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Ford Freestyle Rear Brakes



  • Going to the Ford dealership Tuesday about these brakes. If Ford will not fix them I am taking it to a private place Thursday. I also contacted a lemon law lawyer here in Wisconsin. He wants me to call him back Wednesday with Fords answer.

    This should not be acceptable in any way shape or form. My next car will be either a Subaru Forester or Honda CR-V. Enough of this .....

    I wonder if the Tarus X was a change because of all the problems with Freestyle! How can you go three model years with rear brake issues and no fix?
  • I filed a complain with the nhtsa on this break issue. I suggest everyone else do the same. Something needs to be done we shouldn't be eating the cost of this every 15-20K is the website
  • I took my 2005 Freestyle (93K miles) in for maintenace service today and they said I need rear brakes/calipers again (4th time for brakes). I think I've had enough. Ford replaced the brakes once, reimbursed me once, and the third was on my own. The brakes/calipers on the rear will be $1068. Enough is enough.
  • OMG....I have had enough too. Ford told me they only guranteed the replacement brakes for 12K so I am out of warranty for those....which is BS since the TSB extended the warrnaty to 36K or 3 years. Not only that I was vigilant about having them checked and when they were in the yellow a year ago with only 10K on them they blew me off then.

    I filed a complaint with the nhtsa which is about this being a safety issue that maybe if enough freestyle owners filed they would light a fire under Ford.

    Alan Mulally was just on CBS Good Morning this past Sunday saying how Ford is turning their business around yadah yadah! I am writing him a letter about this with the whole story!! Do not contact the customer service center they will just blow you off. I am assuming Mulally is at ford headquarters in Dearborn so....

    The more we all scream about this issue maybe we will be heard....makes me wonder what CHANGES they made on the Tarus X!!
  • I took my Freestyle to an independent garage today recommended by a friend. Apparently the company they order parts from has heard of this issue and is recommending a different set of pads to try. Both rotors are being replaced too and my brake lines need to be flushed out due to water. That part they said is normal due to time, climate and if I park in a damp garage.

    My calipers were good and so are the front brakes. i had requested a radiator flush and they said it tested good and factory recommendations wasn't until 100K or to retest every so often.

    I will post the name of the brakes etc when I get it back tonight...maybe this will help others.

    Pattie :lemon:
  • Now I got told there was a brake swelling issue when this first happened! Ask anyone with a Volvo if they have the same not!

    I am getting my second set of rear brakes and now rotors in 34K in 4 years! needless to say I am NOT happy with Ford...filed a complaint with the NHSTA and the state of WI lemon law. People need to scream and raise hell about this!! Models 2005 thru 7 have an issue with rear brake wear!

    An independent shop is trying a different type of brake shoe to see if this works better...will post later check this list

    pattie :lemon:
  • Somewhat related question. Ford replaced our 2007 Freestyle Limited's brakes at 26,000 and I just had them replaced at 58,800 yesterday, this time NOT by our Ford dealership and at my expense. It was just the back brakes. The place that replaced them is trustworthy. I've brought my truck in twice and they sent me home at not charge and told me my pads were fine, so I DO trust them.

    The guy said that it "looked" like whoever replaced them before put fronts on the backs. I thought quick enough to get the pads from him, but I'm dump founded on how to find out if that was the case.

    Here are all the numbers on the pads, anyone else have any suggestions?
    Bosch, KF 6008, 0204, 207464, then there is 211.7 on 2 of them and 215.7 on the other two.

    This was our last Ford, between my wife and me, it was our 6th, and we've NEVER had problems with them like this one. We are waiting a Throttle Body to come in so it can be replaced. The part is back ordered until December. We can at least drive it, for the moment.
  • I am tired of reading about how Ford continues to ignore this issue. There is no recall just a TSB. Brakes wearing out at 15K to 20K miles is NOT "normal". My expert mechanic (X-Ford and certified) looked at my 2005 Freestyle "premature" brake wear. The problem is clearly a design flaw. Also, being the same platform and sharing brake parts, the 500 has the same problem but usually goes longer to 30K miles which consumers and so-called "mechanics" just accept as normal. This is analagous to a doctor who doesn't know what's wrong with you but just keeps prescribing medicine and charging you for the office visit. It appears the caliper is not built to correct specs, allowing the piston to push the pad too far and into a cocked or jammed position, wearing and eventually scoring the rotor.. This does not allow the piston to return to its original position (when you let up on the brake pedal) thus causing drag and the premature pad wear (12-15K miles). The unique (flawed?)design requires the pistons to turn into the cylinder and requires using a special tool when replacing pads. On the 500, the pins could also "freeze" as a result of the piston problem. In my 2005, according to my expert, the piston traveled ALL THE WAY OUT but luckily the cylinder did not leak. If it had leaked, that brake would fail and the balance system should still allow you to brake but possibly causing loss of control like to a woman with kids in the car. Ford and their dealers have virtually ignored the situation and deny any problem (too few cars to worry about). Whatever happened to their Customer Satisfaction Program? My expert says the only preventive step is to replace the pads BEFORE they wear to this point or the same problem will occur as it has for MANY other owners. Its much cheaper to replace pads than calipers and rotors. Ford will do nothing on a car being phased out, although there have been recall notices on the 500 since they are keeping them. But the two cars SHARE all the brake parts so the 500 forum will be getting much bigger.
  • What a bunch of whiners you are. It's obvious the car has underdesigned rear rotors - Ford screwed up. It's obvious Ford is floundering. But all in all the 05 Freestyle is an excellent car of far superior value and safety to Subaru or whatever else is out there. In fact, the Freestyle is designed based on Volvo, Ford had access to all of Volvo's designs when they bought Volvo years back.

    The fix is simple - spend a little more money and buy rotors that are slotted and drilled - therefore remain far cooler. In fact I never replace rotors on any car that are not slotted and drilled. Also use ceramic pads that are almost always guaranteed for life. Sure it will cost you a few hundred more bucks for this kind of upgrade, and I'd agree it is Ford's fault, but it's well worth it for every car you own whenever you replace the rotors. And in the end costs less than your pathetic effort of your endlessly complaining, and less than buying a Subaru.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Ford screwed up. It's obvious Ford is floundering.

    That seems like a pretty compelling reason to not complain about the Freestyle's faults. However, one could interpret that as whining. :P

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • But owners SHOULDN'T have to replace the rotors on a car that is that new. That wonderful Volvo design that you mentioned was the main reason we bought the car. Ours was an '07. My wife drives a lot and we were expecting # 1 and why not put your wife and child in a Ford Volvo?

    My bigger problem, unrelated to brakes is the throttle body has gone bad in ours and we can't get a new one until December (at the earliest). This happen in August. I would gladly PAY to have it fixed, but there isn't a part to fix it with, and Ford doesn't seem to care. So I've been paying for a car since August that is unreliable. I guess this is just being pathetic and complaining to?
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    I replaced the rear brakes at about 35,000 miels (and recently my front brakes) on my '05 Freestyle FWD with 75,000 miles. I bought aftermarket ceramic pads (about $50 for front and rear) and had a local shop put them in for $100. I was reimbursed by Ford for the cost of replacing the rear brakes. I kept on the original rotors. So far, I haven't had any big problems with the Freestyle.

    As far as Volvo...I paid $23,000 for my Freestyle back in Feb 2005 and if I could have found a Volvo that seated 7 at that price I might have done so!
  • I have an 05 Limited AWD. It has 29000 miles on it and have just put on its 3rd set of rear brake pads, the originals, warranty replacement and now by my mechanic. The rotors have been turned both front and back two times. I have only 12000 miles since the warranty replacement two years ago. The left rear pad had only about 10% left. Also I had a front caliper bolt broke. I hope the after market pads are better than fords, 12000 miles per set of pads is not very good. I did call my dealership and got no where. Customer service is out the window. This is my first ford and maybe the last after this brake episode.
  • I just discovered this forum this evening after returning from my Ford dealership, which allegedly spent the day inspecting my '06 Freestyle, at my insistence, 3 weeks after I had the second set of rear brake pads installed on my Freestyle, along with a new set of rear rotors. My rear pads were replaced in March 2009 at 31,000 miles, but Ford covered it as part of a program it had at that time. I didn't think much of it then, but I did this September when, after only 16,844 miles, I was told that the rear pads were toast again, along with the rotors. This time: no program, so it came out of my pocket. I was incredulous at how this could happen. Dealer's attitude was -- your warranty is up, there's no Ford program available, the guarantee on the replacements has expired. Translation: We don't have to do anything for you, and we're not going to. After I complained to Ford Motor Co., they were suddenly interested in having me bring it in for a complete inspection, providing me a courtesy car at their expense. At the end of the day, all they did was replace the "slide pins" on the front calipers (at their expense, at least). The same service manager who 3 weeks ago asked me how my wife brakes when she drives, and hemmed and hawed and insisted he had no idea what could be causing this problem, tells me tonight that it's "par for the course" with this model and that all I had to do was go online and search "Freestyle AND brake wear" and I'd find plenty of info. Sure enough, I landed at this forum. I am simply outraged that the dealer misled me earlier. And I'm stunned that Ford won't stand behind its product and do right by its customers. :lemon:
  • I have 06 FS, have the rear break recall at 5k. Get a new rear pad and re-surface rotor. I was told by the dealership service manager yesterday that I need new rear pad again at ony 33k. I was told not cover by any warranty and thank you for $200+. Front pad never serviced and still in very good shape. I have other cars driving for 60k still with original pads. Is there a design flaw? Anyone file any complaint?
  • Oh yes ma'am! And they actually sent out a recall on them!!!!! Which I used and replaced them at 32,000 miles. Of course they said it was the pads. And 30,000 miles later they have to be replaced again. These cars should not be having that. I am of course a "woman driver" as my husband states so my front brakes should be the ones needing to be replaced and i haven't had a problem with them. so i have had mine done twice with 82000 miles on my car! i was told the rear brakes should be lasting atleast 100,000 miles. My in laws own a 2006 and have replaced theirs 4 times!
  • i agree completely! and i also agree that i know nothing about brakes! but then why the recall?
  • mssweene1mssweene1 Posts: 2
    I tried using the special tool from autozone and got the drivers side caliper back. I then used it on the passengerside and it didn't work...Long story short the tool is now stuck in the caliper and I can't get the cylinder to compress. Any suggestions?
  • mssweene1mssweene1 Posts: 2
    The tool is stuck by the cylinder being too far out to be able to remove it.
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