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Ford Mustang Electrical Problems



  • mygt350rmygt350r Posts: 1
    i have a moderately modified 05 GT and my cruise control quit working. The light does not even come on. I took it to ford and they hooked it up to the computer and tried to briefly trouble shoot the problem. We checked alot of sensor and switches that all seemed to be working fine. He told me to bring it back another time (because he was originally fixing a recall). Does anyone have any suggestions other than fuses? That is the only problem i have had.
  • Hello,
    I have a 98 Mustang V6 automatic 3.8L engine. My problems first started when my aftermarket cd player gave out and wouldn't eject the cd and I couldn't adjust the volumn. I ended up pulling the whole player out of the dash and disconnecting it. Shortly after this, my odometer stopped at about 163,000 miles and my check engine light came on. Couldn't find anything wrong, car working fine otherwise. Then my emergency brake light came on even though my brake wasn't engaged. Started to have difficulties getting the car started, especially in cold. Battery meter and power started fluctuating for no apparent reason. Had battery tested, it was bad, bought new battery. Seemed to solve the problem for a while. Then, power started fluctuating again and finally all gauges went out and car died. Assumed bad alternator. Got new alternator, installed it and seemed to fix the problem. Car worked great for 3 days, no fluctuating power, starting fine. Day 4, car completely dead, only clicks when I try to start, power locks not even working. Did the bad alternator drain my new battery or could I possibly have another bad alternator? Also, have been having what I assume are transmission problems, car jerks at certain speeds when accelerating, worst at 45mph. Would this have anything to do with my electrical problems? Could it have to do with the emergency brake light being on? Could I have messed up some important wires in the dash when I took out my cd player? Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really need a new car, but just can't afford it right now. Thanks
  • gtforme2gtforme2 Posts: 23
    Your message is very interesting to me. I have an 05 Mustang GT vert (delivery in June of 05) that only comes out to play from May -Oct. and only on nice days. Have had it parked the last three winters and only started it once in January each year (including Jan 08) and never an issue. Then this April needed to move it and wham nothing. Interior lights would work, radio would turn itself on at half volume and the CD changer (have the 500 watt system) would go whacky and would act like changing CD's and there were no CD's in it. So, I took Jumper cables and took long time to charge battery enough to start, got it started ran it for an hour and shut off. Tried to start right back up and was as dead as dead could be. Called the dealer they towed it (still under warranty) and diagnosed as battery shot. Replaced Battery and starts fine. Also complained about vibration and told them read about drive shaft rotation and possible muffler hanger issue's read here on forum. What's dumb [non-permissible content removed] technicians do, they say they drive the car steering wheel vibration and shuttering and so they turn my rotors :mad: . I'm livid about that. I specifically told the Service Advisor the vibration was only at between 1300-1400 rpm and then again at between like 3250 & 3400 rpm. I plan to drive car soon but am waiting on some good days (missed couple this past week) which won't be until next week. Man it's frustrating dealing with people who aren't willing to let the customer help them. I figure tech's needed to get paid for something so they create a diagnosis that's not there and that way dealership can put in warranty claim and make some money. Believe me next time I'll ensure they call me after they have a diagnosis and perform any kind of work.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    very inexpensive from Wal-mart. Idling the car for an hour will not charge a dead battery.

  • reshat2reshat2 Posts: 1
    A few of you guys own my car, it seems. I have a 98 v6 Mustang Manual Transmission. I bought it 4 years ago with about 55k, and now have about 115k on it. About 2 years ago I had my first experience. One day when I was enjoying my AC, my internal lights flickered, and my battery meter dropped right in front of my eyes until my car died. I sat there for a few minutes, called for help, then it just started, and I drove home. Then for the next few weeks, I replaced the battery (wouldn't hold a charge), alternator, oh battery again (in like 10 days), alternator again, and then gone, no problems. In the clear right? Wrong, tonight, I go out to my car to leave, it wont start, totally dead, lights, interior, key chain power locks, everything. By the way, while I was inside it was pouring rain for 40 minutes like you read about, monsoon like. I have my buddy jump me right? Wrong. Still no power. My other buddy hooks up his jumper cables, and still nothing. While were are fooling around with the cables, my interior lights turn on, then it works, starts right up. Story over right? Wrong. Driving home, when I rolled down a bit, all my lights flickered, and my battery voltage meter went up slightly. It normally sits right in the middle, not tonight, about 75% or so. Then when I pulled in safely at my home, me being the smart guy I am, I started rolling up my windows, and when it got to the top, it started squealing and all my lights flickered. Not going down, only up, after it was at the top totally. Then all my lights flashed, my windows wouldn't go down, although my car was started, headlights on, stereo on.... shut it off. Totally dead. No lights or anything. Now I can understand that at this point in time my battery is dead.... but that is not the problem... it seems water related... ground related... AND... I also have the vibration, it made my mirrors fall off... sad I know :( ....I also have a squeak that wont go away, no matter how times I change what they tell me too... An earlier post said his problem was firewall leakage... I am going to follow up on that. Hope this helps... And by the way I love my mustang. Dont take it out on your car! lol
  • jc71676jc71676 Posts: 1
    Today my 2005 mustang would start but the windows,locks,radio,guages and the car wouldnt go into gear i was messing with the car and unplugged a plug right above the fuse box on the inside of the car and plugged it back in and everything started working I was wondering what that plug is for.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,664
    First off, replace your battery cables and clean the connections on BOTH ends of BOTH cables. Also make sure your engine is properly grounded to the chassis. This will eliminate this one obvious problem and it's simple to do. If the symptoms persist, ,this sounds to me like a wiring harness issue or an ignition switch issue.
  • 96gt96gt Posts: 1
    did you ever figure out what was wrong with your emergency brake light? because mine has turned on and it isn't engaged, and my check engine light is on but nothing is wrong with it, and before i go and buy some fuses i wanted to know if you figured out what was wrong?
  • quade420quade420 Posts: 3
    The only thing that worked on my '89 5.0 was the the tach...good times...
  • Kinda of strange problem I can't seem to figure out with my 03 cobra. Pretty much my blinkers work with my headlights off, but as soon as I turn my headlights on my blinkers in the front of the car stop working. The rears are fine no matter what.

    Now at one point it seems someones had their hands all over this car changing and modding it so who knows what was touch and how they did it. I also noticed that the front headlights don't seem to be original so someone swapped out the headlights. I have yet to replace them but I changed the bulbs and took the flasher out from another car that I knew worked. Still nothing.

    Problem is I need to pass inspection and they won't with my blinkers no working, if anyone has any ideas let me know. I'm thinking maybe I need to just replace the headlights all together. Could someone have messed with the wiring? If anyone's got any idea's let me know i'll give em a shot.
  • soestersoester Posts: 1
    I have an electrical problem with my mustang for a while and fixed it by changing a fuse once in a while. the fuse is a blue no. 15 and is for the brake lights and turnsignal. three days a ago the lights stop working again, but this time the a/c stop blowing cold air and the engine idles rough. i had a tune up not too long ago where i changed, spark plugs, sparkplug wires, airfilter, fuel filter and oil. but now changing the fuse doesn't help anymore and somebody suggested to me to change the relays, so i did and nothing changed. changed the flasher as well not too long ago but problem if anybody experienced the same problem and found the solution please let me know. a car is vital in orlando fl. p.s. due to a minor accident the bumper and fender got fixed and the left headlight and turnsignal replaced. that's when the trouble with changing the fuses started
  • Did you ever figure out what the vibration problems were? I have a 2000 v6 stang and I'm in the same situation. It seems to be getting worse :(
  • just today like 2-3 hours ago while driving my lights inside my car, more specificaly the lights in the dash board more importantly the instrument cluster lights shut off and WILL NOT come back on. i was wondering if it may have been a fuse. checked... nope, no fuse was blown. anybody have any ideas on how i can fix this problem...???
  • while not trying to be funny but did you check the bulb, some times this condition is caused by the filliment or a short in the front if it is the rear one that stays on and vice a verse
  • I have a 2005 Gt. About a month ago my check engine light came on and my car would crap out. We thought it was a fuel problem but it turned out to be the alternator. We replaced the alternator and everything was great until this past Friday. The battery light came on and we had a message on the dash, "Check charging system" We figured it was the battery since it ran completly down when we changed the alternator. We went down and bought a new battery and it seemed to work but then on Sunday the battery light came back on along with the same message. Thinking that we must have a bad alternator we replaced it and it worked great until Monday morning. Same thing, battery light came on with same message, "Check Charging System" I was able to go to work and back home(approx. 60 miles). I went back out and tried to start it but it was completley dead. HELP!!!! Does anyone have any idea of what it could be? I have not had any luck with Ford service departments either. I have 78,000 miles and nothing is under warranty anymore. I have had the same problem as some other posts, fuel tank, radio,etc. I have learned to live with the gas tank after they repalced it twice. I have found that id I go to certain gas stations I can't get past $20.00 but if I go to Chevron or Shell I have no problem. I have come to the relixation that the gas nozzles might be a contributing factor. If anyone has any suggestions on the electrical problems please let me know
  • Well first thing I'd have the alternator TESTED for actual quantitative output.

    If you are buying alternators from big chain stores this might be the problem as their failure rate is rather high.

    But anyway, batteries and alternators can be tested. You don't have to guess on this problem. Also the car should be tested for a large battery drain.
  • I have a 2005 Mustang (v6), and when I get in it in the morning the car struggles to start. Also as of late the windows wont auto roll up or slightly go down when the door opens like it normally does (doesnt matter if its morning or afternon). Also the windows wont roll up all the way. Sometimes when I start it up the radio resets and you can hear it cycle through the cds (even though there is none in there). When it is warm outside the car seems to start fine but windows still have the issue. I have had a battery put in there by Ford last year, for different reasons.

    I have checked all the fuses and they are all fine.
  • Okay, same advice for you. Have the alternator output checked, the battery load-tested, and a test for "starter draw" (amperage draw when cranking).
  • starter draw and alt. charge is normal. Battery seemed to be drawing power when we cleaned the terminals (sparking). Also the passenger door works fine and the drivers door won't auto roll up and won't auto roll up the 1/2 inch or so it does when you shut the door.

    Any suggestion?
  • I posted on here about an electrical issue I was having with my 2005 Mustang GT. I had changed the alternator 4 times 2 ourselves and two by a automotive shop. Each alternator was bought from a large chain dealer. We found out,finally, that the alternator we were buying were not compatable with the card. We ended up having to go to Ford and have a Ford alternator put on. It cost of $800 for parts and labor but I was willing to pay anything to figure out why the alternators kept going out. It has been two months and the card runs great. I was told by Ford that it is some type of chip that needs to be compatable with the computer. At this point I didn't care because my card actually is running now.
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