8" each) on the "BOTTOM,FIXED PART" of the air box. If you look, Toyota has put a few smaller ones. What this does is allow more air to enter the box on the pre-filtered side. I've noticed just a better "throat" sound on flooring the pedal, intake air sounds less restricted.

    I hope someone develops a cold air induction ram air type tubing for the Highlander. I've seen a difference in my NSX with this set-up.

    Still waiting for word on a lowering spring,strut setup. Maybe that TRD supercharger...??
  • gwkisergwkiser Posts: 326
    TRD supercharger????!!!

    Wow....sounds like fun!
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Posts: 162
    Has anyone out there replaced the horn on your Highlander? The single note horn it comes with is awful and not very loud when fools driving with cell phones hanging out their ears decide to move over into your lane while they're right next to you.
  • Going shopping for a Highlander. Is there anything you put in that you don't use or is there something you wish you had??? Any help will be appreciated.
  • the VSC option. It allows you to corner with minimal roll and loss of control. At least that's something I've noticed immediately in my Highlander compared to ones without the option. I really didn't need the towing pkg but maybe the cooling system upgrade will come in handy in bumper to bumper traffic this summer. I don't think it weighs that much either. If you have a dark colour I'd also get the acrylic hood deflector
    Hope that helps.
  • osoriobosoriob Posts: 44
    Make sure you get the Driver's power seat, it is very comfortable during long drives, also get the fog lights if you can, I had to install mines after I bought the vehicle.Then last but not least I could not live without the V6 Engine.

    P.S Fender flares are a nice touch also, and they will protect your fender wells against door dings, (not available in my area, CA)

    enjoy your shopping, experience.
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