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Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Caravan Door & Window Problems



  • My 2001 T/C Lxi does the exact same thing. Poor design. I'm going to Toyota/Honda for my next vehicle. I'm doing some experimenting on this issue and will let you know if I find out a solution.
  • After 2 years of struggling with the issue, I finally had my garage guy look at it. The problem was caused by the motor/gear unit. I replaced the unit, and now the door opens/closes reliably, but even more important, it is much easier to open and close by hand.

    Unlike the first electric sliding doors (for example on my 1994 Olds Silhouette) the drive is disengaged when the door is operated by hand, making it very easy (just like a mechanical door).

    But the Chrysler smarties ten years later couldn't just copy what works well!
  • I am having a problem with my 2005 Town and Country passenger side power sliding door.

    Both doors worked very well, although they were hard to open and close manually, at least for me. A friend tried to open the door manually one day from the outside and I don't know if she was too hard on it or what, but after that the door only opens about 8 inches and at that point also the warning lights stop working.

    After that if you push it manually for about 4 inches, the warning lights start working again and if you push any of the buttons it will open completely. When I try to close it, it closes up to the same point that gives me trouble when opening up, then everything stops working and I have to push it manually to close it completely and then it latches and the warning lights work again...

    Anybody has any idea if this is something we could fix easily?? It is as if the electronic part that makes the door move doesn't work in that spot... :confuse:
  • It should still be under warranty. Take it back to the dealer to fix. :shades:
  • birdibirdi Posts: 2
    Vandals broke the glass of our left rear side window, the large vent window with the motorized opener. :( We hope to find a replacement at a pick apart yard. I would like to know the degree of difficulty this job is for a do it yourselfer. What tools am I going to be needing for removal and replacement?

    thanks, Robin
  • birdibirdi Posts: 2
    Pardon me for not saying so, but this is a 1994 Chrysler Town and Country. I am wondering if the rear/side windows are interchangable with Caravan or Voyager windows? Which years? Our van has motorized window openers, but I'm not sure about the Dodge and Plymouth models. If we can replace the window ourselves it will save us a lot of expense. I've seen dodge/plymouth/chrysler vans in the salvage yards, I just need to know if our project is do-able. thanks
  • 2001 Town and Country. The sliding doors will operate using the keypad and also by using the overhead buttons, but the buttons actually at the doors in the middle seats will not operate the doors. This occurred on both sides simultaneously. Is there a fuse somewhere to replace? Thank you so much.
  • I picked up my 01 T&C LXI from the dealer yesterday. Same problem. It was cold here in Tampa last week and I noticed that the p/s/doors will not work in the mornings, just only in the afternoons, when the weather warms up. I had other things wrong with the vehicle sway busings, transmission celunoid etc. So I got them to check the doors as well. Their findings was that it is the latch and they want close to 300 dollars to fix it. I had the latch on the left hand side done last year at Brandon dodge, and I checked my invoice again. I had the parts supplied and fitted for 90 dollars. The only drawback now is that since United Auto, my warranty company declined the door issue, Coutesy Chrysler still had me pay 85 dollars for the diagnostics. Interesting point now is that the door has been working since yesterday without any problems until the temp drops again.

    And, yes it is hard to manually shut the doors.

    On another not if anyone can answer this for me please, dealer says car backfires really badly, but to me it is fine as I listen by ear. I have 71k miles on it, some places tell me plugs are not due for changing until 90k miles and my dealer tells me it should have been changed at 60k miles.
  • Make sure that the on/off switch on the overhead counsel is on. Also, make sure that the van is all the way in park. I had a problem like this once and found out that the gear shifter was not all the way in park, even though the P had the square around it. Another time, the overhead counsel power door switch was off, which didn't allow the doors to be opened by automatic from the 2nd row. :shades:
  • Thank you! That was it! How simple. The overhead switch was on off instead of on. Thanks so much.
  • My power locks have gone out both with the inside switch and the remote key. I looked through the owner's manual and the fuse box and do not see anything that says "power locks" Any idea if it could be coded as something different?
  • Dealership says there is a "bulletin" on the computer that says that this needs to be brought in and reset the body computer
  • I just purchased a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country that needed a new battery, after replacing the battery the key alarm that locks/unlocks, sliding left and right and back doors will not work any more. Does anyone know that programming codes to reconfigure the key to the van...?

    Thanks for all the help
  • Did anyone find the fix other than the dealer replacing the door latch for about $300? I have the exact same problem with my right side power sliding door and the liftgate.
  • I have a 2002 T&C Lxi and my driver side sliding door and liftgate do the same. It "pops" open but will not slide open. If the sliding door fails so will the liftgate. If the door opens automatically then the liftgate will open automatically. I think the fix is in that latch. There is a site that shows how to fix it yourself if you buy the latch. here is the site , link title

    I wish we could get a definite answer though from someone this this issue. Someone has to know, sounds pretty common.
  • I also have this problem. There is a TSB which addresses these exact symptoms which only involves reprogramming the "obstacle detection" sensitivity. I am going to try this first as my dealer says it should be less than $100 to do. I'll let you know if it works.

    The TSB no. is 23-004-03.
  • I have an 01 T&C as well and my right side power sliding doors does not open or close in close weather. Being here in Florida as soon as the weather warms up, it works fine.
    I have been to Chrysler dealer and engineer says it is a faulty mechanism. Since it works in warm weather, it is not worth spending $300 on in my opinion. Talking about TSB's does anyone know if this is related to any of the other problem discussed here.
  • I experienced something new with my van. I've read through the posts and none are exactly like this (although I've got a door that doesn't always work too).

    Anyway, driver side slider. Today it opened and now won't
    "latch". The van thinks it's closed since I'm not getting a 'door open' message.

    It will only open (electronically) a few inches, then stop. hit the button again, it moves a few more inches. hit the button again, etc.

    Closing, it moves the whole way, but when it gets to the stop, it 'hits' and doesn't totaly latch/close.

    I can move the door manually, but still it 'hits' and won't latch/close.

    Any ideas? where do I start!!
  • Wow if you can get it fixed for are doing good I paid $1200. to get passenger slider and rear lift gate fixed
    from chrysler...and it works great in all weather now...
  • My driver's door power window isn't working. Is there any way that I can bypass the switch so I can get it to go up? Also, where is the fuse located? My manual says that the self-resetting fuse can only be serviced by a dealer.
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