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Dodge Charger vs. Chevrolet Impala



  • all dealerships are the same, they all give you a i have to bring up the many different quad 4`s 2.3 2.4 single or double cam they were all junk. along with the 3100 transmission...oh my, and dont forget the 98-02 2.2L blowing head gaskets for a past time...all in all, GO 3.1 multi port GO!!!! best engine ever built
  • Sorry it too so long to respond,but shortly after Allen Samuels took over the DCJ dealership,my Charger was taken care of very quickly. I no longer own the Charger. I have purchased from Allen Samuels Dodge two Challenger R/T. I recently traded my last R/T in on the car of my dream,(Challenger SRT8). I am treaded like family at the Allen Samuels Dodge Dealership in Waco,Tx. Wouldn't go anywhere else to purchase a vehicle. Atmosphere I totally heart warming and greeted with respect by everyone.
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