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Ford Windstar Electrical Problems



  • last thing that happened was fuse 16 blew. so i have a different fem and rem in it now, but these lights stay on, didn't do it before. the fem and rem fixied my other problems, and now this, dash lights stay on with key out and door closed, can walk away for hours, still on. all switches are off, the lights are on the dash and the heater controls. please help.
  • char2308char2308 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 ford windstar sel it runs great but we can't drive it because the back brakelights don't work my back signal lights won't work, my back doors won't open or unlock hand my full guage isn't working. Anyone with any suggestions.
  • flash40flash40 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    REM needs to be replaced

    I am experiencing the same exact problem with my 2003 ford windstar lx
  • flash40flash40 Posts: 2
    REM needs to be replaced
  • ogunjobiogunjobi Posts: 1
    I have Ford Windstar SEL 2000 which has refused to start after the battery had been changed. My car suddenly stopped while driving home from work,called a technician to service the alternator fuse but after so much trials,i had to tow the vehicle home.since then i've been unable to start the engine.Any useful hint on what step to take would be highly appreciated.


  • I had a very similar problem & it was resolved by a new Battery & a new alternator(both of which were non Ford [Purolator for the latter]). I have had no major problems since.(about 1.5 years now) I still have a bunch of gremlins but most can be resolved by replacing sensors & cleaning electrical contacts( sliding doors & door lock solenoids). Also have a dealer have a look @ the rear computer in R.R. fender. Some here abouts have said that this is a point of problems but I have found nothing with mine ('02 SEL). Hope this helps you and any others. Cheers Angela ;) :D :D
  • Listen for the fuel pump to start when you turn on your ignition without engaging the starter. You should hear a faint hum for about 1 second coming from the gas tank and as pressure comes up it will shut off. You must have a quiet atmosphere to hear it, some make more noise than others. If you need to listen for it again just shut off the ignition for a few seconds and turn it back on and listen carefully. You can do this several times if necessary. If you hear it, then fuel delivery should be OK.

    Next, check for ignition spark by removing one of the spark plug wires from a convenient plug and use a neon tester. Connect the tester and crank the engine, you should see the bulb flash very briefly for each power stroke for that cylinder. If it flashes you know your ignition driver and coil is working. If you get no spark replace the coil pack module, mine was about $75 from Autozone. If you are getting a spark, the only thing left is to check the injector activation.

    Have someone crank the engine for 8 seconds (no more that 10 sec or the starter can be damaged) while you take a whiff at the tail pipe. If you don't smell strong gas fumes during the first 8 sec crank, wait 30 seconds and crank it again for 8 seconds. If you don't smell anything you know the computer is not opening up the injectors and you will need to get a readout of your van's computer chip to see what's going on...CAUTION: If this gas ignites while you are checking for fumes you can be hurt, so be careful how you proceed with this check!

    If you have confirmed the fuel pump is working, spark is there and the injectors are activating you will need to obtain a readout from your van's computer to assist you in troubleshooting. Most engines that have been running OK and just stop usually do so because either the fuel delivery or the ignition spark has quit working.
  • qusayqusay Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Windstar SEL, after replacing the battery by non-FORD battery ( less voltage than the required ) the power sliding door and Radio & casset not working at all & remote keyless entry , I checked all the fuses and found intact please advise is it from computer it might need reprograming or ?
  • Not sure about the 2003, but the 2001 has 2 sets of fuses, one block of fuses under the hood on the driver's side and another block under the driver's side dash, did you check both sets?

    My radio and power windows are fed by a relay that allow them to be used for a few minutes after the ignition is shut off, perhaps there is problem with your relay, but that does not explain why your remote entry is not working.

    One thing I have on my 2001 is a fuse you can pull under the dash sort of in the middle of the fuse panel. This particular fuse can be disconnected without removing the cover via a small knob that when pulled, disconnects the fuse from its socket. This will kill the radio and the remote key entry receiver.

    This fuse is supposed to be pulled if you are going to be away for several weeks so your battery does not go dead. MAKE SURE this fuse is plugged back in all the way, perhaps somebody pulled it when replacing your battery and forgot to push it back in.

    Other than the above I don't know what else to tell you. Hope this helps.
  • qusayqusay Posts: 2
    thank you for your quick response, we have checked the fuses & relays & found them intact , I have read the owner guide book & it is mentioned that fuse # 6 if removed the following systems will not be functinal:Radio & power sliding door & keyless entry system, & when the pull fuse is reinstalled the radio & etc need to be reset,the question is :
    How can I make reset , is it programing.
  • hlkaplanhlkaplan Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Ford Windstar LX and my gauges only work half the time. Can anyone tell my why this would be happening?

    I have rebuilt my van and now this is happening.
  • haerohaero Posts: 1
    Hey, I have been having a look at an issue with my sisters van, a 2003 ford windstar, and narrowed it down to the FEM. the front passenger signal light non-functional, the FEM does not seem to want to alternate it on and off. Now that I have narrowed it down to that... I cannot afford to replace this part at the moment.. Does anyone know if it is possible to rig the front signal to run off the rear one, at least temporarily, or will that blow fuses or cause other issues.

    Thank you.
  • i have a seriouse problem when i get to a stop light my van starts having some thing like a asthma attack and the reves go up and down till she shuts off any ideas of what that is
  • The only thing I can think of is it may have a vacuum leak. My 1993 Mercury Sable did that same thing and I found a vacuum hose disconnected, YES it was my fault, I forgot to put it back on after I had changed the spark plugs and spark wires. After I reconnected it all was fine again. If you cannot find anything as obvious as that, take it to an auto parts store that has free computer code readouts and see what is happening. It's a place to start.
  • Wiremonster is correct. Also could be your intake manifold. My Check Engine light is always on(comes on after about 2 weeks after having codes cleared), & the code that comes up is "left bank lean.", as my star passed "Air Care" with no problems, I have ignored this problem as it is a small leak in the Intake manifold gasket & the cost to repair is prohibited & as it is running lean this means lest fuel. I had the same problem as firewolf1 but the replacement of the alt, reg & battery (all replaced by non Ford parts [Puralater]), I found that the Beast no longer stalls @ a stop sing etc. but still idles kind of rough.
    I also have both the brake warning lamps on & these also are being ignored as I have had system thoroughly checked out only to find that it is sensors @ fault & not the system. Door & window problems, first clean the door pillar contacts before tearing down the doors to replace solenoids etc.
  • i've checked the fuses inside the car and in the engine compartment and i didn't see any blown fuses. all this happened after i took apart the driver's door panel to fix the power window that wasn't going down. could there be a ground wire in there that might be causing the problem? or is it the rem? dang, i don't want to spend too much money on this van since it's a piece of junk but it's my only mode of transportation. help.
  • 1998 Ford Windstar , no break lights or shifter unlock. The break pedal switch is good , fuse 7 ( as well as all others both under hood and inside van ) are good. All relays I can find under hood and inside van check good . This Windstar was manufactured February / 1998 so it does not have the Rear Electronic Module in the jack storage panel . It has power in to dark green wire going to break pedal position switch and power out from the light green one. I have checked all grounds and wires I can find / trace and have found no breaks. All other lights and switches work as they should .I cant find a good print to locate all the related wiring and grounds . This one has me baffled . Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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