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Ford Freestyle Rear Brakes



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    My FWD Freestyle is now 14 months old and I continue to see far more brake dust on the rear wheels than on the front. In fact, I never see any on the front.

    Same with mine, but only the rear driver's side. I have 33K miles and no brake problems, other than the dust.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Are we talking rear brakes only here?

    How many miles on the odometer and what were the symptoms?

    Rear brakes only with 8000 miles on the car since last July.

    Symptoms were I could feel the brake pedal pulsing when I applied moderate to heavy braking. I knew something was wrong and I suspected the rear brake pad problem that has been talked about here.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Call me bigfoot, but I have to be consciously aware of where my right foot is resting. My foot is big enough that I hit the accelerator and brake if I'm not careful.

    I don't have a problem with hitting the brake while I'm accelerating, just vice versa.

    I was referring to the people that use the right foot for the gas and the left foot for the brake, and have a tendency to hit both at the same time.
  • phylliswphyllisw Posts: 1
    I too have an 05 FWD Freestyle. My rear brake pads were replaced 2 weeks ago at 36,500 miles. A week later my right rear brake got red hot. It hasn't happened again but I wanted the dealership to check it before I make any long road trips. Today, the dealership tells me the emergency brake has been on just a tiny bit. I said it couldn't possibly be. I have never used it because my left leg will not bend to press it down and the emergency brake light was not activated. Then they thought it might be defective pads "but it is hard to prove defects on something like that". So now they have ordered rear pads at their cost ($about $7 less than what I paid the first time and will give me a break on labor. I don't think that is acceptable. If the emergency brake is so sensitive and doesn't activate the warning light, then that sounds like a recall issue. I have really enjoyed the Freestyle until this episode. I am going to talk to the dealer/owner when I go in for the work.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    It doesn't sound like a recall issue, it sounds like the mechanic that installed the new brakes didn't do it correctly.
  • summewesummewe Posts: 14
    phyllisw - I too have never used my my emergency brake. The mechanic tried to say it was inadvertantly on and wore down the back brakes -- not so. Other than my brake problem I'm happy with the car (so far).
  • carstenbcarstenb Posts: 37
    there's an issue with the rear brakes, see e.g. my post #711. the brake pads tend to lock up by themselves. i think they have replacement pads which solve the problem, not sure if there is a TSB or so.

  • I just took my 2005 Freestyle in and had the same problem with the rear brakes. They said my parking brake must have been engaged, but I know for a fact that it wasn't I rarely use the thing anyway. Basically my brake pads are gone and I need to get new ones. I only have 20,000 miles on my vehicle. Did you find out any information that would help me get this problem solved. Thanks for any information.
  • I had new rear brakes at about 19000 miles. It was grinding. Of course it wasn't covered. I noticed now that one back brake has the black dust all over the wheel. Has that happened to anyone.
  • Not sure what year your Freestyle is. On some early 2005's there was problem with the rear pads. The metal in the pads would react with the metal in the rotors, corrode, and cause vibration and noise. I have been told that these defective pads "did not" cause a lot of brake dust. Ford came out with TSB 05-4-7 in March of 2005. This TSB called for replacement of brakes on 2005 models built between 5/17/2004 and 2/9/2005. The new pads, are the ones that coat the rear wheels with dust and last about 20,000 - 25,00 miles. When the rear wheels quit getting covered with brake dust, you probably need new brakes. My 2006 brakes made it until 25,000 before they were gone. My dealer did cover the pads and turning the rotors under my extended warranty.
  • I just had the same problem. My rear pads lasted until over 30k miles because I do mostly highway driving. I am SOL, but I did find out that the problem with the rear pads wearing quickly is due to the balance of braking between the front brakes and the rear brakes. The engineers were trying to stop the car quickly while keeping "nose dive" to a minimum. This meant a larger proportion of the breaking is done by the rear brakes than in most cars. This is an ongoing complaint that all the dealers are hearing about and Ford is currently observing/evaluating the situation. Basically, that means that Ford is aware of the many customers who are complaining about their rear brakes but they don't know if they are going to do anything about it.

    Bottom line, this sucks!!! I have never had any brakes go out before 50k on any Ford I have owned. This is how car companies lose customers. A recognized problem, but they are not willing to help. I even offered a pro rated solution and got turned down by the local rep and the customer relationship center (CRC). The local rep is the one who gave me all this info, so I at least felt like he heard me, but the CRC was worthless. A complete waste of time not too mention, I was waiting for someone to pick up the phone for 20 minutes.

    I don't know who I will buy my next car from, but if nothing changes, it won't be a Ford.

    From a loyal Ford owner (6 cars in 15 years).
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,452
    my wife had a saab that needed new pads at 30k. i kind of think it is not so unusual, although aggravating. i wouldn't switch brands based on brake pads.
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    Took my '05 LTD in yesterday and had wheels rotated and balanced, front end alignment and brakes checked. 27k, mostly in town driving, I'm famous for using brakes too hard, and was glad to hear the results- 60% lining left on the front and 40% left on the rear. Build date was in Oct '04 with purchase on 11/29/04.
  • I had essentially the same experience. Took my '05 SE in for its 30K service about two weeks ago (actual mileage 29,500). About 55% left on the brakes both front and rear. I still have about 5,000 miles left on the original Continental tires as well. Interestingly, mine is an early build, too, with a November '04 build date. We didn't buy it, though, until June '05, so it was on the dealer's lot for a while.
  • I'm glad to hear you didn't have a problem. One of the 2 posts mentioned Continental tires which means it was a 17" wheel and I have the 18" wheel. If you have had your rear brakes checked after 25k miles, can you reply here on whether you have 17 or 18 inch wheels? I am curious if the 18" wheels are causing more of the problem. Also, respond if you have had a hitch installed.

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    On the other hand, I have 38,000 miles on my Freestyle SE FWD with no problems to either brakes or tires. I do mostly highway driving and stop/start gradually. I think it's crazy the people that zoom from red light to red light because at my more gradual pace I end up at the same place at the same time as the zoomers. I occasionally miss a green light, but so what. It's a whole lot easier on the car.
  • I agree. That is how I drive (75% expressway miles). That is what makes this so wrong. I have read people who have their rear brakes go out around 20k. I have always gotten right around 60k on my previous 5 Ford vehicles' brakes. Getting half that isn't right.
  • I went 90k miles on my 96 Taurus before I replaced the brakes. The still had 50% left on them. But by then, the rotors had been warped, and other things necessitated a repair job.
  • If it is true that they directed more braking to the rears than they should have beefed up the rear brakes. The rotor in the back is about half as thick as the front and the pads are about 1/3 the size.

    Obviously another case of poor engineering! :(
  • Well, it was either poor engineering or poor communication. I could see one group responsible for the braking electronics and another group being responsible for the braking mechanics. If these 2 groups don't talk then this is what happens.

    At any rate, assuming Ford doesn't change their response, I will let my dollars do the talking for me the next time I get a car. Considering my 2000 Focus has over 100k, that may be real soon. Seems a shame because up until now, I planned on getting another Focus; I really like that car.

    Oh well. I am sure I can find another car out there that I like. There are plenty to choose from in that price range.
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