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Ford Windstar Warning Lights/Codes



  • Sorry for confusion. I mean to say Red parking light on the Dashboard which comes ON when we PULL handbrake .
  • mel007mel007 Posts: 1
    Codes P1537 & P1538 came up on my 1998 3.8 Windstar. Advance told me the codes mean that one or both of the Input Manifold Runner Controls might be stuck. Sure enough, one was bad. I replaced both and verified that they both work. But the P1537/P1538 codes have popped up again. Also, the engine idles rough after having run hard for a while.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • yqgyqg Posts: 1
    The warning light that indicates that an exterior bulb has burned out is on but all the lights appear to be working fine.

    Anyone any ideas on what else we could check? :confuse:

  • fausto_gfausto_g Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 windstar LX. I have been having problems with my (HAND BRAKE) and (ABS) lights coming on in my dash at the same time always. These warning lights come just 15 or so seconds after I start it up and sometimes more than that (5 minutes) . The hand brake works fine actually when those two lights are off yet and I use the manual brake "HAND BRAKE" light comes on; and the brake work fine too, What could be the issue?
  • if anyone has the ohms value for the egr pressure sensor please let me know asap its a 02 windstar :mad:
  • I had a similar situation and it was corrected by adding brake fluid.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    You may be leaking brake fluid from the master cylinder. This is a common problem, it will also affect your speed control and other systems. Check the sensor on the bottom of your master cylinder. If it is wet, you have found your first problem. If not, you may have a bad ABS ($1K plus to replace).

    Good Luck
  • fausto_gfausto_g Posts: 2
    Yesterday I check brake fluid level and it is ok (this is one of the root causes according several comments.....) and today in the morning I drove to my job (around 12 miles) and both lights never came on , this has never happened lights ussually come on after 1.5 miles aprox, is there some connector at the brake fluid tank that I could have touch and it was missconnected before?

    Before today I thought this issue may has to do with some part of brakes getting hot, these warning lights come on just 15 seconds or so after I start it up -- if the car was used recently -- ; or after 7 or 8 minutes after I start it up by first time in the morning when car is completely cold.
  • tauroreytaurorey Posts: 1
    The engine oil on my Windstar 2000 is changed but the warning light remains on. How can I reset that warning?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    You must reset this using the computer on the dash. The details are covered in your owner's manual.

    It is not difficult.
  • mrb43mrb43 Posts: 2
    Ford Windstar, 1996: I pulled the code with my OBD II code reader and it says that camshaft sensor "A" in "Bank 1" is malfunctioning. I take it that there are more than one sensor since my OBD II manual lists another code number that refers to sensor "B" in "Bank 1 or 2", I can't remember exactly. Anyway, what has to be replaced and what do I ask for at the parts house?
  • mrb43mrb43 Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 Windstar and I also purchased a code book that is really informitive! It is my understanding that there is no cycle for the check engine light. I also bought a Chiltons auto manual for that year and model. That also was very good. I had a problem with my camshaft sensor. I followed the tech information and the light went out. If you go to an Auto Zone or some other auto supply that will pull the codes for free, it will be in the manual of codes and then you go to the repair manual and you should be home free. Lots of luck.
  • My engine light is on but everything seems to be ok.
    My tire light is on, does that mean that I have a low tire. I pressed the tire reset button but it stays on.
    The light is on that looks like the emblem at the left side of my headlight switch. What is it?
  • I have a 1999 Windstar and am getting these lights on very often. I took it into my local ford dealer where they ran the diagnostic and he told me there was a wrong code entered. So they disabled the code but these lights are even more annoying that before. It doesn't happen every day and it doesn't even depend on the mileage,
    Has anyone got any ideas ?? :confuse:
  • My check engine light is still on. Have replaced all 4 O2 sensors and intake manifold gaskets. Engine runs fine, good gas mileage. Does replacing the MAF, IAT sensors and possibly the fuel pressure regulator solve these problems? Vehicle has 123,000 miles. dane alley
  • I have a 2002 windstar and it is idling rough but runs fine. The emmission warning light has now come on. What are the possible causes for this problem?
    Any help would be grateful
  • A warning light has come on on my dash board. It looks like a water pump and is located over the temp gauge. Does that mean my water pump is going bad or is it not the pump at all? Please help!
  • kjl01kjl01 Posts: 1
    We have a Windstar that has numerous error codes on it. We don't know what they all are but we do know that we have lights on all over the dash. The check engine light, the ABS light, the brake light emergency brake light. We were told by the dealer that there was 18 error codes. Of course they wouldn't tell us what they were unless we paid them. We also drive down the road and the inside lights blink. Also, the engine idle bucks and pulsates and lights dim in and out. Hopefully we can get rid of this van soon. Sooooo many problems and horrible gas mileage, 13 to 1 4 at best.
  • 1999 Ford Windstar SE, 3.8l engine. I know there had been some discussion on here about this same thing, but i am wondering if these codes might be inter related. codes are P0171 (too lean bank 1) P0174 (too lean bank 2) P0301 ( miss fire cylinder #1) and P0304 (miss fire #4). I have changed the coil pack, plugs and wires and the miss fire problem still exists for the miss fire (i have been told that si the problem and fix). I have been told the too lean problem is due to the O2 Sensors. there is 101277 miles on the engine. Now, the engine idles rough, and with overdrive on and cruising at 70 MPH on the highway and 2100 RPMs, the engine shakes real bad. When i turn the OD off, the RPMs go up to about 3000 RPM, and the engine smooths out. When i pull the spark plug on #1, it is dirty and wet with oil. Now for the question, do i need to try to change the coil pack pulgs wires, and O2 sensors, ro do i need to just take it in for a tune up and have the timing checked?
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