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Ford Windstar Electrical Problems



  • If your battery tests good then the next step I would take is to replace the ignition switch. When this part goes bad it can make your car do strange things. Its not an expensive part and it doesnt take a high skill level to replace. I would pick up a shop manual and replacement part from a local auto parts store. hope this helps..
  • fixeddailyfixeddaily Posts: 11
    Hello. I have a 2002 Windstar SEL. The power window switch doesn't work on the driver side. When you push the button and hold it down, you can hear a click after about a second. Does this sound like a switch problem or perhaps a problem with the motor itself? Also, the power door lock doesn't lock the driver door. Any ideas on how to fix these problems? Thanks.
  • tluvisontluvison Posts: 1
    I have a kit to hook-up lights for towing a U-Haul. Where can I find the wiring inside the vehicle to connect to? It didn't come with the towing package, but there should be wires somewhere in the back (in a panel, etc.), to connect to. Please advise.

    Thanks - Tom
  • elbaxtodelbaxtod Posts: 1
    all of the front electrical items have quit working a/c blower radio power window contols turn signals and heaadlights but all rear light and a/c work
  • fordsuxfordsux Posts: 8
    Just recently i started having problems with my van. Bare with me i am a 25 yr old female and by far not even close to being a mechanic. However a friend told me about this site so ill give it a shot. First thing that started was the lights inside would not turn off when it would be parked and locked up. I have to occasionally unhook battery so it wont drain over night! called ford and they said they never heard of that happening! Then the other day i tried to lock door to go into store and when i pressed the lock button the lock would pop down and then right back up! Only happened 1 time thank god. But now my van will just die out of no where while driving down the road or at a red light. Had the fuel pump and filter changed. Still happening... Does anyone know what the heck it is!? I refuse to pay a mechanic 100 dollars an hr to fix a problem that i am hoping someone else had and found how to fix. Thanks to anyone still reading!
  • fordsuxfordsux Posts: 8
    or (Ford) Found on Road Dead!
  • captblycaptbly Posts: 2
    Have the Alternater looked at. Our van had done this, we thought at 1st it was the battery, had that replaced, then the car became worse, had Alternater replaced and it was cured. You called the company??? and they haven't heard of this. then who ever you talked to has his head in the ground. if you read this site you can see how many have problems and Ford ignores it. God knows they can't have a recall now.
    my van left me on the side of the road 12am with no head lights and no street lights. We were almost hit in the back by anouther car that couldn't see us because we had no lights. Ask them to Check the Alternater 1st before replaceing it.
    Good Luck
  • tkelly1740tkelly1740 Posts: 9
    check fuse # 16- I copied and pasted a repair that I already posted on here
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    Headlights and Blower motor stay on when the car is off by tkelly1740
    Aug 09, 2008 (6:50 am)
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    I finally got this fixed. There is a technical service bulletin on this from Ford and here is the fix. Fuse # 16 is blown therefore the ignition off signal is not being sent to the front end module. Pin # 11 (Windstar wiring diagram) on wiring harness C-239 is shorted. The diagram will show you where the wire goes to a front harness on the fuse box from the back of the instrument cluster. I simply cut the wire at both ends and ran a new wire. I have a 1999 Windstar- hope this helps. I spent 2 weekends looking for this and finally figured it out- cost nothing to fix and only took about 30 minutes. It did take me about 3 hours to put the car back together though.
  • fordsuxfordsux Posts: 8
    THANK You for your help. This is information i can pass on to My dad that is able to fix the problem if he just knows what it is. I will have alternater checked first and check a few fuses.,. I cant bieleve how many people are having problems with their van! Ford should do something before someone burns that place/places down.
  • fordsuxfordsux Posts: 8
    i am having the same problem with my 98 windstar. I have no idea why, But recently my dome lights and all other interior lights stay on while the car if off and locked up. I have to unhook battery so it wont drain overnight! Some guy told me that alternator could be the broblem. However it has to be in the door latches. Maybe even the hatch. My door open lights wont go off now and its so frusterating. So Im going to start by replacing door latches 1 at a time. Only thing that seems to be the problem with the lights as one guy said. Something to do with it the door latch doesnt catch fully then the sensor doesnt sense it. ? im not a mechanic but sounds pretty legit to me. Good luck and please let me know if you figure n e thing out.
  • fordsuxfordsux Posts: 8
    wow! That must be why when i bought the van the seat wires were cut and you cant move it up or down. hmmm someone knew about this and still sold me a lemon! Im pisses!
  • van7188van7188 Posts: 8
    was just lookin thru archive and found this. im sure you had it fixed bt now but if not its a master cylinder leak that is shorting out your wire harness below.
  • van7188van7188 Posts: 8
    Well the interior light problem is very common. Your ford dealer lied. Imagine that!One of your door latches isn't working properly. On my 2000 windstar its the passanger sliding doors rear latch. you have to spray a lot of WD40 (or other penetrating spray lube) into each door (including the two hatch door locks, Left & Right sides and 2 latches on each sliding door) lock, then open and close each door just after its sprayed several times. After the sticking latch is loose and the lights go off you need to spray white lithium grease in to each latch to keep it lubed. But dont be fooled it will stick again! I have to redo mine every few months or so depending on weather exposure etc.
  • fordsuxfordsux Posts: 8
    thank you! I will do that... You sound like you figured it out and im very happy! Ford wanted 100 dollars an hr to figure out what it could be. Geez do they know this sire exsists and that we help each other stop investing into ford ;)
  • cardavcardav Posts: 3
    Just recently purchased used 2002 windstar SES. The rear speakers dont work on the radio or cd mode. The Ford entertainment system t.v. / VCR screen doesnt come on and no sound but the VCR plays the tape. Any idea's. Also the A/C really works good in front but not cold in rear. Fan blows good and heat works.
  • sieglindesieglinde Posts: 1
    My 2000 Ford Windstar's passenger side wheel hit a curb and damaged the wheel bearing. I had the bearing replace. But now on occassion the amber ABS and red brake warning lights light up simultaneously on my instrument panel. They light randomly, but always simultaneously regardless of driving condition. This problem did NOT exist prior to replacing the wheel bearing.
    The brake fluid reservoir is full, and the brakes seem to operate just fine. I cleaned the electrical contacts on the brake fluid level sensor and pressure sensor. I even disconnected the negative battery cable for several minutes to clear the brake computer and that didn't resolve the issue either.
    I then removed the front passenger wheel. I inspected the large wheel bearing nut to ensure it was tight. I also inspected the ring to ensure it was free of damage and that it had all its teeth. Finally the sensor wire seemed in good condition.
    What could possibly cause this problem? Could I possibly have damaged the front passenger wheel sensor when I hit the curb? Any ideas??? Thanks.
  • oyokidude1oyokidude1 Posts: 20
    The problem with your car has nothing to do with hitting the curb. On these windstar's there was a problem with the ABS module. They were made defective. Over time they warp and become problematic. There is a whole website dedicated to this ( Anyways when you buy the replacement part make sure its BRAND NEW not used otherwise it will continue to have problems. And make sure you buy the correct year because they vary. Good Luck
  • oyokidude1oyokidude1 Posts: 20
    The rough idle is do to the IAC valve it is dirty or not working properly. This website shows you have to clean it.
  • oyokidude1oyokidude1 Posts: 20
    :cry: I can't figure out a mystery problem with my 2001 Windstar SEL. The car says the passenger door is ajar when it isn't i have played with the door ajar switch and determined it wasn't the cause. However when i yank on the wires (in insulated ribbed rubber type thing in between the door and dash). The car gets mixed signals (ajar not ajar). Also under 65 degrees the car will function normally. I am not sure if this has to do with the expansion and contraction of the wires. Any idea of how much it would cost to repair this gremlin electrical problem? I mean it has to do with like whether or not the door is open and the wires are stretched out. (THIS IS NOT THE SLIDING DOOR this is the passenger front door)

  • Electrical, electrical....ELECTRICAL! Shortly after buying this windstar the issues started.First it was the back windows sometimes not opening, or one would and the other not.Then they'd up and switch which one would or would not open.Then my front door locks quit working properly or not at all.And you can forget about the alarm system!What a joke! :cry: I replaced all the fuses finally last summer and that still didn't help.The dealership said they can look at it but it will be $75 p/hr with no garuantee on how long it would take just to locate the issue.Now my brakes are locking up and they squeal horribly.Yes, I've done to required maint and had them changed etc and gone back to dealer but they just changed the cylinders on the back wheels??After reading several other owner's with similar issues how can there not be a recall for electricl issues??Has anyone figured out what is goingon with this model?We even had to replace the transmission 1 year after we bought it.Hind sight definately makes this model smell :lemon: I may be a female but far from stupid so I won't be purchasing a Windstar again. :sick:
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