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Lexus LS 460 Owner Experiences



  • i8abmri8abmr Posts: 1
    I feel for you . I bought an 07 LS460 in 2010 and it has been shaking like crazy from day one. I had 22" wheels on the car and thought it was the wheels. After 12 rebalances and replacing the entire set of wheels the vibration is still there. I took it to a Lexus dealership who had the car 23 days and they said they can feel the vibration but have no idea where its coming from. I took it to another dealership to meet a Lexus FTS ( field technical specialist ) and when we went for a drive the car wasnt vibrating. I told him that the vibration seems cyclical. They looked at the car well and they also said the car checks out fine. I have another appointment to have them look at it again since its shaking like crazy. I have to say I am really pissed and depressed about this entire issue. It has ruined the drivability and joy of the owning the car. Every time I drive it its the only thing I keep thinking about. Then I get really angry that nobody can fix it. I am going to keep trying but I have this feeling that there is some inherent defect in the car. My service advisor drove some other Ls460s and saids that a couple of them did the same thing but the owners never complained. I feel your pain and frustration. I hope they can fix this
  • dcwalkerdcwalker Posts: 29
    Do not hold your breath on them fixing it. If the computer did not tell them what was wrong, they are helpless and hopeless. The only other possible explanation is that they do want to fix it.... Toss up.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Do any of you know where the USB port is that is used to update the Navigation on the LS? I have found a Thumbdrive to do it, but can't find the port..... The dealer generously charges $240 for the update. :confuse:
  • aardmanaardman Posts: 14
    Depending on the year perhaps, mine is a 2010, in the center console bottom front area, right of the 12v power outlet.

    Let us know how it works for you. What update is it, 2013?

  • klex460klex460 Posts: 2
    I made my first posting in December of 2011, about a month after i purchased my preowned certified 2010 ls460 with 40,000 miles on it at the time of purchase. Fortunatly I was able to speak to the original owner before the purchase, because 40k is a lot of miles for a one year old vehicle. The original owner did a lot of highway driving to different parts of Texas and he didn't have any problems with the vehicle. He gets a new one every year around October, drives the hell out of it and trades it in for a new one. He stated that he as been doing this for the past seven years and had not had a problem with any of them. prior to purchasing the lexus, he used Cadillacs. He concluded by stating that the lexus was a better car for his travelling than the cadillacs. I put the car on the road in January for a 250 mile run to Louisiana, to visit relatives. The car performed great; no problems and i averaged about 24.5 mpg at about 75 to 80 mph. It's late May of 2012 and I have put about 4800 miles on the vehicle since it purchased it on Thanksgiving weekend 2011. I guess it is about time to take it in for an oil change at 5k miles of use. On all of my previous vehicles (nissan maxima, acura legend, BMW 740il) i changed the oil with an additive at 3 to 4000 mile intervals. I am pleased with my purchase so far, I will keep you posted on any major issues.
  • aardmanaardman Posts: 14
    The ls460 takes 9 quarts of oil and now Lexus uses synthetic oil, combined they are able to extend the change interval. I have always used synthetic oil in all my vehicles going back to the early 1970's when mobile 1 was first introduced. Funny story, Lexus used to balk when I would bring in my own synthetic oil at service time, this was prior to the Lexus switch over.
  • dcwalkerdcwalker Posts: 29
    Indeed. With synthetic oil, provided you are not under original factory warranty, you are wasting your money changing your oil any sooner than what the manual states. Out of warranty and using synthetic, I would not change my oil sooner than 10,000 miles. The reality is, that is even too soon. Mercedes interval is now 10,000. If they say 10,000, you can bet they will go much longer. Changing your oil every 3,000 miles is a good sales tool by unscrupulous dealers and lube joints. We did that back when cars did not have computers and space age lubricants. Even regular grade oils are far superior today, not to mention the quality of the metal components and numerous other technologies. If something goes wrong with you car, it probably won't be a worn out engine. You just don't see that much anymore.
  • dav2149dav2149 Posts: 3
    I received an email notice from my Boston-area Lexus dealer (Lexus of Watertown,MA) at which I purchased my 2010 LS460 August, 2010.
    It suggested my car might be overdue for maintenance and at the bottom of the email were two coupons: one for a complimentary car wash and one for a free loaner car (the expiration date on the coupons was four weeks from now). What?! Is Lexus doing away with the complimentary wash and loaner car for major service?
  • jackscottjackscott Posts: 7
    Thanks. Lexus tried to fix this but their attempt did not work. I was the silver spring Maryland lexus dealer. It was ok for a while but the noise is back.
  • jmcraneyjmcraney Posts: 19
    The DIY Wind Noise Fix that is located here is a permanent fix for most of the wind noise problems that affect the LS460s and LS600s: the-jmcraney-wind-noise-fix.html
  • imoutruimoutru Posts: 2
    Hey, Hey.. I have a 2008 LS460 and am having the exact same issues.. Has anyone figured out the issue.. My cart is at the Dealers right now and they said they need to see it happen to fix it..
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Sorry aardman: Have been away a while. There is no port on the 09 where yours is in the 10, so I had to have the dealer do it. 2013 update yes, nice and works great. $150 though..... Oh well, why have the feature if you are too cheap to buy the updates.....

    Thanks for trying to help me.
  • jbianco12jbianco12 Posts: 125
    Hi Everyone, sorry to hear you are having problems with your LS. I have a 2010 LS L with air suspension and loads of other gadgets but haven't had a single problem with noise. The car is as quiet and smooth as one would expect from a luxury auto. The only issue I had with the car were the front mats...the holes didn't match up properly to the big deal, the dealer in Santa Monica, CA replaced them immediately. The car now has around 35k miles on it, I've taken it on many road trips and had it up to 80 mph through the desert (would never admit to going faster lol) noise, rattles or shakes...the car screams to go faster. For me it's been a great reliable car and would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury auto.
  • I'm surprised that Lexus hasn't paired with cell phone manufacturers and had a cell phone made that would take the place of the key fob. Only one item to carry that way. it could be made to open a variety of items such as your house doors. The idea is limitless. Someday keys and key fobs may be obsolete.
    Dreamer Bill - 2012 LS 460 L awd. Tired of carrying key fob, cell phone, front door key, office key, motorcycle key, etc, etc.
  • Are the available options limited on the 2012 and the 2013 LS 460 for the USA sales? I don't see the "Lane Keeping Assist" listed on the Lexus LS "Build Your Lexus" program. I think there are other options not listed also. Does anyone have the "Lane Keeping Assist" option on their Lexus?
    Bill - Northwest IN - 2012 LS460 L AWD.
  • I distinctly remember that Lexus limits the available options based on zip code. No idea how they come up with this or what the purpose is. I bet if you entered a different zip you will get alternate options available.
  • chuckyk,
    Limited by zip code. Thats possible and probable because they are trying to sell what the local dealers stock? Maybe - but it's BS. Last summer we purchased a demo 2012 LS 460L awd with 6000m and it was loaded we thought. While reading the owners manual I found 2 items that were not listed on the "Build Your Own Lexus" program. Only the choice of 3 packages were shown if my memory is correct. I would have waited and held out for the Lane Assist had I known about it. Love the car but the hiding of the options has left a bitter taste......
    Bill - retired in Northwest IN
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I really like my 09 LS460 - but even in the 12s, Lexus is a little behind the technology of even Ford now. My 7 Fords in my fleet have SYNC which does an amazing job of Bluetooth for your phone, audio stream from an Ipod or smartphone, etc. No bluetooth audio streaming available yet on the Lexus. Maybe the 13 will have it?

    Admittedly, what the Lexus has, is better and works longer and more reliably than most other brands, but it doesn't always have everything I can get elsewhere, today.
  • Hello -- Can someone with Manheim access please post a list of recent 2010-2011 LS 460 SWB sales? Manheim PA, NJ if possible ?
    Thank you in advance.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    For Week Ending Dec 12

    Above Average Below Oct 2012 Jun 2012 Dec 2011
    Sale Price $47,226 $42,697 $38,168 $44,789 $40,433 $0
    Odometer 20,481 40,961 61,442 26,610 65,690 0
    Total Sold All 17


    For Week Ending Dec 12
    Above Average Below Oct 2012 Jun 2012 Dec 2011
    Sale Price $53,600 $48,490 $43,380 $50,480 $53,033 $57,525
    Odometer 8,723 17,446 26,169 16,199 18,202 8,351
    Total Sold All 7 5 3 4
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