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Ford Windstar Alternator and Battery Problems

selooseloo Posts: 606
Has anyone changed these items?

Do you have a link detailing the process?

Do you have any other helpful hints to successfully accomplish this task?



  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Do you have a link detailing the process? gives free access to repair manuals, you might check there.

    I successfully replaced our alternator by giving a mechanic about $325. :) ;)
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Good response!

    A new alternator is about $180,a new belt is around $20.

    $125 for labor is not bad, but I like a challenge.

    Anyone else have any good tips?
  • aceladyacelady Posts: 10
    My alternator died on the way home from work and left me stranded on the roadside.

    The final bill, including the tow, was over $300.00.

    It sucks to not be mechanically gifted! Wish I could have done it myself.

    I know the mechanic said that the alternator alone was almost $200.00, the tow was about $50.00 and the labor around $60.00.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Well, it may not be the alternator or battery, both tested good at Advanced Auto last night.

    Maybe something is draining the battery? Has anyone has this problem?

    Or maybe that can of WD-40 I sprayed (yesterday) into the inter workings of my alternator fixed the voltage output problem found during the Autozone test on Monday? Or maybe not!
  • I just finished replacing the battery about a month ago in my 2003 Windstar. The battery light had been coming on but the battery was strong. Now the light is coming on with the new battery in it. I thought about the alternator but this seems weird since the van only has 32000 miles on it. I will be having a mechanic look at it next week. Has anyone had this problem? I also have noticed that at times the abs,brake parking and battery lights come on when I'm driving. Also the inside lights come on at odd times when I'm driving.
  • I have the exact same problem with my Windstar. I also had my altenator checked and replaced my battery. Do you have any idea what is causing this? Any information would be great.
  • Still haven't gotten to the mechanic. The van is running fine except for the darn battery light coming on most of the time. My friend said he thinks it's programmed to do this so you'll take it in to the ford dealer and be charged big bucks. I'm not convinced of his theory although I wouldn't be surprised. Did you have the alternator checked out and if so what did it show?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Go to Auto Zone and have your battery and alternator tested for free!
  • Hi everyone! This is the first time on the site for me and i've read most of the comments but not sure if anyone has had my experience. Here goes-- I have owned my vehicle for almost 5 years actually I have 2 pmts left and the only problem so far where the transmission replacement and the open door light staying on. I've had it pretty good considering what the rest of you have been going through. Recently though I have MAJOR issues!!! In February, I had driven my car all day with no problems and when I was on my way home, I noticed my ABS light on seconds before the stereo shut off and the lights (head and dash)dimmed and shut off, my interior lights and flashers came on and the car stalled within seconds of me getting off the road. All of this happened at the same time and in a total of about one minute. My husband installed a new alternator and the van ran fine until this Mon.(Apr.9) and we had a repeat. The car jumped fine, I got back home, put the overnight battery charger on, took the car in to check the battery and ended up replacing it. Thinking that is all fixed. I drove it today, I made it 5 miles on a brand new battery and the vehicle shut off again and the battery was completely drained. Charged it for 3 hours, made it four miles and stalled. Jumped it, drove one mile home and it stalled again. The first two times it happened the ignition justed clicked when I tried starting it, the third time it did nothing. Does anyone know what the heck is going on?? I have called Ford and been told it is probably a short but they have never heard of it happening before.
  • umwijayaumwijaya Posts: 4
    Go to the forum sedan, ford Taurus, alternator, I just read and the guys said .. the problem is mega fuse located on the compatrment engine fuse box and cost him only $5...good luck... i had the similiar problem but on my mPV MAzda 2001... nontheless MPV MAzda is using FORD Engine :surprise: ...

    TJ wija
  • emuagdemuagd Posts: 1
    My 2003 Windstar is doing the same exact thing right now. We just replaced the alternator and battery too. I was wondering with your van, what ended up being the problem?
  • Hi, I just read all the msgs regarding the Windstar. Wish I knew all this before I bought my "great deal". I am having an issue with a 2000 Windstar, which seems similar and just looking for advice before I replace the alternator, battery or fuse. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  • umwijayaumwijaya Posts: 4
    I brought my Mazda MPV Van to the dealer. They checked it up for almost one hour and told me that they need additional hours to check up the wiring system and asked if i am willing to come back next week. I told them i am an electrician mechanic, i had checked up all the wiring system and found nothing wrong. My assumtiong is the computer data system that need to be address. I decided not to go back with them and do nothing with warning light. MY alternator is working. the only problem is the light only. So i didnt bother to go back with them. Today, most dealership just looking for opportunity to make money.

  • Ok, thanks for the info. I replaced the battery today and seems ok right now the alternator tested out OK. Thanks again.
  • gcasegcase Posts: 1
    I also own a 2003 windstar iam experenceing the same problem except when i removed the key my head lights came on tried to get them to go out they started flashing. did you ever find out what was causing your problem what was the out come
  • I found that the wiper motor had water inside the electrical connection. If you need to take out the wiper motor get the manual (Haynes) for the steps. But, to make a long story short, take out the cover (plastic and metal) then the motor is accessible. So, after I replaced the motor I added silicon to the cover of the motor and the shroud to avoid water getting in again. Best of luck.
  • I just bought a used 2001 Ford Windstar Limited with 74K on it. The exact same thing is happening. I am going to AutoZone today to have the battery and alternator checked. I am wondering what will be next. I read the posts on the megafuse and the wiper motor and will check them as well. Why is there so much trouble trying to get a straight answer from Ford? Have you gotten a remedy of your situation yet? If so, what did you finally do to fix it?
  • Front or Rear wiper motor?
  • See my previous post #18 for the remedy to my situation. You might be able to tell if the FRONT wiper motor is bad just from physical inspection. The outside was rusting a little and had paint chipping off. The plastic shroud or cover that goes across the front has holes in it for water to pass through, well one of the holes was right above the wiper motor...nice hey? Silicone to fix that.

    The answer from Ford was this was a recall back in 2000 I think, this site will have that info too. But, the recall is only good once or 10k miles. BS. Good luck.
  • mfacdgba33mfacdgba33 Posts: 19
    Replaceing both of these is not really that hard. Almost anyone can do it if you really wanted to. I am a certified mech in TN and if anyone told me or anyone i knew that it would cost me 57.64 for a alternator than i would smack him in his left nostril. If you want to try to do this yourself you can go to auto zone and they will give you a print out for the step by step process on replaceing it. A few socket wrenchs and a metal bar to apply pressure to add tension to the belt and bingo your done. It should only take you about 30 minutes to do if you dont run into any more issue while doing it.
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