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Volkswagen Jetta Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • I appreciate your reply, but I'm really looking for helpful comments here, not condescending ones. According to the experts at Apple, "The iPod is an MP3 player and so is your stereo. If you want to connect the iPod to the stereo, you need a USB port or a 3.5MM aux jack on the stereo." Therefore, if anyone has any more information on how to do this, I would appreciate it.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Your contention that there are "experts" at Apple is itself questionable. As you have learned - the SALES people will say almost anything to get you to spend your money. Beleive me, an iPod DOES NOT store nor play MP3 files. (no matter what they say) And your stereo dosent giva a crap what the "source" of the music is. So a stereo is NEVER a 'player' of MP3 files.

    Now on to your original question:

    If the owners manual for your car audio system does not mention the ability to play/control a music device, then it most likely does not have that ability built-into it.

    If your current car radio does NOT have this built-into it... There are several "options" for folks that wish to listen to the music from their iPods on a VW.

    In order of cost; (also better fidelity as you move up)
    1) FM transmitter.
    2) Basic "cut in" to the antenna wire.
    3) Possible conneciton (replacement) to the trunk-mounted CD player/music-stroage device.

    The #3 above has the ability to CONTROL an iPod which can be hidden away in the glovebox. You would have access to the playists and some other features of the iPod right from the radio controls. (The radio "thinks" it is controling a trunk-mounted CD player)

    Here is how I would approach it.
    1) Go back to that salesman and insist that they show you how to use the "bill of goods" they sold you.
    2) Read your cars owners manual from cover-to-cover at least twice. (There are features that you dont even know about!!)
    3) Spend some time in a "Best Buy" or "Circuit City" in the car-audio section. They are TRAINED to sell you somthing that works. (and install it too)
    ...but beware - in the end they are SALES people and I often catch them trying to give me a line of crap. Given I am trained in electronics and computers - I can tell when they are feeding me BS. (Apparently, you may not fare as well)
  • Hello. I also have a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta and use my iPod with my car. I also happen to be a Volkswagen Sales Consultant. in order to plug your iPod into your car you have two options. Your first is to buy a cheep 1/8" stereo plug and it will plug into the jack inside the glovebox. Your other option is to go to your local dealer and have them put the iPod adapter in. The iPod adapter will not only let you control your iPod from the stereo but also charge it. Hope this helps.
  • Yep - you guessed it - the radio antenna on my 1992 Jetta took it on the chin going through the car wash. Before I rush to replace it, though, I want to ask the forum experts a few questions - I want to make an informed decision about replacing the antenna. 1] Can I just get away with buying a replacement antenna without having to also replace the cable and the fender mounting and all the parts? If yes, how do I do that? 2] Can I get an antenna that I can actually remove (no, not retract, I mean remove) before going thru the car wash. 3] If your answer is no, can I get a short little antenna that's not as susceptible to the fury of the car-wash? Now, if you all can email me, that would be great, as I'd
    to get some sort of response pretty quickly. Thank you.
  • When I turn on the car, evertything lights up and works except the radio. I had a completely dead battery, had a new installed a couple months ago and there were no problems. Recently, the temps got super cold here and my battery completely died. I had the car jumped and they accidently crossed the hookups. I checked the #42 fuse and it was blown out with some white residue around it. I put a new fuse in and it still not working. What other fuses should I check besides the drivers side fuse box? This is not the SAFE issue since the radio doesn't turn on at all. The security light does not even blink. Any suggestions?
  • Not sure if this a problem but sometimes when I start my car, my XM radio starts up with the "PREVIEW" channel, which is channel #1 instead of the last station I left it on. It doesn't always do this so I'm not sure what causes this behaviour. I haven't really tracked whether it only happens overnight or short trips. I'm wondering if anyone out has the same issue. It has exhibited this behaviour from day one and the radio memory was updated once while it was in for service. I will ask about it at next service but sometimes the dealers seem clueless when you ask them about what is and isn't normal.
  • "Can anyone solved my XM radio problem? XM is playing and I turn off motor and leave car. On return when I start car the radio display says "NO SAT RADIO". After several minutes I can get the XM to work. Dealer has swaped out the XM modul in trunk. Any thoughts?"

    I have never experianced that issue but occasionaly when I start my car, it reverts back to the preview channel. Not sure if we have the same radio but I have a 2005 2.5 "NEW" Jetta radio without NAV.
  • Hi! I was shocked to find someone else who is having the same problem as I am. I replaced all the fuses that were blown after I had to jump start my car ( exactly the same situation ) and now the radio is still dead. I can't get it to turn on at all however the rest of the cars electrical system seems to be functioning perfectly. If I figure it out I will let you know. Do you have a 200W Monsoon Amp as part of your OEM Audio system? I do and I was wondering if maybe the Amp has a seperate fuse that may be blown and is causing the problem. :confuse:
  • mdl70mdl70 Posts: 3
    Beleive me, an iPod DOES NOT store nor play MP3 files. (no matter what they say)

    What are you talking about? Obviously you have never looked at the tech specs for them -- let alone use one. So all the MP3 files....yes, MP3....I have on my current iPod aren't there? They don't exist? I'm not talking about what I've purchased from iTunes. These are the MP3s I've ripped from ~100 CDs.

    Given I am trained in electronics and computers - I can tell when they are feeding me BS. (Apparently, you may not fare as well)

    Apparently you are not trained in all electronics. Please do some research.

    FYI, here's what the iPod does play:

    AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV
  • Thanks for clearing that up for us ;)

    BTW WRT my Jetta Stereo... It was just a fuse in the dash behind the deck. The dealership just pulled the deck out of the dash and replaced the fuse for me today. No charge! :blush: Thank you Hammer Lane VW, Stockton, CA... I will not take my car anywhere else, and that is a promise. You Rock!!! :D
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Please try to be more receptive of technical truths.

    Your files are NOT "mp3" format when stored in the Ipod unit. Interanlly to the Ipod unit, all files are stored as Apple propriatory files. The Ipod software converts them all before storage into the unit. (HINT: The instructions say you must not just copy files to the unit... only use special software to "synchronize" your music to the unit.)

    It is also unkind (and closed-minded) of you to question over 25 years of circuit design and software development. Believe me, I KNOW how binary files are stored, retrieved and processed. I have to think in binary every day I go to work.

    If you TRULY care to learn, here is a website which describes what MP3 means.

    I guess if you want to call an iPod an "MP3 Player" ... that is OK.... but PLEASE dont question the technical folks that actually know how it is designed and behaves internally. We will go on and continue to design technical marvels for the masses irreguardless if you have no clue how they really work.

    While you are trying to teach us about technoligies - Would you care to describe to us the differences between flatpanel display technologies? I would love to hear you describe the difference between;
    *)Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
    *)Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • As my daughter would say:


    You are as mistaken as you can be! Talk about being "receptive of technical truths"! I can show you all the music files on my iPod (even though Apple does put them in a hidden folder; is that what's confusing you possibly?); they are most definitely MP3 files, pure and simple.

    Are you possibly confused by the fact that iTunes installs itself with the default conversion preference set to Apple's proprietary 'AAC' format? That's all I can imagine... My preferences are set to encode 192kbps VBR MP3s, just as anyone else can do as well, and that is *exactly* what it does.

    With all due respect, and I am in no way questioning your knowledge or abilities in any other area, but you are most definitely misinformed (or, dare I say it, closed-minded?) about iPods and how many different formats in which they can store files. And pardon me, but describing "what MP3 means" really doesn't have a thing to do with whether or not an iPod can store files in that format, does it? You may be an expert in circuit design and software development, with an impressive ability to "think in binary every day", but that does not automatically bestow upon you an innate understanding of the iPod!!

    I'm sorry, but I've never heard a more outrageous claim about iPods, though I've heard lots of stories… Do yourself a favor, bpeebles, and call an Apple repair shop and ask a tech, and they'll set you straight.

  • mdl70mdl70 Posts: 3
    The software does not convert the files at all. The files remain in the same format when copied to the iPod. Please, please provide me with a source for your claim. This might be an interesting read for you:

    iTunes is not needed (thereby voiding your conversion claim) and the unit plays MP3 files just fine.

    Your 25 years of circuit design and software development were never in question -- Simply your knowledge of iPods.

    What do different display technologies have to do with the discussion at hand? Shall I ask you to describe A man-in-the-middle attack, Cross-site-scripting, or a buffer overflow? No, because it's irrelevant.

    The only thing I can think of that comes remotely close to accurate in regards to your iPod knowledge is how it handles songs purchased from the iTunes store. YES, those are protected and proprietary and NO, they are not MP3s. I never disputed that as everyone is well aware of that fact. The files you rip from your own CDs or Podcasts downloaded from the web remain in MP3 format (or WAV or AAC, or whichever other audio format you choose to encode with that the iPod recognizes).
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I stand corrected. Thanks for setting me straight.

    Being the technical-type, I felt obliged to check in to what you were suggesting. I have done some research and apparently the current generation of Ipod does INDEED store and play MP3 files.

    I was more familiar with older generations of iPod and was not aware that apple must have obtained licensing for their newest generation of products.

    It is unfortunate that as the iPod product line has gained capabilitues.... it has also lost some too. The battery is no longer a user-replacable item and the unit must be returned to Apple for battery replacment. (This is according to Apple.)
  • mdl70mdl70 Posts: 3
    Are you sure you aren't thinking of Sony's ATRAC format? One of their early HD-based music players only played that format and had to convert each song as you copied it to the player. They later opened it to allow MP3 playback. Every iPod my wife and I own (a 1st gen, a Nano, and a 4th Gen) have always been able to play MP3s. I wouldn't have bought one otherwise. That was one of the key items Steve Jobs wanted with their music player.

    You don't have to go to Apple to replace your battery. There are and have been plenty of 3rd parties selling them:
  • I just recently bought a used 2002 jetta and the radio does not play. The radio will cut on and cut off, it shows me the volume going up and down, when I put in a cd, I see everything functioning as if its reading the cd but no other buttons on the radio works besides the power/volume button. I get no sound and cant change channels, scan, or anything. When I turn the volume all the way down to 0 or minimum, I hear a beep come from the speakers so I think the speakers are hooked up,(but even if the speakers weren't hooked up that still wouldn't explain why no other buttons work) I've read some other forums and topic and keep reading about a safe mode, but my radio is not saying anything about being in a safe mode. Is this possibly another form of the safe mode. Has anyone had or heard of this happening before. If anyone has any info on this please let me know before I go tearing out the radio



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  • cuongcuong Posts: 45
    Do you still need help on this?
    I just changed the tape player for my 1999 (newer model) for cd player. It was easy after i got online instructions.
  • fpjdpfpjdp Posts: 10
    My bose radio displays the word "safe" and I do not know how to reset it. I have the radio code. Can anyone help me fiqure this out.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Have you looked at the owners manual. The instructions should be in there.

    Also, I have never heard of Bose and VW parterning up.... Are you certain yours is not a "MONSOON" radio.

    You can try this... but some VW radios are different.

    *)Hold down MODE and SCAN together ‘til 0000 appears
    *)Use preset buttons 1-4 to enter code (Use button #1 to enter first digit, button #2 to enter 2nd, etc.)
    *)Hold MODE and SCAN together again until the radio turns back on
    *)Enjoy the ride filled with music!
  • fpjdpfpjdp Posts: 10
    tried what you said that didn't work. any other suggestions.
    i bought the car used and i don't have the owners manual. thanks
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Are you CERTAIN you have the correct code?

    Try using Seek/Scan instead... if that does not work... try this link
  • Hey,

    I just got a used 2003 Jetta and my stereo is on lock down. Nothing is coming out of the speakers but I can adjust the volume. I can't change the station or use any of my presets. The console doesn't have SAFE on it either, it just has the last station is had the radio on and 'AS 1' below that.
    I left the key in the car for an hour with the radio on (which is the dumbest thing ever) like the manual said, but nothing happened.
    Whats going on?
  • hornsbyhornsby Posts: 1
    Just bought a new Jetta. Is it impossible to tune the radio to LW - I want to listen to the cricket on Radio 4?

    Also I want to tune to a French radio station but the manual operation of the tuning seems to skip individual frequencies and select recognised British stations. Can anyone help?
  • Hi, I have a 2002 Jetta with a Monsoon deck. I 'think' the system is in safe mode because I can see the little red security light blink, however the LCD does not display anything when I attempt to turn the unit on. I do have my manual and the security code but I have been completely unsuccessful in my attempts to enter it since I can't seem to get the darn thing turned on. Any suggestions other than taking it back to the dealer?
  • Hello -

    My 2005 Jetta 2.5 has a cd player with mp3 playback capability. For some reason the only thing that shows up on the display is "Track 01" or "Track 02" rather than the Song Title or artist. The folder names do not work either.

    Does anybody else have this problem and/or know how to fix it? My mp3s have ID3 tags - maybe I'm just burning them wrong? What can I do (if anything) to get the song title to display? It's not that important but it is really driving me crazy that I can't figure it out. :confuse:
  • vw_dcvw_dc Posts: 1
    I have been getting the "NO SAT RADIO" message in my 06 Jetta from day 1. Periodically when I turn on the car, the message is displayed and the Sirius radio will not turn on. This happens intermittently and is extremely annoying. The problem is intermittent and seems to happen after driving for a few minutes and then stopping/starting the car.

    The last VW technician I talked to said that this is a problem with all the radio components identifying themselves on some electronic "bus" at startup and that VW has identified the problem but does not have a solution yet.

    HOWEVER... whenever I attempt to get it fixed VW says they "have never heard of this problem" and offer no solution. VW has kept my car for days trying to reproduce the problem - but because of it's intermittent nature they are "unable" to reproduce the problem.

    One dealership was actually able to reproduce the problem - they called me and said "We've reproduced the problem, no you're not crazy, we're on it." But when I picked up my car the next day, they pulled a 180 and said "we weren't able to reproduce the problem." I have talked to two dealerships and corp customer service and nobody will admit to this problem existing.

    The end result was that I left my car with a dealership for "investigation" only to pick it up days later with the same status - "everything tested out ok on our end." The common solution I hear is to "bring it on by when you have the problem" - as if I have time to head over to the dealership everytime this problem occurs.

    I know numerous other people must be having this problem. Has anyone else been able to fix it or get VW to fix it? Are they simply lying to us so they do not have to eat the replacement costs? Are they just disorganized? Do they not care about our problems? Has anyone had any luck replacing the radio on theur own? Aftermarket?
  • Well, I just got my 07 Jetta ten days ago. Transferred my current Sirius subscription to the new Jetta. It worked fine - up until today. Now it will show me the channels I have programmed in, but all I hear is a high-pitched whine. No audio. The CD player and FM tuner work fine - Sirius is out of commission, though. I guess I'm going to have to take it to the dealership to be fixed but now I'm wary ==- especially if it's a problem they have no solution to. Does anyone have any suggestions? :mad:
  • I took it to the dealership - when they hooked up their test box, Sirius worked fine. So they had to order me a new satellite receiver. No charge, it's covered under warranty (I've had this car TWO WEEKS so I should think so!) but it's the whole hassle factor of having to take it in, wait on the part, etc. Ah well, at least I got an answer.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Has anyone got the wolfsburg edition Jetta? I am wondering how the stereo system sounds compared to the premium system in the jetta. Really, that is what is keeping me from getting a Wolfsburg. It has a very basic audio system. The other models have the premium, with amp. Let me know. Thanks. Other than this issue, I think its a great deal for all it offers on that model.
  • My radio was working fine until yesterday, i started my car and the radio won't turn on at all. I heard the fuse box is behind the radio (impossible to replace without taking to the dealership because they have to take off the dashboard to reach it - if that is even the problem. Does anyone know? The security light is flashing, but the radio won't turn on at all.

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