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Ford Windstar Transmission



  • 1998lincoln1998lincoln Posts: 108
    Sounds like it could be the torque convertor ! It could be striped out !
  • 1998lincoln1998lincoln Posts: 108
    Sounds like it could be the torque convertor lockup
  • helphoustonhelphouston Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Just driving down the road and transmission just went away. Engine running fine. No vacuum leaks, no simple indicators? Would it be the speed sensor or something worse? No visible leaks. Nothing broke. NO major clunk when it quit. Just cruising along, then coasting ... No 1st, 2nd, 3rd or reverse. No check engine light either.
  • boss302jboss302j Posts: 15
    Torque converter stripped out?
  • babioshbabiosh Posts: 1
    i would like a copy of the PDF FOR THE 95 TRANNY WINDSTAR
  • I have a 1999 Ford Windstar, 130,000, and after I drive above 2000 rpm or about 60 mph for a few minutes the od off light flashes and the rpm jumps up a few hundred. As long as I drive about 55 I can go forever without any problems. The reverse also slipped. The couple I bought the van from said this started after they had the trans overhauled. I have had the transmission rebuilt and the torque converter replaced. I also had the compute replaced on the advice of a transmission mechanic. The problem is still there. Does anyone know what it could be??????
  • I've got a problem that I'm not sure can be fixed. I was driving my 95 Ford Windstar and towing a boat when I got caught in bumper to bumper traffic in 100 degree weather. The trans fluid got so hot that the pan opened up and started hemorrhaging fluid. The van had a small additional trans cooler mounted in front of the radiator. I ultimately had to give up when the fluid was gone and the trans began to (not work anymore). I didn't have a owners manual and didn't know that the trans dipstick specified the fluid type. I sent my wife to Advance auto with all the vehicle info she would need, and they sold her 4 gallons of Dexron 111 fluid. I was an hour away when she came to my "rescue". I put a gallon in and drove thirty miles before it leaked out. Put another gallon in and got 10 miles. This was a 8 hour ordeal and it was 11 PM by then. Gave up and abandoned the vehicle and boat at that point. Put a third gallon in and ran it till it cooled down. I went back the next day and tightened up the pan bolts and the leak stopped.
    As it turns out, the fluid was the wrong stuff. It calls for Mercon fluid. Don't know if there's any hope for this now) as the trans is slip slip slipping (mostly in first gear). I can still drive it if I take it real easy on the throttle. I drove it with Dexron in it for about a hundred miles before I realized it had the wrong fluid in it. I'm attempting to change the fluid now. This is a 3.8 liter engine with the AX4S Automatic transmission. I'm attempting to flush all the fluid from the trans and torque converter. I see that there are top and bottom cooler lines into the radiator (vertical cooler) with spring clips apparently holding the lines to their radiator inlets. I've removed the bottom clip (assuming that this is the return line). What now? I am unfamiliar with this type of connection. All the other cars I've ever owned simply have a hose clamp holding the hose on a nipple.
    Does this connection require a special removal tool or do you just pry the line out? Typically I'd just remove the return line hose, connect a length of hose, run the vehicle in gear till the fluid came out red and clear. If this metal return line can be pulled from its inlet then it seems that the fluid is just going to shoot from the outlet all over the place.
    Should I just disconnect the lines at the transmission? I see there are top and bottom lines there with clips that look like they're holding taper type (brake line type) connections. If I go this route, it looks like I could run a length of hose from the return line to catch the returning fluid. Once again I'm assuming that the bottom connection is the return line. If anyone is familiar with this AX4S flushing procedure please help me out. Am I wasting my time trying to change the fluid? It's gonna take 12 quarts or so to exchange what's in there and I don't know if it's worth doing, considering all of the above abuse it suffered.
  • gjcarpet1846gjcarpet1846 Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    When pulling the shift lever from park to any gear does not work correctly. For example: The shift indicator says that the transmission is in Drive, but the transmission is actually in Neutral or Second. The shift lever can slip up and down in between gears. You have to pull the lever down into neutral and then into reverse in order to get it into reverse. If there's anyone out there can give me some pointers to help me out with this please let me know.
  • liz101liz101 Posts: 1
    i have noticed that my van has problems shifting between 1st and 2nd gear, but it will rarely do it when it is cold... like if I drive it to one place, like work, and then go to leave it will stutter between 1 and 2. This still could be the nuetral safety switch right? I mean a new transmission was put in it about three years ago, and I have a new switch to put on it, but my husband doesn't want to break it so it hasn't been put on yet.. But he was thinking that the transmission was slipping.. But it sounds to me like the nuetral switch. I didn't know that it could cause that kind of problem.
  • bf1024bf1024 Posts: 2
    NOPe, your tranny is on the way out were lucky to get 3 yrs out of the rebuild. Mine did fine when cold, when it heated up, it had problems between 1st & 2nd...after that, wouldn't go into OD....Took a tranny rebuild class at local collega, tore down the tranny, and many of my clutches and friction disks were burned up. One hard part...a hub on the end of the drive gear..was also worn down...I rebuilt it, it didn't last long either....give up on the Windstar and its AX4S'll be throwing good money after bad.
  • Make sure you have electrical power going to transmission !First, check your fuses !
  • Transmission over heating is caused be "Excessive tow loads,improper fluid levels,incorrect engine idle or performance,restriction in cooler lines,dirty or stciking valves,seized converter one-way clutch" and that's just a few to mention ! A flush is a good ideal, but it might be to late for that ! Sorry , Good Luck !!!
  • Could be the Torque converter and/or input shift that goes into the converter !Usually the splines strip off the shaft or inside the converter it's self ! If this is the cause you are looking at a very large repair bill !!!
  • Sounds like a bad converter or input shaft, stripped splines ! Just something to look at !
  • The white smoke sounds like you have a blown head gasket !!!
  • Sounds like the torque converter and/or the torque converter shaft has stripped out ! You will need one or the other,Possible !!!
  • i have a 98windstar trans jumps in and out of gear driving 40-60 mph. engine revs up then clunks back into gear somedays it will do this all day and then it might not do it for 3-4 days// anyone out there have any clues?? it is code free/// thanks
  • maxjmaxj Posts: 1
    Did you find out what the problem was with your tranny? I have a 2001 that is doing the exact thing. It is driving me nuts. I sold the van to a guy and wound up buying it back because we cannot figure out the problem. Thanks
  • Just a guess from the info you gave us, Could be the Forward Clutch Piston Cracking, or the neutral safty switch ! If you replace the neutral safty switch it has to be adjusted correctly! GOOD LUCK
  • Sounds like the trans pump has went bad ! GOOD LUCK !!!
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