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Ford Windstar Electrical Problems



  • When you say the "rear and interior lights are not working", just which "rear" lights are you referring to? Brake lights, parking lights, or the light at the rear door? Do any of your power windows work now? One thing you might try is working the "instrument panel light dimmer/cabin lights on-off" control all the way up until it clicks so the interior lights are forced on, do they come on then? If not, the control module that operates these lights may have a problem and off hand I don't know if its the FEM or the REM that controls them.
  • i have no power to windows, radio,interior lights ,no power steering basically nothing electrical working but will start up though. help help
  • I purchased my 03 Ford Windstar about a month ago. Within a week it showed signs of what I now know is a bad FEM. The van was taken to Ford who did a diagnostic test and they did verify the problem was in the front electrical module. Ford no longer makes the front electrical module. They did locate a used FEM but how dependable can it be? Now that you can't buy a new one will I be replacing the used one often? The FEM is a very important part of this van without it the van is not drive-able.
  • They did have intake manifold problems I THINK there was a recall. Call a ford dealer and ask if any open recalls on your vehicle you will need to give them the VIN#
  • Thanks so much billy. I certainly will check that out. I am surprised that they didn't bring that up when I had the brakelight switch done. Cheers.
  • i have big electric problem i check all the fuse and relay
  • I've had this van for going on two years and had no problems till recently. Pretty obvious it's either in the fuel pump or security/electrical. Ran into a problem where fuel pump does not turn on when you turn on the key. It's done it twice now and the last time it took about 20 minutes for it to kick in and operate as though nothing had happened. Making me a little nervous of course since I was about 10 mi from home when it happened. Any ideas? I suspect an electrical or security system problem but checking out if anyone else has had this happen.

  • dnt2dnt2 Posts: 3

    2000 ford windstar cannot find where a two wire plug goes after removing the cowl. Looks like maybe for a hood switch it is a 2 wire violet with orange stripe wire and a black wire that ties into the wire bundle that goes to the wiper motor. Best that I can tell the van does not have a switch? 6-30-2000 build date. I just do not remember seeing this wire before and do not remember unplugging it from anything. Please let me know if a 6-30-2000 build date Ford Windstar would have the hood switch or not. There is not a underhood light on this van I believe the hood switch would be part of the security system maybe? Security system seems to work just fine.

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