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Honda Civic GX Fueling Problems



  • Where would I find a repair shop that would do the rebuild on a CNG fuel pressure regulator for a 2001 Honda Civic GX?
    Or even find a used regulator?
  • I had the exact same problem with my 99 Civic GX. After being strung on by North America Honda for about a year about the possibility of Honda deploying a repair kit that would cost less than a full R&R of the fuel tank, they informed me that the kit would only extend back to 2000 models and later... Grrrr!

    I'm a chemical and materials engineer and can't believe that any competent engineer would bury the valve solenoid *inside* a fiberglass wrapped tank.

    As far as a shorting solenoid causing any explosions, not going to happen as the solenoid is in a pure methane atmosphere... need both CNG and oxygen in the right amounts to cause explosion hazard.

    It is a problem that should be taken care of, but my sense is that Honda got their money out of us and are leaving us out to dry.

    At this point, my only idea is to sell the car for parts. Does anyone have any ideas about where to sell such a car so I can net more than $500 from the used car shyster down the block?
  • I feel your pain. The same sort of thing happens with any of the major CNG-only parts on these cars (tank, regulator, gas gauge sender). After the warranty expires, which is mandated to be 15 years/150k miles for 2001 and newer in California, you're stuck with replacement parts that sometimes cost more than the car is worth. They're not going to engineer special repair kits for a handful of failures in low production models like the GX especially when they're more than 10 years old.
  • The low pressure filter at least for my 2012 cng civic was $67 purchased at the dealership. The high pressure was only $35.
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