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Ford Windstar Alternator and Battery Problems



  • Most of you may not remember the days before there were Check Engine Light or Side Door Ajar & ABS and so on. We had to actually install the gauges ourselves to check (Battery DC) & (Oil Pressure) & (RPM). That was limited then and those are still available today. When we had a light come on... we called them idiot lights. Think about it. Corporate car makers did and they ran with that. What is really worse is now we have computers running the cars we buy. Computers have to be programmed. Guess who does that? Corporate car makers? Well I think your getting my meaning. In one of your reviews someone wrote I asked the dealership? Remember the recalls reworks until date X? Today, as we approach peak oil usage worldwide and the new cars running on fuel other than oil lets remember one thing... A good mechanic can use a volt-meter to diagnose almost any electrical problem. Just as we could install those gauges... we can bypass and hardwire almost every system in any earth vehicle. We can disconnect the idiot light (properly named then and now) and so long as it has no immediate poor affect on the system or no further problems occur we call ourselves geniuses. Our problems today is that we have very few trained mechanics who's training doesn't come from Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, GM, and so on. Cross the pond or the Pacific and what do we find? I can tell you none of the aforementioned names have control of those much more dependable car makers. So if you chose to buy American made cars trucks vans and what have you. Find and or learn to use a good mechanic trained by his grandfather first or take yourself a course in electronics paying very close attention to using a volt-meter and other meters that may be offered or ask our leaders to construct pollution less public transportation. In the very very near future the combustion engine will forever live in collections of the wealthy and the Smithsonian museum. Let the Earth and her oil reserves return to their natural state deep in the planet. By the way, I am not a mechanic but I can operate a volt-meter and I can repair a torn piece of wire and I can change a battery. I hope one day soon thats all that will be required..... Good luck.

  • One final thought or insight... The amount of money you spend to replace a part doesn't mean a replacement part will fix your problem, a good rule of thumb is where ever the part is made and the price you pay to purchase it is almost always about quality and yes it too has it's pros and cons because humans assemble the parts and if the part is computer made humans programmed the computers it can be 50-50 no mater how much you spend, myself I prefer replacement parts that are built better than the original parts and generally that means more money. If you think in terms of for example: FOOD... would you buy tacos from China or from the country who is best known for quality. For me I prefer to make my own but that's food... not an alternator, battery, light bulb, or LOL a tail light assembly. I hope this helps you the next time you give up and sell off your Ford Windstar because you replaced everything and it didn't fix it, and the next owner replaced what his volt-meter told him was faulting and is still driving it today. FYI I do not own or have a Ford Wind-star I was just reading reviews cause I need a small van and found one on a Craigs list. I guess I am the idiot and I added this to the already long list of reviews. In the days of ole buying American was the only way, then came corporate America, now we must wait for the next Einstein and Hawkins to discover a way out of the oil mess without disrupting the big oil companies profits and certain future death.

  • Ok here we go guys. I had the same problems I'm reading about. Took the starter off and had tested, said it was good. Went to autozone, alternator tested good. New battery lasted few days maybe week and was drained. wouldn't start, but once jumped ran good. Finally took off the positive cable, put meter on positive cable and other meter end on positive post. Reading was jumping between 9.5 to 10.2. Started pulling fuses under steering wheel. About the 7th fuse I pulled made the meter sit right at 10.15. fuse was in position 22, which says is the LH and RH heated mirrors. I don't think my mirrors are even heated. Left the fuse out and van is starting every time. Only been a day, so I'll let you know if this was the permanent fix.

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