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Dodge Charger: Aftermarket Accessories & Performance Mods



  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    You have a nice looking ride,I think you should put on a SRT spoiler and finish it off.I added one on my SXT and it made a big differance on looks.You can see it on mycarspace.I got it from and paid $288 painted,a perfect match on paint with a 5year warranty.
  • losskilosski Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info on the spoiler, I'm going to buy one and put factory duels on it also. :shades:
  • raybanrayban Posts: 6
    I paid $415 for the parts ..the dealer charged me $140 to install..about an hour and half wait.
  • raybanrayban Posts: 6
    I priced it out from a dealer...if you want to put R/T parts on an SXT, you need to find the VIN off an R/T to pull up the parts on their computer. The cost is $146. Does anyone know if the shift console just pops off...I quite sure its just a pressure plate that holds it on.
  • losskilosski Posts: 12
    I'm ordering my Exhaust on Monday from the dealer for $425 and a Exhaust shop will put it on for $100. Dealer said $79 an hour. :cry:
  • Hi Shipo,

    Thanks for an excellent post, and allow me to add a few things.

    First, rest assured that any engine produced for the purpose of daily consumer use is far from utilizing an idealized harmonic resonance relationship in its intake/exhaust systems. Critical tuning such as what you are describing will exist only in the most carefully engineered and contemplated internal combustion engines (read: Ferrari, Lamborghini). The fact that John Q. Public can go out and slap a simple K&N filter on his V-8, along with a crummy Chinese exhaust system, and see a 15-30 hp increase is testimony to this fact. Trust me, DC, GM, Foad [sic], and whoever, all know how to make their engines produce more horse, but the reason they don't is simple; Engineering Economics, a.k.a., " the cheapest POS that will still get the job done, and get it out to the public...". The intake and exhaust systems sold with 99% of the vehicles today are produced with far more emphasis on cost reduction than they are in making power. This is (again) why aftermarket manufacturers such as Flowmaster, GHL, Corsa, etc., all can make a living - because John Q. Public is doing far more to assist the acoustic performance of his engine by removing the factory parts, than he is to hinder it.

    Just my two Euro.

  • Went to the dealer this morning, 7:00 am sharp, and bought the Dual Cat Back Exhaust kit (# 82209611) for the V6 3.5L Charger. Arrived at "Awesome Performance" (near work) and they started installation at 8:15 and completed at 9:00.

    Kit Cost $426.00
    Install $120.00 (Dealer wanted almost $300.00)

    Sounds Great.
    Looks Great.

    I am VERY happy...... So far.....
  • I am EXTREMLY pleased wih the dual exhaust. It sounds totally awesome. It looks great. And best of all, my car no longer hesitates when stepping on the gas. I don't have any data (numbers) on the actual improvements, but the car is extremly more responsive now. (Sorry for using extremly twice).

    I HIGHLY recommend it, if you are on the fence. It exceeded all my expectations...
  • losskilosski Posts: 12
    I did the same thing and i am Very happy also. :shades:
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Let me know if there is a differance on your MPG.I don't want to invest that much money if the mileage doesn't go up.
  • xtec - will do. It will probably be a couple weeks, as I want to burn through a couple tanks to get the numbers. I have been tracking my milage since I got the car, so I have a good history to compare too...
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Thanks for your reply,I appreciate it.
  • losskilosski Posts: 12
    My mpg are good and went up and it sounds good.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Disc-Have you come up with any numbers on your MPGs since you added the dual exhaust?Right now I'm getting between 19.8 and 20 in the city and don't want to mess that up.
    Thanks for your help with this.
  • I was just logging in to report...

    If you are looking for or expecting "ROI" (Return On Investment) from this endevour, I wouldn't do it. The milage has improved 1 to 1.5 miles per gallon. That's maybe a savings of 1 gallon per tank (for me 1 tank per week), at about $3.25 per gallon, thats about $170 per year savings. It will take about 3 years to reach payback point. Actually, on second thought, that is not so bad, since I do plan on keeping it for at least 3 years.

    I still would mention again how awesume it SOUNDS, and the increased HP is "very noticable". I am very pleased with the outcome.

    I ordered a K&N Air Filter on Monday which I should get today. I'll see if that makes any noticable difference...

    CHARGE ON !!!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Disc-Thanks for the report.If it will give me better performance and MPGs,it doesn't sound bad.I will do more thinking on it.I plan on keeping my Charger for 4yrs.I put A K&N on mine and I lost power and 2mpgs with it.I sent it back to K&N and put back my stock filter,and now its back to normal.On the stock filter it says high flow on it so I think it out performed the K&N.Maybe with the dual exhaust,
    it will work better,you just have to wait and see what happens.Thanks
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Disc- Thanks to you and losski the cat back has landed for me.I gave it some thought and went for it.It looks awesome
    and sounds good.I paid $385+tax and my dealer installed it for $79.I thought it was a great deal so I didn't feel bad.
    I noticed on top of the chrome tip it says Borla.Those are one of the best systems around.It also gave some specs for the system.It says there is a 10hp gain 6ft.lbs of torque
    and 255cfm more exhaust flow.Thats pretty good.Borla wanted
    849.99 for their exhaust so I say we made out nicely.
  • xtec, congrats on your move. I'm sure you will remain very pleased with your purchase. I still crack a smile when I step on the gas and hear the roar. You got a great price all the way around. I paid $425 for the unit, and just over a hundred for the install, although the dealer in my area wanted about $200 for the installation. Sounds like you have a reputable dealer.

    Any other mods to your charger? I got the dual exhaust, tinted windows, K&N air filter, and I removed the "3.5L HO" symbols off the sides of the car. I got the K&N after the exhaust, and I did not notice any difference with it.

    Charge On !!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Disc- I have the tinted windows ,alarm system,now the duals,and the one thing that made a big differance in looks is the SRT spoiler.Plus mine came with the 18inch R/T wheels.The dealer I go to has been very good to me and I
    have been going there for about ten years.I got the exhaust price cheaper because I got the mechanics discount,And I convinced my service adviser to install the exhaust for 50hr rate.As I said before I tried the K&N and was not happy with it.It seem to kill my power and lost MPGs with the K&N.
  • What's the deal on the Mopar cat back exhaust? Is it made for the Hemi engine? How much louder does it make the car?
    I went by the muffler shop that put duals on my 300M yesterday to see what we could do to the Charger and found that they are out of business. I'd like the Charger to "talk" to me a little more, but I don't want to wake the neighbors if I leave early some morning.

    Lynn Flowers
    McKinney, Texas
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