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Lexus LS 460 Owner Experiences



  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Have you looked at the new Infiniti M series cars?
  • No. What I've done now is drive and agree to buy the LS 460 Sport. They must have had me in mind when they put it out there. The Sport has a seriously different suspension, one that, driven in the "sport" suspension mode, did way more than correct the bad impression I had of the standard car's setup. (One can adjust it to a softer setting if road surface conditions are truly bad -- but I can't see doing that otherwise.) In the Sport I was much more certain that I would know what the car would do under stress -- it was steady as a rock in turns at speed and has huge, effective brakes. At the same time it made the car feel lighter on its feet. Acceleration lag remains to a degree, but seemed less so than in the standard versions. I continue to think that this is somehow connected to the new eight gear transmission and that, once I get more used to that and what can be done with it, this will improve. I am not mechanically knowledgeable, so I have no idea, really. Steering is still pretty numb, too, more so than in my LS 430, but that really doesn't affect driver confidence in his or her command of what is going on. Lastly, the car feels much faster than the Edmunds reviewer tells you it is. (Is it? Have no idea. But I think it is.) Last, had to make them give me all-weather tires since the summer tires it comes with are useless (and flat-out dangerous) in snow. What I mostly wanted was to escape the body roll and handling issues that, to me, afflict the standard version. I think I've succeeded with the Sport. Final remark: these cars certainly don't get any cheaper as time goes by. And I fear that the Sport will never be sold at much of a discount.
  • Hello -- Can someone with Manheim access please post a list of recent 2007 LS 460 SWB sales? Manheim PA, if possible ?
    Thank you in advance.
  • BEWARE!!
    One month ago I had the recall for my 08 LS 460 completed on this vehicle that I enjoyed as a lease for three years. A few days later I had to drive the vehicle 1500 miles each way with my three children to visit my ailing 90 year old Grandmother. Late the first day the vehicle started hesitating, couldn't accelerate past 60 mph or it would not go any faster. loud noise from engine, without panel notification. When I arrived at my destination I immediately brought it to a Lexus dealer and was told " the recall parts were defective and we have to replace the left lifter that's bleeding." They had the car for three days. When I returned to pick it up I was told " the previous Lexus dealership broke your radiator overflow tab and super glue it so we reinforced with superglue/epoxy but you will need a new radiator when you return home. In SHOCK I stated " A 72 K Lexus repaired with super glue?? That's unacceptable and I will complain with an investigation. Will my children and I be safe traveling back 1500 miles?" I was assured "Yes".

    Needless to say the second day while I was driving on the highway where there was construction and no breakdown lane the engine overheated, panel warnings on, smoke. We jumped out of the vehicle called Lexus immediately and when we lifted the hood antifreeze was all over the engine and the hose was broken sticking up in the air. We were stranded for three hours and the vehicle was towed to the nearest dealership 50 miles where it still sits after 3 weeks and I'm still responsible for this lease that expired 2 weeks ago without any vehicle. I'm VERY thankful my children and I are safe from this ordeal. I wanted everyone to be aware of these very dangerous repairs, incompetence, negligence without compensation except for a $1500 credit for lease/purchase that was issued regarding the initial recall, NOT the ordeal my family went through, and continue to go through without resolve.
  • That does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. My car is currently at the dealer having the valve springs replaced, and I might ad, they did not send me a recall notice. I had to bug them until they ageed to do the replacement.

    Your experience confirms what I have felt for several years about the competence of the Lexus dealership mechanics. As I have said on this sight before, if the problem does not show up on their computer screens, they all stand around and scratch their collective heads while thumbing through their service bulletins praying for some light to be shed on the subject. I wish I could say it was any different at the German dealerships, but not. Too much money to pay for an automobile for this kind of grief. I am still in shock that they are going to have to replace valve springs because of a supposed metal defect, not just in the LS but many other models. Please.

    Love my Cheverolet pickup. Would not trade it straight accross for another LS.
  • THIS IS NOT GOOD!!! I still have to take mine in for service. Ccardan, was this a small dealership or not. I have hesitation about having a dealership perform this service if they only do one or two. Am so sorry about what happened.
  • All three Large dealerships. Thanks
  • Yes! Lexus better listen up. I have owned and driven 400, 430 and 460. I would say 430 is the best LS ever, I am displeased with 460 very much, I think my next car probably is going to be the Hyundai Equus.
  • I have the 2007 LS 460L and have gone through four batteries. The dealer suggests I get a trickle cell charger for the car or drive it more. I cannot go on vacation and leave it at the ariport. The car has 26000+ miles and is a pleasure to drive (nicer than the 2003 LS 430). I never see posts on the problem and wonder if it is just my car. They claim the battery drain is normal due to all the electronics.
  • edarteedarte Posts: 41
    Well I have a 2009 LS460 SWB and I left it for almost five weeks recently and it started up right away when I returned. I am not aware of any common problems with the battery in the LS. Check out the "clubLexus" web site where you should find the info you are looking for.
  • My 2007 LS460L (touring package) does the same thing. My car is currently at the dealer to have the valve spring recall fix completed and I mentioned this problem. I will post the outcome when I get the car back. Sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem but I am glad to know I am not alone.
  • My parents are visiting me in the Florida panhandle in their 2008 LS460. This is my dad's 5th Lexus and he stated clearly, his last. At purchase, the radio reception was horrible. After multiple dealer visits, they replaced the receiver module in the dash, after waiting weeks for the parts. A dead battery a couple months ago was blamed on a dome light being left on, although the doors supposedly close themselves and the battery is supposed to have rundown protection. Last month the recall for the top-end overhaul due to bad valve springs, supposedly with an extended engine warranty to 100k, although no document has shown up yet. Finally, New Years weekend the drivers seatbelt would not latch. Looking closely it appears the lighted portion of the latch broke off and has jammed the mechanisim. A weekend e-mail to Lexus resulted in an auto-reply stating a representative would contact me shortly. The nearest Lexus dealer is 100 miles away in Mobile AL, they advised me to bring it in, leave it, they'd order parts and I could pick it up when ready. His Atlanta dealer told him he could take it to a Toyota dealer they'd order the parts and he'd have to pay for the repair. Lexus would "probably" reimburse him if he mailed in the paperwork. As mentioned by other posts, none of this is the expectation of a 75k car, nor indicative of any "relentless pursuit of perfection". My expectation would have been that Lexus would have sent either a driver or flatbed with a loaner to replace dad's car while the seatbelt was repaired. The lack of regard for safety as well as local seatbelt laws is not acceptable in a 20k Kia, let alone a 75k Lexus.
  • Sorry to report that the dealer told me there was nothing wrong with the brakes but they did "adjust" them. I have not had the problem in the past weeks so maybe this fixed the issue. Will post again if I have anything else to add.
  • I had the valve spring recall completed on my 07 LS460L and am now experiencing sluggish acceleration. The day after getting the car back I was making a right turn onto a busy street and needed to aggressively merge into traffic. To my surprise the car barley moved at all and I was almost hit. After avoiding that potential disaster, I entered an inclined freeway on-ramp and gave it some gas. The engine strained and would not accelerate but the revs kept slowly climbing. Once I finally reached freeway speeds everything seemed fine. Coming back home I had to enter the freeway again but there was a Scion XA next to me so I floored the car to pass him up the on-ramp but to my surprise I was not able to pass this little car and had to break off my attempt to pass. Again the revs did climb slowly but did not seem to be putting any power down to accelerate. This was very frustrating that my 380 hp car could not get in front of a 115 roller skate.

    I called the service adviser at the dealer who told me the transmission was reset and is now learning how I drive. This sounds very strange to me and I am not sure I like a transmission making decisions for me, I thought that is what the gas pedal is used for.

    I will be bring the car back for a full check up and would appreciate any insight from you if you have experienced similar acceleration issues.
  • Hey, I am still trying to get over that fact that this 70+ thousand dollar car needed a complete set of valve springs.

    You have hit the two biggest problems with this car right on the head. The computer trys to learn how it is the driver is driving and then makes adjustments, I guess. That is why the car never drives the same way twice, at least for me. My wife and I both drive the car. The computer is always confused. LOL The dimwits who designed this system should be shot.

    The other problem is the 8 speed transmission. At highway speeds, it is fine. At slow speeds in traffic, it shifts too often and at the wrong times. They cannot correct these flaws. You take it to the dealer and it is operating as designed. Of course it is! Anyone out there want a 2007 LS460?
  • smithgsmithg Posts: 9
    I am getting anxious about taking my car in for the recall. Am scheduled for next week. Anybody had it performed at Lexus of Orlando? Would like to know what your experiences have been in how the car performed afterward, and how long did it take. Also, what kind of rental did they give you. thanks for the info. I don't know why a $70K car should need this anyway.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    After reading these comments, I am amazed! My dealer (Lexus of Las Vegas) must truly be exceptional. I have had 3 LS', and since 2002 their customer service has always amazed me at how excellent it is. I always get a free Lexus loaner, they have always taken care of whatever I needed, also fixed the little dings on the car for me for very little money, washed the car well, and treated me with amazing respect and courtesy. It's one reason I keep going back. I've never been treated better at any dealership. Currently have a 2009 LS460, and have had no problems at all after 25,000 miles. Very happy with the car and the dealer. :blush:
  • I am sure there are many who have positive experiences with their dealers. That may speak to the fact that you have been fortunate not to have some of the same mechanical issues others have had. I don't believe your 2009 is part of the valve spring recall and probably not part of a number of other issues that have been corrected in later versions of the LS since 2007. Having used three different dealerships in dealing with my own issues, I can tell you that none of them were able to duplicate my experiences or find something on their computers that would indicate I had an issue. Either I am crazy, or my 48 years of enthusiasm for all things automobile were not worth much. There is no doubt in my mind that many of the issues I have with my LS are issues that the company cannot fix. Thus, they give lip service to their warranty and hope that there are more people who are not quite as picky as I am.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You're right about the mechanics of today, they're all just computer technicians, and if the light's not on, there's no code, therefore no problem. My only two problems I ever had with my prior LSes, were Lexus Link, and the Magic Steering Wheel, both of which throw no codes, but were obvious problems. They fixed them with no problem. I don't doubt you have issues, nor do I doubt your experience with the dealers at all.
  • I have read about the "Executive Seats" which I think recline with a footrest. I looked thru the Lexus web site and can't tell exactly how you get this. It says it comes in a package but I can't find where it says what package. Package C is $9,200 and does not mention this but is the most expensive one. Anyone know whether Package C includes these seats?
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