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Caravan/T&C Squeaks, Squeals and Funny Noises



  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Well, I got the van back without the creak being fixed. they told me that they had to order a new tool to help them locate where the creaking is coming from. They had to stop replacing parts without knowing what was actually causing the noise. So, I got the van back last Thur and they said they would call when the new tool was in. Still waiting to hear from them. :sick:
  • dadto3dadto3 Posts: 17
    I may have possibly found part of my creaking/squeaking problem. Even though the sounds seem to be coming from the dash and from down under the dash, I found that when I put pressure on the roof console where the temperature/info center is, the sounds either stop or aren't as bad. Apparently the sounds are radiating down around the windshield or something which makes them appear to be coming from the dash area. I need to see if this is truly the problem and if so, let the dealer know. Nothing's ever easy!
  • 97xpresso97xpresso Posts: 249
    Sounds like a crock of delay tatics to me. What are they waiting for? a stethoscope?
  • I have heard of the windshield making noises like you describe. If that is the problem, I don't know if the solution is a lubricant between the glass and the rubber, or an application of liquid rubber. You might ask a window glass installer if that could be your problem.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I received a call from the dealer yesterday and they finally got the new tool in. I am bringing the van in on Tues of next week. He said the tool is a wireless stethescope type tool. We will see if theycan find the creaking. It is getting very loud and I would be surprised if they couldn't locate it.
  • dadto3dadto3 Posts: 17
    We must have different squeaks and creaks. To my surprise, we had two clips on the headliner that we not connected to the roof somehow which was causing the squeaking noises. They re-attached the clips and I haven't heard it since. Of course, they tried to sell me $217 worth of routine maintenance while they had it in the shop!!!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    The dealer has had the van since Tues and is still working on finding the creaking. They called yesterday and said they heard the noise and are still working on a fix. Glad you got your noise fixed.

    I think we have the exact same van. The in dash 6 cd/DVD unit hold up to 6 cd's or DVD's OR any combination of the 2. So you can have 5 cd's and 1 DVD or 1CD or 5 DVD's and so on and so on. There are 6 numbered buttons below the 6 disc slot. When you want to load a cd/dvd push the numbered button first, the unit will then allow you to insert the disc. Push the next numbered button and insert the new disc. When you want to play one of the disc's, push the desired number and it will load that disc.

    Does that answer your question?
  • dadto3dadto3 Posts: 17
    Yes, that answers my question. I was thinking that I could have 6 CD's and 6 DVD's in at the same time...wishful thinking I guess! Thanks for the info - that is what I needed!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I got a call from the dealer yesterdy and they are replacing the motor mounts. They think that may be causing the creaking. I believe they have already replaced th MM, but I guess we'll see if this helps. :confuse: :blush:
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    After replacing ALL the motor mounts, the creaking noise is gone. Thank Goodness!!!!
  • dadto3dadto3 Posts: 17
    On my 2005 Chrysler T&C, I get a whistling type of noise when I am going about 30-40 mph. When I accelerate the sound immediately stops or if my speed gets down to around 20 mph, it stops. Has anyone else heard this?
  • is it a whistling noise or a whining noise, i had same issue and they replaced transmission after 3 tsb's trying to fix it, and always went down or away on decelleration like you state
  • ohvanohvan Posts: 26
    We hear strange whinning noise on our van. It can be heard during idle but is much more pronounced during acceleration. It is annoyingly loud during cold weather. We have had high temps in the low teens this past week and the noise is almost non-stop during idel and initial accelartion. At higher s[speeds it isn't heard over the normal road noise. Any ideas?
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    4 times in the Chrysler and the noise percists.
    With engine turned on and foot is on brake, engaje the trans
    mission to R or D and the noise rummbling and the chirping come. so they changed the Alternator,Belt,idler...and the noise still there..chirping and rumbuling in R or D.
    somebody on this planet have any idea what is this problem please tues feb 6 2007.
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    Now I'm thinking if i have to replace one by one..$$power st
    ring,$$water pump,$$vibration damper,$$$A/C, and the $$$ belt tensioner. yes for the chirping problem. because the rumbuling noise when you engaje in R or D is another thing.
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    After 5 trip to the Chrysler in two Weeks and 4 car rental and change the A/C compressor by mistake the chiping rumbuling noise was.....The Belt Tensioner.....THE END
  • mytumytu Posts: 4
    5 times in the Chrysler in two weeks, 4 car rental and replace the Belt, the Alternator, the Idler Pulley, A/C Compressor,
    Tune up, Full Injector service....The noise was THE BELT TENSIONER.(20 mins job)....HOOO! MMMMA' Real Life History...THE END.
  • I have the same car and the noise in the past only it gets louder when turning in any motion or stationary. I have had this before initially they flushed the power steering line. That worked for a while. I now have this again and am on my 4th visit to the dealer in the last 3 weeks. They flushed steering system,replaced trans soleniod assembly, trans service, new power steering pump and belt, new water pump(leaking), lube, oil and filter.I am told I also need the links replaced(Different Noise). It works for a day or two then back to the noise which gets louder each day. Temperature does not seem to have effect. Had a transmission overhaul at about 60,000. We are at 79,000. Not much left to fix. Like to know if yours gets resolved.
  • We purchased a 07 about two weeks ago. There is a very definite air leak in the windshield, mostly along the top and more to the right than left. Have not actually seen anything on this yet... did hear of a customer in Ill who had this very same issue, wonder when it will be a recall item? :confuse:
  • The car still has that strange noise after a total of 6 visits in 4 weeks. It is not heard all the time now but when heard it is not gone until the car is turned off. There is not much left under the hood to repair everything has been replaced and many $$$ spent. Any suggestions. I have given up.
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