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Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Caravan Door & Window Problems



  • I seem to have a similar problem w/ my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. Several times for no apparent reason my key remote will not lock/unlock my doors? If I keep tapping the lock button, the lights flash and horn beeps letting me know they are locked, so I know the remote is working. I tried to find the fuse in the fuse box - but it isn't listed on the cover!!! So I find that if I pull ALL the fuses and reseat them - the locks work! Can someone tell me what fuse is for the locks? I think memartinez needs to go and get a refund.
  • wcs6wcs6 Posts: 2
    Did you have your airbag recall performed prior to this problem? I just had my recall service performed and the very next day my locks quit. We have an 05 T&C.
  • ezjimezjim Posts: 9
    My locks quit working again the day after I posted the dealer fixed it using computer.. I too had the airbag sensors replaced the day before this occured. Trying to get cancer surgery and worried about my door locks was bad. LOL I hope someone figurse it out real fast. Goos luck all.
  • Interesting ... I just had the same problem ... inside electric switches and remote on the key didn't work ... lights would blink, locks wouldn't work ... dealer "diagnosed and reprogrammed the body control module" ...$54.40 Also had them do the airbag sensor replacement recall work at the same time, so that wasn't the cause of the lock failure ... :(
  • Hello, I have an'01 Grand Caravan I have a couple of questions about. First, when we lower the driver's side window, we have to wait several minutes to raise it. The used car dealer I bought it from three years ago replaced the switch when this was happening before. Does that sound like a reasonable solution. Second, the van has 109000 miles on it. The trans fluid has been neglected and needs replacing, but I'm not sure when it was done last. Like an idiot I listened to the tech at a major used car chain where I bought it. He told me it was maintenance free. Manuals all say otherwise. To the best of my knowledge, this is the fluid that was replaced at 35000 miles. Should I drop the pan and change the fluid and filter, or leave it alone. No leaks, shifts normally. Also, did Chrysler ever fix their transmission issues. I don't see too many posts about vans of my vintage, but lots on the mid to late 90's vans. Thanks for your help.

  • Solution: On my 2005 GC SXT, reseating the one fuse labeled IOD fixed the issue. This fuse was located at the front right as you stand in front of the vehicle, yellow 20A. Yes, I did just have my airbag recall done last weekend as well, and just noticed this issue yesterday. Good luck!
  • I went out and took my iod yellow 20 fuse out and then blew on it and put it back in and know my car doors and locks are working.

    question: do we think the fuses is going bad or is it the connection to the fuse?
    Stacey :)
  • buzsolobuzsolo Posts: 2
    ..we have the same 2005 Town & Country Touring Van with ~ 67,000 miles. About 2 weeks ago I came to this site for advice on this exact same problem. Our door locks stopped working. The lights would flash but that was it. It does appear that everyone is having pretty much the same issue (ie: dealer needs to reset the computer, update software, etc..). I've also seen where this is costing people ~$100. Well.... for some reason, this morning when we were out shopping with our two kids (and the lock issue was really bugging us)... I thought - "why don't I just try to disconnect & reconnect the battery and perhaps this will reset the computer". THIS WORKED!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully this will save many of you some money!!!! Funny thing - the only other thing I know how to repair on a car is replacing the air filter. I'm not a mechanic at all and this worked. Good Luck!
  • wcs6wcs6 Posts: 2
    This is helpful. I hope everybody gets a chance to read this thread before they go pay a dealer $$$ for the computer hook up. I am going to print this off and take it to my dealer and see if I can get my money back for the computer reset fee. Good luck to everyone else. Chrysler definately has a problem that they are not paying attention to.
  • buzsolobuzsolo Posts: 2
    ....yeah. Trust me. The way I figured out that this was an easy fix was through these posts and through my conversations with the dealer. The dealer wanted a $96 "investigation" fee to look into the problem - and then - if it was needed, repair the problem then this amount would be applied towards the repair costs. Well.... Once I saw that most people were paying about $100 (and one recently paid ~ $46) I thought to myself that it must be a pretty simple 5 minute issue to deal with. Any repair charge less than the dealer fee tells me that the "shop" was glad to have you in that day. Some people are also "pulling out and replacing - or blowing off - the fuse" - Well in my opinion and from what it sounds like... this simply resets the whole same d*mn thing. Either way appears to work just fine.............Now..... let's don't begin to talk about the brakes...... Otherwise ... a great van. Buz Solo more item - Last week in researching this, I did call me dealer and asked if I could request a computer refresh and not be charged the "investiation fee". They did tell me they could do this but the work would not be guaranteed. van is ok now.... no thanks.
  • john197john197 Posts: 1
    The electric window on drivers side of my 2001LXI stopped working. Any one have any suggestions on Why or how to correct?
  • We have an 01 DGC EX we bought used from a Chrysler dealer back in Sep. 2003 w/37K. We had window problems right after purchase with both front windows not going up or down when using the switch. Come to find out, we needed a window motor and regulator for each window. (Was covered under warranty.) As for your trans. fluid. I'm not sure witch would be best for you. A trans. flush, draining all 14 qts. of trans. fluid out and replacing it with fresh new fluid. A trans. filter change, drain only 2 qts. out of the trans. and replacing the filter and 2 qts. drained. I would only go to a daimlerchrysler dealer to have the trans. serviced, since they are the only ones that sale the fluid for your trans. Put the wrong trans. fluid in and your trans. will die over time. :shades:
  • I pulled the fuse that you suggested and the locks worked again. But the next day I noticed that the locks won't automatically lock after driving away from a stop. Has this happened to anyone else? I will pull the fuse again but I think the results will be the same.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    The auto-lock feature is programmable (on or off), with the factory-set default being "on." I am not sure how to switch it from on to off and vice versa, but it is something that can be done.
  • maybe as easy as disconnecting the battery? or pulling the right fuse? I'll get the 9 volt hookup to the cig lighter to save the presets on the radio. If that doesn't work I'll disable the 9 volt too.
  • There is a procedure listed in the manual for turning the car on (not starting it) 4 times, then hitting the drivers lock button to enable/disable the locking feature. Might try it, as I did initially a few times before 'finding' that super-secret fuse.
  • Today I unhooked the battery and turned the key 4 times ,then reconnected the battery. The auto lock feature would still not lock the doors when I drove away. I'll try the 4 times then hit the drivers lock button. Now it seems like I read that in the owners manual.
  • where is the super secret fuse? the yellow 20A?
  • ezjimezjim Posts: 9
    I want to thank whoever figured out the fuse deal. I just tried it and it worked for me too. I had 2 dealers check it and it cost me $40 with one and nothing with the other. I'm gonna go try to get my $40 back. This 2005 Town & Country LX is a good van tho. thanks again whoever
  • I have done the fuse but i have noticed that ever couple of days I have to keep pulling it to reset [non-permissible content removed] to work. is anyone else having this problem? If so do we think the fuse is going bad or is it the connection?
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