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Mazda5 Doors & Locks



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    That's why in my opinion, while sliding door have some convenience value, I'd still rather have big swinging doors like on my Freestyle. If you're worried about kids bumping other cars, just put the rubber strips on the edges. And automatic sliding doors are really slow. Plus in the long run, the potential problems that come with sliding doors (especially with power sliding doors) is huge compared to a hinged door. I'm sure most others will be of a different opinion, but there are some conveniences on cars I don't want due to maintenance & long term reliability issues.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    Had this sliding door problem twice in the last 2 month whereby it did not close. Tried 10 minutes and then it eventually closed. From what I am reading in this forum, it is a problem especially in cold climate. I called Mazda Canada, they said they never heard of such problem. I find that very hard to believe. Called my dealer, they never encounter this problem and they told me next time it happens, is to bring the vehicle in. I think Mazda should start reading this forum.
  • jeff39jeff39 Posts: 10
    I've read a lot of posts about door problems but they seem to talk about the sliding doors only. On two mornings this week, with the temperature just a few degrees below freezing, none of our doors would unlock, even the hatch. The lights flashed. There was the regular thunking sound but everything remained locked, as evidenced by looking inside to see that the door switches had not moved! Using the key in the driver's door produced the same results.
    Each evening, after returning from work, the locks worked normally again. This is not a problem with sticking weatherstripping. Has anyone had similar troubles? Any solutions?
  • Just called Transport Canada to report the latching problem of the sliding doors. They simply suggested me not to use the High-pressure drive through. I think more Mazda 5 owner need to call them to make them aware of the serious nature of the problem.

    Here is their link: or 1-800-333-0510

    Have your VIN number ready when you call.
  • Have had the exact same problem a couple times recently. However, only seemed to happen when previous evening temps were say around 0C, then dropped to -10C or so by morning. When sun warmed things up a few degrees, they opened fine. Hasn't been a problem on days with highs around -5C, just a couple really cold mornings. Just like you said, heard the motor trying to unlock the doors, but don't see the switches moving inside. Very frustrating - fortunately it's been an unseasonably mild winter here so far... :surprise:
  • jeff39jeff39 Posts: 10
    I spoke to the service manager in our area (Southeastern Ontario) and he had not heard from anyone else with the same problem. The trouble is that by the time the car gets to the dealer, the problem is gone. It seems odd that the servo in all five doors should fail to operate its latch all at the same time.
  • cabbannecabbanne Posts: 1
    I spoke to my dealer about the sliding door issue. I own a GT (I'm in canada) with the auto closing mechanism. The issue is related to sudden changes in temperature with high humidity. Condensation in the latch mechanism freezes and it is impossible to open the door. I'm lucky enough that my service technician also owns an M5. His M5 is basically a test vehicle at this point. He has the GS model and they replaced the latches on his doors with the latches that come with the GT (the latches are different because of the auto close) and he hasn't had the problem since. On my 5 I can always get the doors open. It's closing them that can be problematic. He told me Mazda is fully aware of the problem and are looking for a solution. If you're lucky enough to have a good dealer like I do, I find that the best way to get the problem solved is through them. If you have a crappy dealer and aren't satisfied with them, you can always go to another dealer that will give you better service.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    Are you saying with the current M5 GS model, there is a problem opening the sliding door and the GT model has a problem closing the sliding door. I think the GT model is worst whereby you may have problems closing. At least with the GS model you can gain access from the front or the rear to get to the middle row. Anyways Mazda better get their act together soon.
  • bob_welshbob_welsh Posts: 16
    I had the problem too. When I would go to the high pressure car wash. The next day none of the doors would open. Just have your dealer grease the latches with white grease on memo of Mazda Canada dated in January. It worked great for me. Look up my previous posts.

  • vinnyfastvinnyfast Posts: 33
    Bob, I'm having the exact same problem, and have had it ever since I brought it in for the recall. Before the recall, I never had this problem. This leads me to believe that something in the programming when they flashed the computer is wrong. I've gone back to the dealer several times and they still haven't fixed it. I even asked that they delete the update, which they said they did, but then later said they didn't. I'm also having problems with one of my sliding doors not opening os easy. I have to pull on the handle 4 or 5 times, like it's stuck. I brought it in for this as well, and they didn't fix that either!! I had enough of this dealer's BS and am now looking at another dealer. I can say right now that this has been the worse new car experience ever!!! I haven't heard the ned of it from my wife!! If these problems don't get resolved soon, I will sell the car, take the loss, and make it my life long goal of NEVER buying, endorsing, or recommending another mazda product ever again!!!!!

    Pissed OFF!!!!

    Vince :mad:
  • Hi all:
    We just bought a new Mazda5, and love it. The folding key's really cool, but we have a seemingly simple question - we can't figure out how to get the key onto a keychain! It's so hard to get a loop through the holes at the top of the key. We'd appreciate any suggestions!

    Thank you.
  • nsorianonsoriano Posts: 17
    LOL! That totally pissed had me pissed off the whole first week of ownership! I just went to walmart and bought me one of those thin elasticy hair bands (smaller the better) and poked it through the small opening in the key then i just attached it to my old keychain.
  • joec6joec6 Posts: 1
    I went back to the dealer and they gave me a key ring (about 1 cm in diameter) which fits through the two holes easily.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    One of my 2 key remotes stopped working last month. I took it to the local dealer, and they got a new key for me. But, when they tried to program the new key, the car wouldn't accept it. Something about the "reprogramming mode of the car not working". So, now my dealer thinks it's something wrong with the car, not the key, and they've ordered a new part for the car. But, one of my 2 original remotes still works fine, so I'm a bit confused.

    Anyone else have any problems like this and know what might be wrong?
  • batmickbatmick Posts: 17
    Funny, I had just gone online to post a similar question.
    One of our remotes quit working altogether and the other is only working intermittently. I changed the batteries in both but that wasn't it. Don't really see why it would only affect one remote but my guess is the receiver in the car is on the frizz.
    Does anybody know if there is an antenna that might have come loose (and where is it?)? I have had a similar problem with my laptop's wireless and there the antenna connector had come off the wireless card.
  • Strange you mention that, ours sometimes doesn't work and our neighbours have had the same problem. they seem to think its the car as the key stopped working occasionally at the same time.
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    I brought it back to my dealer and they (1) replaced the receiver in the car, and (2) reprogrammed the two keys I have. Both keys are now working perfectly. It was all covered by the warranty, so I didn't have to pay anything :)
  • batmickbatmick Posts: 17
    Good news! Our 5 is coming up for the 7500 mile service so I'll have them take care of the remote problem then.
    Hope they will be as quick and uncomplicated as your dealer.
  • Part of my key broke off-the metal part that fits onto a key ring. Does anyone know if the key (which costs over $300.00 I'm told) is covered under warranty? I refuse to pay the cost of a brand new key-it seems to me it might have been put together cheaply-why would it break so easily and it is only one yr old.
  • wow.. you have a Mazda 5, and I do too.. and the extra key, which I just recently bought from my preferred Mazda dealer " :blush: only" cost $80... well "only" because it's not $300
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