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Mazda5 Transmission Problems



  • I have an 2006 Touring. Auto obviously. I have this 1-2 second hesitation when the tranmission shifts down from 3rd to 2nd and it is very annoying. It feels sort of like the trans is trying to think before shifting down to 2nd.

    Scenario: coming to a red light on 3rd gear and light turns green, accelerate, 1-2 second hesitation then shifts down to 2nd.

    I have taken it to the dealership and asked to check if all latest software is up to date and they have even showed me the print out stating "no other updated software found for this vehicle" from the scan tool they use to upload software. Does anyone else experience this hesitation, and if so, has it been taken care of or know what the roots of it. Thanks!
  • the issue came about from the update after the fire issue. you will not get a solution to it. the dealer said it is just the way it is now
    he told me they will not fix it ever as they were going to resolve it with going to the 5 speed manual.
    and no they will not revert it back to the orginal programming either.

    now you know how to make it happen all the 4 speed transmissions do it. I am surprised why more people do not complain about it as it happens on every 4 speed auto box.

    The reason is they dumbed down the transmission and added the hesitation. they did not porperly reset the dash numbers and you can see when it should change as it is not in sinc with the actual gear.
  • WOW! your response is exactly what I experience and see happen, even the uncoordination of the numbers shifting before the actual transmission does. Thanks for your post, at least I know I am not alone and that it what Mazda calls a "normal" operation of the trans.

    I just picked up my MZ5 from a third dealer that I wanted a diagnosis from and they too said the same thing. "everything is working to specs, transmission is working normal"

    (sigh) oh well, I guess that is the way it will have to stay and I will have to live with it until I decide to trade it in for a newer with the 5sp auto or just dish the autos all together and pick up a manual trans.

    Thanks anyway.
  • Hi. I was wondering if anyone noticed a big difference between the new generation 5 speed automatic and the 4 speed automatic? Has anyone driven both or have information regarding how this affects performance and mileage?

    I am debating between a great deal used 2007 and a new 2009. It's just the 5 speed automatic that attracts me to the new model.

    Thank you!
  • billm6billm6 Posts: 5
    My family has a 2007 with the 4 speed automatic. We love the car but it does seem to need another top gear. I often look down at the number 4 and wish it had 5. I have not driven the 5 speed auto so I cannot speak to the gear ratios.
  • Thanks for your reply billm6. None of the 2008 reviews seem to make a big deal out of the 5th tranny gear. They mention it but then mostly go over the cosmetic changes.

    Any one driven both?
  • Yes, I had a 2006 Mazda 5 Touring automatic, and then later upgraded to a 2008 Mazda 5 Grand Touring automatic. The transmission DOES make a difference. It feels smoother and it helps offer better fuel economy. You also notice a change in the revs. Whereas in my 2006 whenever I was travelling say @ 75mph the rpms would be at around 3500, now in my 2008 they're at about 3000.
  • netmendernetmender Posts: 2
    Yes I've driven both. My friend bought an '07 with a 4spd and I bought an '08 with a 5. Definitely a difference. I drove his on some back roads in AL and liked the tranny, but I drive mine on the German Autobahn regularly at 100mph and the 5 spd is much better in that range. It get a little squirrely around 115. My max is 118 and probably won't do that again for long. I am not sure the US spec tranny can handle it.
  • netmendernetmender Posts: 2
    So I am changing my oil the other day and checking out the undercarriage when I notice that there is an opening in the transmission. I can see gears. Hmmm. That doesn't seem cool. Can't find a cover anywhere, it doesn't look cracked. The opening actually looks machined to be there. Not missing any fluid, no performance issues or noises. Just a hole in the bottom of the case. Any one have a clue about this?

    I live in Germany and Mazda won't honour my warranty over here, so I can't go to my local dealer. German dealers are silly expensive. Which, by the way is why I won't buy another Mazda. BMW, they'll honour it, Mercedes, Yep. Audi, VW, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and GM all honour warranties on both sides of the pond. But not Mazda. It's a shame. I like my 5GT. Too bad they don't know what service means anymore.
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    The reason the Mazda system says everything working to specs is that this is how they changed the transmission programming. In their hope to limit a potential law suit re fire when you leave a transmission in manual they changed the shifting parameters in the following ways. they lowered the shift up rpms from upshift from gear 2 to 3 therefor is they are in manual mode it will hopefully change up a gear sooner. the second is (and this it part that causes most of the damage to the transmission - but of course mazda can just say it is our fault) they changed the down shifting from gear 3 to gear 2. Their reasoning was the once the transmission was into 3 and if they were in manual mode that it would stay longer in 3rd gear. you can see this in two ways. one if you are in manual mode the gears now hesitate longer before up and down shifting (a side affect of the now added 'hold longer' in gear ) and if you are slowing down when in 3rd gear and then when it would be normal to down shift when you press the gas pedal it will hesitate and then slam into 2nd gear (this causes loads of damage to the transmission - which of course mazda will again say it is out fault) when the transmission figures okay time to change but of course by this time the revs are higher than the transmission is expecting.

    In summary there is nothing you can to about it because mazda said that they were not concerned about support for the 5 with the 4 speed tranny because they would be a out of warranty by the time the damage gets to the point of repairs and second they already have you money and will just put up with it like we mostly have for the unacceptable suspension issue which will eventually resolve in that the driving will eventually just get to the point of less 'tight' feel and will finally get to the point that you will notice such things as the car will feel kind of out of control when you go over a bump going around a bend. this is caused by the angle of the wheels on the suspension will change when the weight of the car is taken off for a moment when it hits the bump and then will be at the wrong angle when it then recontacts the road. again mazda will just say it is your driving and just in your mind.
  • robotaz2robotaz2 Posts: 7
    The gear you are seeing is not a transmission gear. Gears in the transmission have very finely machined teeth that are angled as you look at them from the side. I am assuming that you are looking in the bell housing at the flywheel, which has teeth all the way around the outside edge. The starter has a solenoid that pushes a gear against those flywheel teeth. As the starter turns, the flywheel, which is connected to the crankshaft, turns. This causes the engine to turn over. The computer provides gas, air, and spark, and the engine starts. Nothing is wrong with being able to see the flywheel.
  • m5indgm5indg Posts: 3
    Hello. I just bought a 2009 5 with 5 speed MT. I noticed recently that there is an unusual vibration in the clutch pedal that can be noticed when engaging a gear. I first noticed it after driving in hot weather on the highway with the A/C on and so the engine was hot. It has done this a few more times when the car was hot. It is not the normal feel to the clutch when engaging gears, but a high frequency vibration that is only there when engaging a gear. I brought it to the dealer, and of course they did not notice it. Has anyone else noticed this same issue and would like to comment? Thanks.
  • We own a 2006 5. It has a 4 speed Auto/Manual trans. It has 57,000 miles on it.

    This failure was the last event in a series of troubles that started with my observing that the crankcase oil level was at half mast. Here follows the best remembered sequence of events.

    1. I noted that the dipstick reading was at 1/2 quart low.
    3. I inadvertently over filled the crankcase by 1/2 quart of synthetic oil on a cold engine.
    3. I drove the vehicle 250 feet (76 meters) to my shop where my maintenance tools reside.
    4. I drained 1.75 quarts of oil from the vehicle spilling about a half cup.
    5. I checked the oil level. It was below the dip stick.
    6. I added 1.0 quart of oil back to the crankcase. This should have left the dipstick level at 1 quart low i.e. at the bottom of the hash marks on the dipstick. This was not the case. It was over filled.
    7. I used a straw and a shop towel to blow air into the dipstick tube. I heard the air bubbling into the crankcase. The oil level was still in over fill by dipstick measurement.
    8. I warmed the engine to operating temperature and shut it down. The oil level was still in overfill.
    9. I repeated the bubble test with the straw. Nothing changed.

    NOTE: There were no diagnostic / trouble lights on the dash. I said this was indeed weird. I placed the car into service with the understanding that the oil should be low but acceptable and that if anything was severely wrong the computer would let me know.

    10. I drove the vehicle 6 miles when the engine light illuminated. One-half mile later I stopped, added a half quart of oil to the transmission. The engine light extinguished. This state of affairs persisted for the next ten or so miles at which time the vehicle was parked again at home.
    11. I again checked the oil level. It was still in over fill.

    At this point we packed the vehicle for a 850 mile round trip.

    12. Three miles into this trip the engine light and the transmission light (AT) illuminated.

    We immediately sought a rental for the trip. Failing that we drove the vehicle back home. While driving home ...

    13. I noted that the transmission would work smoothly up to 3rd gear by not go into 4th. The manual mode did not work period.
    14. The oil level was still in overfill when the vehicle was parked.
    15. The transmission fluid level was way low (off the end of the dipstick)

    We finished the trip to our daughters funeral in our 1995 Ford E-250.

    My diagnosis ... "A blown gasket between the transaxle and the crankcase that emptied the transmission fluid into the crankcase."

    My questions... "Does anyone here disagree with my diagnosis?"
    "What-- if anything -- did I do to produce this failure?"
    "Is it possible for such a failure to occur on this vehicle?"

    As soon as I recover from the flu, I am going to do a full diagnostic on the vehicle via the computer port and Auto Enginuity software coupled with complete shop manuals for the vehicle. Till then ...

  • rodalsarodalsa Posts: 2
    It took a while for me to get back.

    My investigations into the causes of the problem I reported were not fruitful so I took it to my mechanic.

    The results of that -- The transmission oil was low. He changed it and that was that. No more over fill in the crank case. No more transmission misbehavior. No more engine lights.

    Strange but true.

  • Clutch failure after 31K miles. Experienced the "hitch" others here have described from the moment I bought the car (new). It seemed to get worse over time.

    I've read of others having the same problem with the manual transmission - early clutch failure, one with only 75 miles on the car.

    This appears to be a design or installation flaw. Those who are experiencing the hitch now would be advised to have the problem corrected by the dealer, if possible.
  • carankyracarankyra Posts: 1
    We just purchased an 09' Mazda5. For the past few days it makes a strange noise when put into gear, especially R. It doesn't have any problem going in (normal timing) and drives just fine. I am just concerned about the noise. It seems like a very loud shift, I guess. Has anyone else had this or noticed this? Any ideas what this could be?
  • pem59pem59 Posts: 1
    Have other people had problems with premature clutch failure on the Mazda5 manual transmission?

    Here are excerpts from two letters we sent to Mazda concerning the issue.

    Original letter to Mr. Jim O'Sullivan - President and CEO - Mazda North American Operations

    "We bought a 2009 Mazda 5 with a manual transmission new in October 2008. We were very disappointed when the clutch started slipping with only 18,000 miles on the odometer.
    We have only owned manual transmission cars for over 28 years. During this time period we have owned 6 other cars from 4 manufacturers. We have always received good life from the clutch in our cars. Until now, The shortest time that a clutch has lasted was 90,000 miles with many lasting over 120,000 miles when we got rid of the car. Our driving habits have not changed during this time period and we have maintained the car.

    Based on our experience and normal usage, we consider the life of the clutch on this car to be unacceptable."

    From Follow up letter to Takashi Yamanouchi - Mazda - President and CEO

    "Attached is a series of correspondence with Mazda USA concerning a problem with premature Clutch replacement with our 2009 Mazda5.

    We feel that the response from the Mazda USA is narrow and inadequate. It did not answer the primary question that Mazda needs to deal with: Why did the Mazda clutch fail at 18,000 miles when, with the same drivers and driving style, clutches from other manufacturers have lasted over 90,000 miles?

    Note that we did not ask about the details of the warranty; we can read that ourselves. We believe it was caused by a manufacturing problem, either in the Hiroshima factory or with a supplier. It seems as if Mazda USA is trying to avoid responsibility. Quality Control is something that Japanese automakers are known for; it seems that Mazda is losing its reputation, especially with us. Regardless of the particular response of Mazda USA in this case or the costs incurred in this case, this problem needs to be dealt with, or Mazda will suffer because of inadequate quality control or management, as has lead to the fall of some of your American competitors. "
  • So, I'm another victim of this problem and Mazda USA denies that there is a problem. At least that's what the first line Customer Service agent said.

    I don't know about y'all, but I'm starting to think class-action lawsuit.
  • I also had problems with the clutch on my Mazda 5. It burned after approx. 40,000km. That does not make any sense. Their cars are crap. I had the bushings replaced, the power steering, the brakes that were warped and now the clutch. Of course they don't want to pay since they claim it is my fault. Hey, I just replaced the clutch on my Toyota Tercel 1998 after 12 years and 140,000km!! Mazda make poor cars and they deserve to loose the market because of the way they treat their customers. I'll go back to Toyoto at the first occasion. This was my first mazda and it will be my last.
  • I have a new 2012 with only 4700 miles and when I went to change the oil noticed that it is leaking transmission fluid. Not sure how long it has been doing it. But you can see where it has dripped and coated under the vehicle. got an appointment with the dealer on Tuesday. Not to thrilled, first Mazda I've ever bought and not real impressed so far.
  • Hi, I am a new member, and we also have the same problem. We bought 08 Mazda 5 new in May 2008. The clutch failed last week in the middle of the highway with only 20,382 on the odometer. We didn’t notice any “hitch”, but the clutch started to slip a week before. This is not our first MT car, and we never had any problems with our old cars.
  • I'm a new member, and I'm afraid I haven't had time to read a lot of these posts. I'll come back soon and do so, but, for now, I'm going to post my story below. Anybody with similar experiences, please reply to this post. Thank you.

    I used to love my 2006 Mazda5. Then it betrayed me.
    A few days after this last Christmas, I was on my way to work at 3:30 a.m. when the transmission on my 2006 Mazda5 burned out. I managed to get it off the highway pretty quickly and parked in the driveway of a trucking company, with big-rigs coming in and out on a dark, narrow roadway. I had it towed and eventually brought to a shop, where the mechanic found that the front pump had failed. When it stopped pumping lubricant through the transmission, a couple of bearings melted together.
    The mechanic’s theory is that the metal for the pump housing was poured incorrectly and was therefore too soft. There was obvious damage inside the pump, including a large chip out of the housing and gouges on a flywheel, that he said could not have been caused by how I drove or maintained the car, nor by damage from outside. The pump was defective.
    Of course, the car is well past its warranty at 90,000 miles (in fact, somebody at the dealership where I bought it said the drive train never had a warranty. I’m checking on that), so Mazda has told me “there will be no assistance.” I think everybody can agree that I shouldn’t have to replace the transmission on a six-year-old car. I’ve driven Buicks, Fords, Toyotas, and another Mazda before this. The only one that burned out its transmission was a 12-year-old Oldsmobile station wagon.
    I used to love my Mazda5. I recommended it to friends, and some of them bought one. Now I feel obliged to warn people. It is not likely that this problem was just with my transmission, according to my mechanic. There was probably a run of similarly weak pump housings made at the same time. If you have a 2006 Mazda5, built at the Hiroshima plant, ditch it now, before it’s too late.
    A few days after this last Christmas, I was on my way to work at 3:30 a.m. when the transmission on my Mazda5 burned out. I managed to get it off the highway pretty quickly and parked in the driveway of a trucking company, with big-rigs coming in and out on a dark, narrow roadway. I had it towed and eventually brought to a shop, where the mechanic found that the front pump had failed. When it stopped pumping lubricant through the transmission, a couple of bearings melted together.
    The mechanic’s theory is that the metal for the pump housing was poured incorrectly and was therefore too soft. There was obvious damage inside the pump, including a large chip out of the housing and gouges on a flywheel, that he said could not have been caused by how I drove or maintained the car, nor by damage from outside. The pump was defective.
    Of course, the car is past its warranty at 90,000 miles. The dealership from which I bought the car referred me to Mazda’s 1-800 number, and on Jan. 3, I spoke with a woman named Christina who told me there would be no assistance for a vehicle past its warranty. I do not accept that answer, considering the clear defects that were in this vehicle that have cost a significant amount of money.
    A couple of weeks ago, after I made my complaints known in the company’s Twitter stream, they messaged me to ask that e-mail my complaints to them, which I did. Two days ago, after pushing them for a response on Twitter, they called me.
    And gave me the same answer!
    I think everybody can agree that I shouldn’t have to replace the transmission on a six-year-old car. I’ve driven Buicks, Fords, Toyotas, and another Mazda before this. The only one that burned out its transmission was a 12-year-old Oldsmobile station wagon. I feel like there should be some process of appeal for at least partial compensation in a situation like this.
    If you read this, and it changes your mind about buying a Mazda, please go to my Facebook page “Malfunctioning Mazdas” at ard=true, and like the page. If you already own a Mazda, or you decide to go ahead and buy one, may you have better luck than I.
  • Well, at least you're still under warranty. Count yourself lucky for that, because the company will offer no support otherwise. Anyway, I would advise you to consider ditching the car once you finish the warranty. Carmax could offer you a good deal. Good luck!
  • oljohnoljohn Posts: 1
    I really like my '06 Mazda 5. When we bought it it had about 70,000 miles. at around 92,00 on a trip to Florida the transmission failed in Orlando. It took a week and 3500.00 to get back going. About 4 months later it failed again, this time in Atlanta. The Orlando shop shipped the parts to the Atlanta shop, so this time it was only 2500.00. That was June and September of 2010. Now in April of 2012, at 125,000 miles, back home, the transmission is failing again. The shop guy here tells me it's the same transmission as Nissan Quest, Ford Focus and several other popular cars and they typically are very reliable. The options seem to be very limited, either get it fixed and sell or get it fixed and drive it for 11 months and then sell it. (This overhaul has a one year 12k guarantee) I should have sold it last time, but I really thought they had fixed it. live and learn...
  • libmendoncalibmendonca Posts: 2
    edited September 2012
    I have a 2008 Mazda5 with 180K km on it.
    It's been a reliable and trustworthy car since I bought it in late 2007.
    Yesterday the AT (automatic transaxle) warning light came on, today I'm told I need a new transmission, $4,300.

    I've owned several cars for a decade or more and never had a transmission fail like this. Is there a history of automatic transaxle failure with MAZDA or is this likely a outlier?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,673
    How was it maintained/serviced during these past 180k km?

    '13 Stang GT; '15 Fit; '98 Volvo S70; '14 Town&Country

  • Regular service at the dealer at the recommended intervals, never any serious problems.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,673
    Ok... to put it simply: was the transmission fluid EVER changed?

    I don't want to know what the book told you or the dealer to do. There are way too many vehicles on the road where the manufacturer is claiming "lifetime fill" of transmission fluid, and its complete bunk.

    '13 Stang GT; '15 Fit; '98 Volvo S70; '14 Town&Country

  • Well, perhaps it's time for a lawyer now! I bought my 2008 Mazda 5 new from the dealer. The transmission failed at @ 64,000 miles. After getting 3 separate diagnosis' and all agreeing that the transmission would have to be rebuilt or replaced, I was fortunate to find a transmission from a car (another same year and model) that was totaled with only 16,000 miles. I had it professionally installed and used the high $ transmission fluid recommended by Mazda and all was great (for about another 40,000 miles.) Then, the exact same symptoms started occurring.
    When in automatic mode, the transmission slips when shifting from 2nd to 3rd, and 3rd to 4th gears. At highway speeds it's fine. It also functions fine in manual shift mode. Just like to original transmission when it started to go bad, it's making sort of a clunking noise when I hit even small bumps. I've had everything else checked, ie. struts, bushings, bearings, etc. and everything else is fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is fun!
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,673
    edited November 2012
    I don't see what a lawyer could do for you on a car with 104k miles. No idea why your car seems to be eating transmissions. Could be a great number of causes, not the least of which is driving conditions and care/maintenance.

    '13 Stang GT; '15 Fit; '98 Volvo S70; '14 Town&Country

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