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Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Caravan Door & Window Problems



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,269
    Mark, I think you will need to keep the battery connected while performing the procedure.
  • When I pulled my fuse, I noticed it looked corroded , all but the tip. I cleaned the corrosion and replaced it. I have had no problem since. Good luck
  • I Pulled the fuse and put it back but everyday i am having to do this otherwise my locks don't work. Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone just replaced there whole fuse yet and if so does it still happen?

  • I've pulled this fuse out a couple times as well and after a short time, my locks stop working. My lock button on remote and drivers side door do not allow to lock / unlock the doors. It's pretty annoying. I haven't found a labeled fuse that deals with door locks which would be too helpful. I will try replacing the fuse altogether but the fuse doesn't look bad. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks. 2005 Dodge Grand Carivan SXT. I'm starting to think this should be another recall item?
  • I was hoping someone had the answer to this as I've pulled and replaced my fuse 4 times so far which does fix the locks until I get in and drive somewhere and then they quit working again. This is getting ridiculous. I'm very disappointed in the quality of these Dodge Caravans. We've also had problems with the automatic doors. argh..
    I don't think you should see these problems in a 2 year old van. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • I emailed Chrysler about this problem. I also stated that it sounds like recall time. Let's see if they even respond. Jim
  • I got online tonight searching for help as I have had my 2005 Town and Country Touring in for this lock matter 6 times!@!! We would take out the fuse and clean it off and put it back in and it would work for a couple of days, then it got to where that didn't work. We then replaced the fuse. This worked for about 1-2 weeks. Then, taking the fuse out would not work at all. So, we finally took it to the dealership. They said it was the BCM, but this was very unusual. So, they replaced it. It worked for about a day. They wanted to see it again (trip #3 as the BCM part always has to be ordered). We switch all 3 carseats over to my husband's car (VERY tight fit!!) and take it back in. They said it was the BCM again. We said they need to find what is causing the BCM to blow and fix it. They need to order it again! Another week goes by (it has now been a few months) and the part is in, so we switch car seats yet another time and take the van in. They replace it and it fails them as soon as they test it. They said they talked with Engineering and THEY said a new BCM is needed (not a rebuilt-we were never told we were getting rebuilts!!). AGAIN we said they need to find the cause for the BCM's to be blowing. Engineering was supposedly overnighting the new part. 8 days later I called them and they found the part there (magically!). So, we brought it in for the 6th time! This time the service manager and my husband were brought back to test it before we left with the van. It worked. My husband drove it from the dealership about 15 minutes and parked it. I went over to it about 2 hours later and the doors were not locked, so I tried to lock them and they don't work!!!!!! I called the dealership immediately and they said they really don't know what to do. They need to see it again and talk with Engineering. I left a message for the service manager today that I would be willing to bring it in to them one more time and leave with a loner so they will keep it until it is fixed. This was early this afternoon and he did not call me back. I am at a complete loss. The next nearest dealership is almost an hour away. OH did I mention that I purchased the extended warranty and paid the $50 deductable the first time, but have never been offered a loaner vehicle as they have never kept it overnight. On the one hand I am glad to see I am not the only one with this problem, but unfortunately, no one seems to have an answer! Thanks for letting me rant!
  • It has been several days now and still no reply from Chrysler about this problem.. Sure seems strange that a problem that is affecting so many people doesn't get solved. I think maybe we should contact our representives and just maybe we can get some action.
  • Add me to your list. My 2005 T&C locks stopped working yesterday. They don't work after while driving in excess of 15 mph like they should, nor do they work from the remote or the door controls. I have 53,000 on my van & bought it brand new. Of course, I was told "not under warranty". In addition to this, I've already had to replace the power steering resorvoir (sp), front brakes & rotors at 40,000, new tires this summer, new rear brakes this summer AND a new EGR valve replacement. NOW THIS!
  • I've had the same problem at about 55,000 miles. I've had it to the dealer, and they could do nothing. I replaced the BCM, and nothing. This really NEEDS to be a recall. Also the EGR valve issue. I had to replace that as well! What do we all need to do to get this recalled???
  • I just called Chrysler to complain about this issue. If we want them to do a recall I think everyone needs to call Chrysler and complain. The phone number is 1-800-853-1403. You'll need the last 8 digits of your VIN.
  • Chrysler has me on hold while they research this problem. I was just told that they won't do anything about the door locks. He said they are out of warranty. Now this is BullCrap. He asked if there was anything else he could help me with. I told him " I don't talk to paid off flunkys. Then I hung up on the idiot.
  • how many people have called chrysler about the lock problem. i am thinking if we can get enough people to complain then they have to do something besides tell us that they aren't in warranty anymore. :mad:
  • I will definately call! I talked to my dealership again, and my van is going in for the 7th time for the locks. I told them they need to give me a loaner and keep the van until it is fixed. I cannot keep switching carseats and re-arranging my schedule over and over for this. They agreed to my terms. The problem is, everyone at this dealership (except the guy who is seeing it Monday) has worked on it and they have no clue. And, from reading everyone's responses here, I think Chrysler in general doesn't know what the problem or how to fix it is. My other concern is that since it appears that most of us have had this problem after the air bag recall was done, are our air bags working properly. What all is controlled by the BCM? This being the Body Control Module, and holding all the software, the only function cannot be to work the 4 front locks. And, it is interesting that everyone seems to be having this problem after about 50,000 miles. I'm copying several of these threads and taking them with me to the dealership in the hopes they can help them to think to look at something else. I'll keep you up to date!!! (everyone)
  • Update on my van. It's at the dealership right now. They had it all day and called me to say that the now need to replace the Master Control Switch. Supposedly the part will be in tomorrow and I get to keep the rental van until then. They also are supposed to be giving me a list of all the things that the BCM controls. Hopefully this will work. I'm not too optimistic, but am glad that at least it is a new part that they are replacing. I will update ya'll as to whether or not this works. Let's hope this is the solution we have all been looking for!!
  • well keep us all updated so that if we need to all go to the dealership and get the same thing done then we can. We need to figure it out and then make them recall it so we all can get everything fixed for free. thanks
  • Well, I picked up my van today. The part they replaced was the Power Lock Switch in the driver's door. I had high hopes. Everything was working fine for a few hours, but now the sliding door on the driver's side doesn't lock or unlock with power button. All others are, though so this is a significant improvement. And I didn't find this until after dealership hours, so I will call them tomorrow. What a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]!!! I love my van and really this is the only problem I've had, but boy, I have been dealing with this forever!!! I'll keep you informed.

    One question for everyone, though... if you manually open or close your sliding doors, are they pretty heavy? Mine are, but I thought that was normal, beings how they have a motor and all. The rental I had for the last 2 days was a 2007 Caravan with power sliding doors and they were about 1/2 as heavy. I kept slamming them by accident since I was used to really putting some muscle into opening or shutting them. Kind of wonder if this may be a connection to the locks not working. I know, I'm probably grasping at straws, here.
  • Hello all.
    I came to this site like many of you to get some questions answered about my power sliding doors.
    The passenger power sliding door stopped working about 2 months ago. Sometimes it would work then nothing...
    Well yesterday I opened the door and was surprised to see sparks flying down near the track at the bottom of the door.
    After some inspecting, I have found a wire that has been cut in two and making contact with the body of the van causing the sparks. Could this be the problem with my sliding door? The answer is yes. I just installed a new plastic wire track and everything works fine. $56.70 later... This is an 2005 model should this be happening already? Its a bad design. All the engineers have to do is wrap the exposed wires in another plastic wire loom...
    Problem solved. If anybody else is having problems with your power sliding door check your wires. :) ">
  • OK here's the scoop... The lock in the driver's side sliding door was bad. To replace this, they have to take the door apart. While it was apart they found the gear for the motor for the sliding door was bad (this is why it has been so heavy to open/close). They replaced this also. So far my locks are working properly and the door is SO much easier to open and close. They have ordered another gear for the other door as it is heavy, too. Funny thing is, I think these doors haven't worked right since I bought it as I don't ever remember it being this easy to open the doors and I purchased this van new with 5 miles on it!! I don't know if there is any connection with the door gears and the locks or not. Hope this has helped some people.
  • I have the same problem with my driver's side sliding door. The dealership called to tell me we have to replace gear/motor also. They said they took the whole door apart and found it to be electrical problem. They've quoted me $800.00 for the part. The service rep. said he's never seen this happen before. Did you pay nearly this much?
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