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Mazda5: Recalls



  • I have had my 5 about a month. I took a load of hurricane relief to a family in S.C. from Ohio and I noticed a "fume" smell and finally told myself that it was just a new car burn off smell. I guess not. My dealer called yesterday afternoon and they still have not found a rental car for me. They keep saying they will call me back. They claim not to know what the problem is - only that there is something that might start a fire.
    Given that I smelled fumes, should I ask them to tow it in - I live about 40 miles or more from the dealer?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    their efforts are
    being hampered by greedy dealerships who would prefer
    to pocket the money rather than use it for customer

    What does that mean??

    Perhaps your local dealer isnt helping and I'm sorry about that....but let's try to keep things factual....Your speculating and at this point we don't need speculation.
  • Regarding car dealers in general, please do not feel the need to make them sound better than they are. I have bought many a car over the years and I have never, EVER! met a dealer who was not lying though his teeth, and saying that whatever incentives I found online are not applicable, etc... My recent experience bying Mazda5 only proves the point, I only got it because we loved it, the dealer was absolutely horrible and unhelpful (they did better with the recall though). I was not offerered an MPV btw (not that I would take it).
    I still do not quite understand the car industry need for a middleman. Perhaps that's why mercury's new mariner hybrid can only be orderered online, way to go!

    Incidently, not that I want to, many most states have a lemon law policy, stating that if a problem on a brand new car is not fixed within 30 days you are entitled to a full refund/replacement. I love my 5 and would not exchange it, but nonetheless...
  • I'm guessing you will get a call today. If you don't though, I wonder what would happen if you call Mazda USA and tell them this story. They may be better equipped to serve you than your dealer. Just a thought. Did the family relocate to South Carolina because of Katrina? Good luck and thanks for providing the hurricane relief.

  • I turned our 5 in yesterday afternoon (and left the fire extinguisher in the back!). I was directed to an Enterprise next door to the dealer. I had to pick between a Kia and Chevy Cobalt, as these were the only two cars available at the time (very small shop). I was in a hurry and picked the Cobalt. It was very small, dirty, and smelled like a urinal cake! I guess there are worse smells, but I didn't want to be the one to take the Cobalt home to my wife and tell her "this will be your car for the next 30 days." I stopped at another Enterprise on the way home and was able to trade the Cobalt for a 2005 Toyota Camry. The Camry's bigger, cleaner, and smells a little better (there is a strange, yet unidentifiable odor in this car too).

    I hope Mazda identifies the problem, comes up with a solution, and repairs our 5 soon!
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I hope Mazda identifies the problem, comes up with a solution, and repairs our 5 soon!

    The good news is Mazda knows the exact problem...It's testing the fix and manufacturing the parts that will take a bit. Mazda dealers want the issue fixed as fast as you do...We still have to pay the expenses related to carrying the unsold MZ5 inventory.
  • Bert - thank you for the Mazda USA suggestion, I will call if they don't call me soon. I am afraid to drive my 5, given the fumes I smelled on the trip and only knowing the limited info that I found here.

    The family I helped had fled to SC prior to Katrina (thank goodness) and found themselves stuck with nothing. Four kids, need I say more! Anyway, after I delivered it was so wonderful, I just told my Nav System - "Go Home" and it took me straight home. I will so miss my Nav system during repairs.

    Anyone think I should push for a tow since I did smell the fumes???
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    Anyone think I should push for a tow since I did smell the fumes???

    It's up to you, but you shouldn't have to "push" for a tow. MazdaUSA has already offered to tow your Mazda5 in if that's what you want. Here's a quote from an email I received from MazdaUSA:

    If for any reason you do not want to drive your MAZDA5 to the dealership, you may contact Mazda's 24-hour roadside assistance service at 800-866-1998 and have the vehicle picked up and delivered to the dealership. Again, the dealership will arrange a rental or loaner vehicle.
  • Smaria,
    Thank you soooooo much for this information.

    I am not getting email from Mazda - would you mind telling me how to get set up for that?

  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I registered my car on the MazdaUSA web site. I think that's where they got my email address.

    Go to, click on "owners", and click on "click to register".
    It'll ask you for things like your contact info and your car's VIN number. Then you should get any future notices from Mazda about your car.


    Essentially, the dealership has 30 days to repair your vehicle
    and if not the dealership must provide you with a vehicle or
    equal or greater value or a refund (the option is the consumers
    unless it is a lease, in which case it is the dealership's).

    I have a strong suspician that this one will exceed 30 days

    As for greedy salesmen from the prior posting, I am not posting
    all the details primarily beceause I am negotiating a satisfactory
    response from Mazda USA.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I have a strong suspician that this one will exceed 30 days

    I hope that you're wrong...we'll just have to wait and see.

    I'm still optimistic about it: MazdaUSA has most likely overestimated the time frame, so that we'll all be happy when we get our cars back early. I'm hoping for 2-3 weeks. No use talking about lemon laws now when it's only been a few days.
  • "(nevermind the lack of an AUX jack for an external music player...they have a TAPE DECK option? What is this, 1982?)..." "I was willing to live without the missing AUX jack (which I did inquire about)..."

    For $50 you can order an after market aux jack that plugs directly into a circuit board on your head unit. Look here:
  • mkatmkat Posts: 8
    I purchased the car on 8/30/05 and had nothing but fun with it. A service manager called yesterday to inform me of the recall and urged me to bring in the car asap. He gave me all the basic info about the exhaust problem and the possibility of the car catching on fire. :surprise: The car is to be at the dealer for 30 days. They had a brand new 05 MPV all set to go w/ just 10 mls. I'm not a huge fan of mini vans, but hey, if they can correct the problem w/ the Mazda5, that's what matters the most. I love the Mazda5 and am grateful to have found a dealer that is so far been pleasant to work with. :D
  • Just got off the phone with mazda USA
    they told me that the dealer does not have to give the MPV as a substitute,
    and the rep did not know anything about $1500 + $50 a day, is that a fact or are they keeping it a secret?

    anyone bought the car on LI?
  • Hi,

    We bought the car in LI too. And we got a small Pontiac car first and requested to change to the minivan yesterday. The dealer was really mean to give us a worse car than 5 at first without asking.
  • I saw that Auxmod thing, but it looks like some ITT tech students weekend project. I would rather have something made by the dealer or an actual electronics company. That thing looks like it was made in a garage.

    And Im not entirely opposed to that either, except what happens when the guy who makes them decides to stop, y'know?
  • bypasskid: it's in suffolk county I got the Mazda from. What car are u getting after turning the 5?
  • I got a Buick Rendevouz, who buys those things I don't know, might as well be driving a tank (at least the same fuel economy).
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I read this to mean Mazda has informed NHTSA (after all it is a safety issue) and in due time I'll be hearing from NHTSA.

    The Mazda5 recall is now listed on the NHTSA website. So, Mazda has certaintly informed NHTSA. Recalls are no fun, but I'm happy with how Mazda's handling the recall.
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