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Lexus LS 460 Owner Experiences

barrynsbarryns Posts: 13
Well, I bit the bullet and came home with a fully loaded LS460L, Mercury Metallic with gray interior. The fun is just beginning. The manuals for the car measure 2.75 inches when stacked one on the other. It will take me a month to get thru them. Some familiar things in the car but many new gadgets and configurations to ponder over.


  • Congrats! Hope you enjoy it.

    I haven't driven the LS 460 yet, but I sat inside one and compared to the LS 430, I felt the footwell was perfectly fine. I didn't discern any significant difference, although I wasn't measuring or anything. But it seemed fine to me--the main point being that my feet felt fine and there was enough room. The cabin itself is differently designed from the 430, with familiar features but architecturally different--wider center console, more swooshing shapes leading to smaller compartments in some places, larger areas in others.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,662
    barry - best of luck with the car. Did you buy or lease and can you share with us any bargaining power you had this early in the game. Also did you get the pre-collision system?

    BTW - The LWB I test drove was mercury metallic. I have a preference for the smokey granite color but the car loked great in the mercury metallic. Interior is very luxurious and is both beautiful and user friendly at the same time. No ome does ergonomics like Lexus.
  • cyclone4cyclone4 Posts: 2,259
    Congratulations barryns! I am curious as to where you live. I am having a hard time justifying going with the RWD here in snow country even though my friend ljflx has stated that even with AWD I might still need snow tires. Obviously, the AWD was not a big deal for you. I wish that darn Global Warming would speed up so that I wouldn't have to worry about snow ;-). Seriously though, most of the winters the past 15-20 years here in the Midwest have been unusually mild with not much snow. Even when it snows, it doesn't stick around like it use to back in the 70's and early 80's.
  • Congrats! I'm curious if they have made any changes/improvements on the support of the front seats.
    I like the Euro seats of the MB and BMW's better as I find that I never get tired during long drives but in the LS430 they are a little too soft for my liking.
  • Great car-had it one week and have not identified any problems (typical of Toyota and especially Lexus not to have problems!!)). Very smooth drive with good feeling through the steering wheel although it is electric steering. Made one 800 mile road trip and got 28mpg at interstate speeds (still not broken in!)

    Love the interior and quiet and it has much higher acceleration than my old 2006 GS430 (traded for the LS). Lots of room and leg room front and back.

    I got the noble spinal mica (deep burgundy red) with cashmere interior-great color combination.

    The NAV is tremendous, much higher resolution and detail than the 2006 GS and fast (uses a HDD). I did not get the ML audio-but the standard radio package sounds as good as the ML audio in my GS430. Also love the integrated XM radio and XM nav traffic updates-worked well when I drove on the outskirts of Philly and NY. Having the tire pressure readouts for each tire is also a bonus.

    Overall very happy with the buy-even though I paid MSRP. The dealer gave me a great trade-in for the GS430 since I bought it from him 18 months ago.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm curious if they have made any changes/improvements on the support of the front seats.
    I like the Euro seats of the MB and BMW's better as I find that I never get tired during long drives but in the LS430 they are a little too soft for my liking.

    What year LS do you have? Because, I found my seats in the 02LS as you say, soft and unsupportive. However, the seats in my 05 are much much better. Much more like the seats in the S-Class. I can't sit in the BMW -7 seats - they are way too small for my 215lb body and butt. Feel like I'm sitting on a tuffet.
  • I bought car. It came with everything except the executive upgrade. Yes it has precollision. This car was one of the first two cars that came into the dealership. Although the dealership had 15 preorders, this LWB did not match any ordered configuration so it was available. Only problem is that the Intial Showing party was a week later and they couldn't let the car go until after the party. I had previously bought a Lexus at this dealership and for my previous business and for the fact that the car would be driven for the next week (it turned out to be only 80 miles additional) I was given a small consideration in the price. The car was put inside the showroom for the party and noone drove it at that time. Next day it was detailed and delivered to me. Already drove it from PHoenix to LV and back. Really enjoyed the ride and keep finding new features. There seems to be improvement in the steering stability over previous LS models in regards to not drifting with road grade and wind. Definatley am more secure on curves at highway speeds.
  • LIve in Phoenix. Snow is not a consideration here usually except for those that go into the high country to ski.
  • I don't remember what it felt like sitting in the 430 so I can't compare. I did drive from PNX to LV and back this past few days and I found it very comfortable. Compared to the Caddy STS, I especially like the 460 as it has that extra control to extend the length of the seat independent of the other adjustments..
  • In regards to the 600 or so miles I have put on the 460L already, I find that it is very very quiet in the inside of the car at interstate highway spped. The main benefit (compared to previous cars) seems to be that the Voice Response system understand me a lot better. BTW the 19 speaker sound system is really great. Sooner or later I will get around to recording selected CD tracts to the build in Hard disk.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I don't remember what it felt like sitting in the 430 so I can't compare.

    I can. It feels exactly the same in all respects as my 05 LS430. Not a bad thing.

    Sure looks smaller in the leg section of the back seats though - but my "sales guide" says there is more room back there. I'd have to get a measure out to be convinced.
  • Those of you who got a 460 and previously had a second generation 430 (ie. 2004 and up), could you tell us what you like especially about the new car? For example, I remember going from the first generation 430 to the second in 2004, I especially liked the keyless entry system, the backup camera, and the incremental laser cruise control. What kind of goodies can I look forward to in the 460 (aside from bigger engine and more speeds)?

    Thank you for any feedback.
  • dssxxxxdssxxxx Posts: 69
    When going to hockey games, I take my father and mother. My wife and mother sit in the back and have told me that it feels bigger to them.

    I also sit with the seat back and tilted (6'4" and 250).

    Much better than my '04 LS.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Thanks for the speedy reply; I checked this link and still do not see much input from actual OWNERS. My comments, having more detail, will soon be posted to this site. I am trying to interest people who actually own this vehicle to post feedback on some website.

    An example is the package included on every 460-L I have seen called Parking Assist or some such thing. This option borders on fraud by Lexus as it applies to actual owners. It has to be the dumbest idea any car manufacturer has had since the Edsel; it only lacks a signature from Rube Goldberg. I have marred my car trying to use it, and subsequent promises by sales personnel are not very helpful either. They couldn't get it to work very often; parting advice was "just don't use it." I am also having electrical problems which seem to baffle my service department and I need feedback from others who may be more objective than the pablum servers I deal with.
  • provanprovan Posts: 1
    Hello: Has anyone paid less than msrp for the ls 460. I like the car, but the dealer says the price is the price. help!
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    "the price is the price" is a bit harsh for them to tell you... they'll probably give you a "courtesy" $500 mark off if you're ready to deal right NOW. It'd be silly for them to kill a deal over that amount -- even if they can find another full MSRP buyer a few days later. I'd doubt they'd trade a "sure buy" now for a potential MSRP buy later.

    Like you, I'm wondering if anyone is getting decent mark off's yet...
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    If you have a trade in, how can you tell...its' the difference that counts. I had a trade and the tax was calculated on MSRP
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Then you probably paid MSRP for the car.

    Hopefully you got a good deal on your trade-in.

    Still if the deal is done -- it's done. You've just bought one of the best cars on the planet (at ANY cost), so feel good about your purchase -- congrats!!!
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    Depends on the state. NM charges a tax (not full sales tax rate) on the difference.
  • I ordered mine in early March. The MSRP is $73,322 and dealer invoice is $63,755. My price was $2000 over dealer invoice, $65,755. Now I did have the advantage that there are 6 dealerships within 70 miles of my home (actually 7 but there is one owner of two dealerships).

    I ordered the Consumer Reports Car Price Service for $14, and brought it with me. I emailed the furthest dealership, filling out their online quote request form. They emailed back quoting $3500 over MSRP. I replied that they must have misunderstood the options I was requesting or thought that I wanted the LWB model (of course I knew they didn't misunderstand). They reiterated their price. Good thing I didn't waste my time to drive 140 miles round trip!

    I went into each one of the other five dealerships and said I would pay $1000 over dealer invoice (they also make a $1220 holdback). Two dealers politely laughed at me (say what you want, Lexus dealers do have class) and wouldn't take a dime off. One dealer said they had been adding "extras" to the car and were selling it for $2-3000 over MSRP, but they would sell it to me for $1000 below MSRP. This same dealer later called me back and offered to take $3000 off MSRP. A fifth dealership said they would take $500 to $1000 off the MSRP.

    I was resolved that I wouldn't be buying the car this spring. I'm a confirmed free market guy and I believe in supply and demand dynamics, but I'll be damned if I pay a wealthy dealership owner some $12,000 in profit. Anyway, I presented my offer at the last dealership (which was also closest to my home). There was a little back and forth about how they couldn't sell it that cheaply. The salesman took my offer, left to go see his sales manager, and came back with a counter offer of $2000 over dealer invoice.

    The rest, as they say, is history.
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