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Ford Mustang Electrical Problems



  • moyo71moyo71 Posts: 6
    Is there a way that I can get the PCM tested to see if it's good or bad? After I replace the alternator two days ago I have not came across the issues that I was having but I would want to go ahead and get the PCM tested just to make sure.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
    well you could go back to Autozone and have the scan the car's computer--they'll probably do it for free; otherwise, if your charge light isn't on, I'd just see what happens. As I said, rebuilt units from chain stores are a dodgy thing.


  • moyo71moyo71 Posts: 6
    My car does not have any check engine light on at this time and Autozone will not be able to check it. It might be just that the alternator was bad... if it was then I learn my lesson for next time... but I will be take it to a shop to make sure that the pcm is good just to be on the safe side.
    Thanks a lot Mr. Shiftright for helping me out.

    Thanks you
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,413
    Oh i don't think you have to do that...if the PCM weren't functioning, you'd know it. You might have the shop check all your battery cables, connections and ground cables however. You see, when the voltage drops, for whatever reason (bad battery, bad alternator, bad connections, etc.) your car's computer goes nuts---so we can't say with any certainly at the moment that the PCM was actually doing something wrong. It does, however, control the charging rate.


  • billyboy54billyboy54 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have a problem that has been going on for over a year that ford cant seem to find.Every so often my dash lights come on engine light brake light hot light .My directionals work outside but dont blink on my dash gas gauge doesnt work.I have changed my battery 2 times in the last year.Yesterday after picking up my car from ford they told me they found some bad grounds and put a new battery in after 3 days my lights are back on and the car is back with ford.Can anyone offer any fixes to this problem before I give up and sell the car even thou I love it.The car has only 40 thousand miles Only after market item installed in car was satelite radio and i pod connection.Cruise control light on dash doesnt come on when i start it but does show up on dash once i set it.Radio buttons around radio dont light up
  • lexor7734lexor7734 Posts: 1
    drain by windsheild was clogged ,it leaked into the car. took to ford to fix . they removed dash ,carpet and under matting . after 5 days of waiting they called and said was finished and to come pick it up. told us it would have a 1yr warrenty on repair well just after the year and 6000 miles the tach sits sometimes at 1000rpm and then will work somtimes the speedometer will go spastic bouncing from 0-120 while driving then will be normal , then for no reason the car alarm will go off .we called and they said to bring it in when it is doing this .but the thing is .it doesn't do it long enough for us to get it there . any advice to the problem will help
  • I have a 2002 Mustang LS convertable. Back in October my daughter was driving home during daylight hours her boyfriend with her car shut down he says seems like alternaor. They attached a battery jump pack to battery and got vehicle home. car sat for probably one month. replaced alternator. Car started missing at around 45 to 50 mph just a little. became extremely worse check engine light on. small hand held computer indicates that had a # 3 misfire. replaced coil pac plugs and wires no relief. can even get car to start now. I am being told it is the car's computor. also being told that it is not very common at all. please help siting idol in Tabernacle
  • mach1girlmach1girl Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    I have a 2004 Mustang Mach 1 and the ABS Module has internally shorted out. Replacing the ABS Module looks easy enough, but is there any re-programming required? If so, what needs to be done?
  • moyo71moyo71 Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 V6 mustage and everyonce in a while the radio cuts off and the oddometor goes dim then back to normal when i have the headlights one. The headlights dim the first time. I changed out the alternator from autozone and a month later i had the same issue. I replace the alternator and now a month later it is doing again. i had a friend take a look at it and he did a quick check on the ground from the engine to the body and it was good. i took the car to ford and they checked it out within an hour and they stated that the ground is good. they told me to bring the car in when it happens again. I do not have any check engine light one. i have 150,000 miles on my car. somebody told me that it may be a fuse but if it was a fuse the system would be off. i was thinking about replacing the headlight switch hoping that they may cure the issue but then i was thinking that it might be a grounding issues. I still have the orignial radio in the car. about a year ago i had the dome light that would stay on after the car was shut off. i when ahead and remove the dome light bulb could this somehow be related.
  • I have a 05' Mustang GT and have had an electrical issue for as long as I can remember. I should mention that I had satellite radio installed in it very early on at Circuit City, not sure if that is relevant.
    My car battery goes dead in a matter of days since new. Ford told me to make sure my radio is turned off before I shut the car off each time. I do this. Still the car goes dead quickly. Then they had me replace the battery. I had my dealer put in a new battery. I still have the same problem.
    I saw on another "Ford Forum" site that supposedly there is an issue where the radio system draws 1.64 amps instead of .11 as it should. It says Ford is aware of this problem. I called my dealer and neither the service manager or the electrical guru service tech ever heard of the issue. I know I'm not the only 05 owner with this problem. I keep the car on a trickle charger most of the time now but the other day (with a full charge) after sitting at my office for 8 hours, I went to leave work and it wouldn't start. I waited 2 minutes and it fired right up like there was no problem but as other people have mentioned, the radio came on to AM540 and the CD's cycled through and the guages did a complete reset. Can anybody help me with this?
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    My understanding from various forums (though I don't yet own a Mustang) is that there are several draws on the electrical system when the car is 'off' besides the radio. In addition, the alternators aren't the best, so the batteries aren't always charged to full. Have the alternator tested to see if it's fully functional.
  • juxtojuxto Posts: 16
    Not really an electrical "problem", but a request for help. I've been looking for an Aux Audio Input Cable for a 2007 mustang gt. More specifically, I need a wire that will allow me to connect a thumb drive to my auxillary input in the center console. I have looked online for a few days without success. Anyone have a site for this wire? Thank you in advance.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Umm......what exactly do you think is going to read the thumb drive? You'd need a mp3 player to interface with an aux input or something to actually read the thumb drive like Sync. PIE makes the adapter but again you need a mp3 player.
  • juxtojuxto Posts: 16
    Thank you. It's actually not for me, but for a neighbor. I use a thumb drive, but mine is in a new toyo that doesn't need anything additional. I didn't know how it worked with ford / 2007 technology.
  • I assume that when I took the car to the Ford Dealership that they looked at it and tested it. Prior to taking it to the dealership, I had a friend look at it and he informed me that the alternator was putting out enough volt's, if he was wrong then I firgued that the dealership would have caught it.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    First, I can't speak for the older Mustangs, but the '10 and '11's with the electronic package will read music files off a thumb drive without benefit of an MP3 player. They have a 10Gb hard drive in their guts that stores music. They even replaced the 6 CD changer with a single CD drive because folks don't need all those CD's anymore.

    Second, assumptions about what dealerships did or didn't do are dangerous. I think Autozone stores will check batteries and alternators - you might want to take the car there. My armchair diagnosis is that you've got something in the car drawing electricity even when the car is off and it's killing your battery.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    Yes, they do have a 10gb hard drive but you can only load the hard drive from CDs one at a time. Even with Sync you can't load mp3s from the usb drive to the jukebox hard drive. Without sync there isn't even a usb port.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Without Sync (and the Electronics Package), there's no hard drive. Guess you'd need to insert CD's one at a time, like the old days.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,666
    No, the hard drive is part of the Navigation system. The Nav system has a 40 gb hard drive and they found they had 10 gb left over and made it available as a jukebox. Since there is no connection between the Nav system and Sync you can't use the Sync usb port to load mp3s from sync into the Nav jukebox.

    That may all be different with the new MyTouch interface but mustang doesn't get that yet.
  • I've gotten so tired of my battery going died and having the dealership telling me that I just need to drive my car more often. I love my Mustang but hate wondering if it is going to start if I don't drive it every day! Just seems wrong, and since my warranty has now expired, they the dealership said to not worry about it since it had been in the shop so much that it is documented! That really made me feel warm and fuzzy about the Ford dealership. Well I guess that's the end of owning Fords, it's my 5th one! So sad, they say to buy American cars but look what happens when you do!!!
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