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Ford Windstar Electrical Problems



  • Lack of good sleep!
    Sorry could not help it.

    Seriously, Are you in a colder region? Could temperature have something to do with it?

    Can't think of anything else. Maybe standby a wooden stake, silver bullets in your gun and some holy water.
  • My 02 windstar keeps killing batteries. A new battery will last about a month or so before it is dead. The alternator is new. A test light between the neg. post and the neg. wire shows a draw. Pulling fuses one at a time has no effect. The theft light blinks all night long running down the battery.
    Any ideas how to turn off the theft light?
  • ">I put in new alt. in 2000 windstar. Battery tested to 12.5 v rather than 13.25 v . Figured alt would charge it from there. Checked directionals, headlights upper and lower beams. All was OK. Gave to wife and after a few hrs running around town, she brings it to me and lights were dim, left blinker would not shut off, emergency flashers would't work, high beams wouldn't come on, lights won't shut off, tail lights and brake lights were out. After shutting engine off it would not turn over from dead battery.
    Would low battery voltage cause this and should I have new alternator checked since the dim head lights are a symptom of a bad alt.? none of these issues were present prior to new alternator.
  • okay this is my problem...I have a 2003 windstar, yesterday it ran just fine, nothing wrong, this morning my husband tries to go to work, he turns the key and all we get is this clatter noise, along with our emergency blinkers and our headlights flashing, so he wakes me I try to start it...the same thing happens after trying it several more times, I notice that before I completely turn the key I get this faint kind of woosh noise followed by a click, then the clatter noise (I describe it as a baseball card in a bicycle tire) changed to this loud clicking noise almost like that of a electric charge not connecting, this is accompanied again by the emergency blinkers going off and the headlights flashing even though the both of those are in the off posistion. Now it cant be the battery cause the electric windows work also the stereo and all the dash lights, all the lights and that such work...please help...we are supposed to leave to drive from here in southern california to Southern oregon today!!!
  • mine did the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago.change your battery and everything should be fine. thats how this van responds when your battery goes bad.
  • I have a 2000 Windstar and having the same issues of the brake/tail lights remain on after the vehicle is turned off. I have to pump the brake pedal several times to get them to turn off.

    What did u do to fix the problem? Thanks.
  • My interior lights kept coming on also and my technician had me spray WD40 on all door latches, one on each door and 2 on hatch. This cured the light problem.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Some WD-40 on your brake light switch (under the dash) connected to your brake pedal will fix this.
  • My 1998 Ford Winstar has all the same issues as everyone else's! Dinging dingers, dome lights staying on, transmission was rebuilt because of metal shavings, strut issues, you name it. The newest is......... The right blinker when turned on makes a sound as "zapping" noise as if shorting out AND whether it is related or not, the battery light comes on, lights dim, fan blower gets low. We charge the battery but it just does it again. When you rev the engine the light will go off but then comes back on. Any ideas?????
  • jjsbgjjsbg Posts: 3
    we ended up replacing the battery and that did not resolve the problem. Then Ford dealership decided that there was a Di-ode?? in the alternator that was bad, so they replaced the alternator. Thank goodness for warranties, but the warranty did not cover the 12 hours in diagnostics that it took to find this elusive di-ode. But, for now, the car is starting without a problem. The inside lights and right sliding door are still having a will of their own, but we will try the WD-40 that one other poster mentioned here. Never again will we buy a Ford. This has been a nightmare.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    12 hours of diagnostics to find a bad alternator??? I'd be a lot more angry at the incompetent service department than at Ford on that one.
  • After I posted the original message, we drove home and the car died. We bought a new battery and that was enough to get us home. We will now try a new alternator. This will be the 3rd new alternator in 5 years. I still don't know what the zapping sound is when you turn on the right blinker??? Any ideas on that one? Maybe a short somewhere? Hubby does not seem to think so??
  • stapestape Posts: 1
    My door open light stays on and beeps at low speed. I need to find where the door ajar switch is located. Is in the door or under the dashboard? It seems to be just the driver side door. It is on a 1995 Ford Windstar van.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Go back to post #1 on this forum...door ajar light problems started this off.

    We fixed this issue on tailgate and other doors by spraying lubricant in the proper places.
  • I forgot to mention about the lights. If you drive just over 20 to 30 kph the dome light goes off. The ringing also stops. But when you slow back down to 20 or 30 kph the
    'ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding Mother of Mercy shoot that damn noise already'
    comes back on. It may go away after awhile but that again is like a lottery. My luck has never been good with this vehicle however there are times like in extremely cold weather and bad roads where it helps me out of bad sticky situations. I guess it is one of the reasons why it stays with me.
    Doy you know what generates the ding sound? I would like to disconnect it so it stops for good. :cry:
  • Is your so suspected alternator problem still there? I had a similar issue and it was related to the ignition switch. I actually thought it was the starter or alternator too. There is a white block under the dash which when finally pulled out showed signs of a little burn or sorting. This can intermittently cause the same problem till it burns out completely. The mechanic I finally took it too traced the wiring diagram to this and when he replaced it I did not have any more issues with that particular issue.
  • Anybody with any ideas on these problems?. 2002 Windstar Sport, it has two driving lights in the front bumper, which come on with the headlights (no separate switch). They've suddenly started to come on by themselves after the vehicle is switched off, but also switch off too!. Secondly the radio/CD stopped working, together with the lights for the power windows, mirrors on the control pads and the windows and mirrors too. Occasionally these devices will start to work, but not for long. Also the door light for the sliding driver side door suddenly starts flashing and then stops!. All the while the van is driving well, headlights, dash and console lights all work as does the odometer, tach, gauges and power locks. Perhaps it's a Poltergeist!
  • Battery is losing juice. New Alternator confirmed as charging. Just had plugs replaced and my fear is the mechanic screwed something up. The lights go dim as Van is running but idle pace changes and lights brighten as engine guns a little.
    The Battery light came on, the brake light came on, and the ABS light all came on at the same time and there were three beeps. Am I doomed? It was running fine when I had the plugs changed and now this, but I don't trust the mechanic anymore. He wanted $400 to replace a $35.00 line. Help!
  • Can anybody HELP I have read alot of the problems everyone is having and I have most of them .lets start at the begining- have rebuilt tranny -new speed sensor- new transmition range sensor(neutral start) - small problems are, flashing OD light intermittant door chimes ding ding ding-- :mad: big problem Hard shift out of first bucking like a horse in second/third of you drive faster it settles down and almost drives normal. Im about to drive it off a cliff. Has anyone had this problem and had it fixed? Im thinking electrical something. computer(PCM)? mabye. :confuse:
  • hy my ford windstar 1996 the cruise control no work i check all cable and fuses please hlp me :cry: por favor y gracias
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