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Volkswagen Jetta Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • I have a 2007 Jetta 2.5 and i can't figure out how to play my iPod from plugging it into the multimedia jack in the glovebox using an auxiliary cord. I plug it in, but i don't know how to have the system read it. I only have FM, AM, CD, and SAT button options.
  • There were a couple of radios in 2007. One had the Satellite radio (which you would have to subscribe to Sirius) and the other did not, and just had an "AUX" button, instead of "SAT" button.

    When your IPod is plugged in and turned on, try pressing the "SAT" button once or perhaps twice. It should be able to read your IPod. These are somewhat confusing, as when you push the "SAT" button once, it looks for the satellite radio, and pushing again, it should look for your IPod.

    Good Luck.

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  • Did you have any luck with hooking up your iPod? My sister sold me her 2008 Jetta SE (no AUX button, we used to just push CD twice to get to the iPod once plugged in with an AUX cord) and the media jack used to work with iPod but after she disconnected the battery it will no longer read it. I called VW and they want $150 just to look at it, never mind to fix it. It seems simple, but I cant seem to figure it out.
  • discotech08discotech08 Posts: 1
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    Okay... iPod does play MP3 files... when you upload the files onto the program used to decode for playback on the iPod, you can just drag and drop your MP3 files.... I have done this many of times when repairing and unlocking iPod devices. This is comming from a Information Systems Security Professional and small business owner... And to make ANY stereo play MP3 files, all you have to do is plug your TRS connector into the headphone jack of your iPod and the other end into the AUX on your car stereo (if your AUX is a recieving jack), I have done this on every car stereo I have ever owned, my surround sound, car stereos, computers, televisions and custom built PS3s and XBox 360s. ;) I have gone as far as modifying my stereo wiring a cut TRS connector to the box and pluged the other end in my headphone jack on my iPod, Zune, Cellphone, Computer and much more.

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