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Mazda5 Electrical Problems

When my headlights are on, the lights on the radio cut in and out when I move the steering wheel back and forth very slowly. Seems like the strain of the electric power steering is to blame. Not a big deal, but will have it checked out when my 5 is in for its first oil change.


  • Has anyone gone in yet to the rear lamp assembly? I'm curious which side the main wiring harness arrives at... in case I'm tempted to connect trailer lights.
  • I plan to get in there later this week.
  • I would like to know where a good grounding point for an amplifier is in the back of the car. I would like to place it towards the right side in the trunk. Please if you have any info it would be greatly appreciated.

    David - :P Mazda5Lover :P
  • When my headlights are on, the lights on the radio flicker on and off when I turn the steering wheel back and forth very slowly.

    Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions on how to fix it?


  • When I turn my steering wheel everything dims. Hasn't caused any problem I know of yet.
  • nslimmnslimm Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Mazda5 GT, 5 speed manual. I have two major issues that the dealership cannot fix. The first is the headlights turn on and off on their own. It usually happens when the vehicle is warm but I drove thru the mountains and on my last trip the lights turned on and off 34 times. I have had this reported to the dealership for the last 70 000km, and they have looked at it 5-6 times.
    The second problem is the e-brake does not work every time. At first the e-brake worked great then when winter hit the brake would only catch 4 out of 5 times. When it did not catch the lever would go right up to the top, so it was easy to recognize that the brakes were not engaged, but not the dealership has adjusted them 7 times and I have found that only one wheel is locked 80% of the time.
    Mazda Canada told me I don't really need an e-brake! and to just park the van against the curb or sidewalk and crank the wheels.
    I live outside the city and I don't have a sidewalk, but I do have a long steep driveway, and three boys under 6 years of age... and no street lights.
    I have left the vehicle at the dealership until it is road worthy and safe to drive again, I will also be starting an arbitration process against Mazda...
    Any comments or helpful hints
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    My only suggestion is to look for another Mazda dealer or, if it's out of warranty (3yrs in Canada for 06 models I believe, right?), to investigate for a good import workshop in your area. Mazda5s are relatively "straight forward" cars mechanically and electrically (adding that they are based on the Mazda3, widely popular in Canada)

    I know this might not be the answer you are looking for, but I think you may not have been lucky with your existing dealer and with the Mazda Canada contacts.

    Or another final idea, if you have very good evidence of course, is trying to drop and e-mail or give a call to Mazda North American Operations MNAO (they take care of CAN, US and Mexico, based in Irvine California and Detroit Michigan) or Mazda Global, who knows!
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    The GT has both daytime running lights and auto lights. As the hand break when applied, normal lights not the day time fronts only lights, will turn off the main beam. I would do this myself, as the dealers for the most part a) do not really care and b) tend to just be kids (not saying kids are not smart but you get what you pay for) supervised by someone, I would open up the area where the hand break is to see if the switch or the connection to the hand break switched has an issue ie not connected properly and or misaligned. If you are not comfortable with this maybe try parking on different inclines and with wife outside tap with various impacts on the cover for the hand break area and see if they turn off. That is my first thing I would try. if it does not seem to be that let us know.
  • Had the weirdest thing happen in my 08 GT on Sunday morning. I was going out for a morning coffee run. Had the radio on all the while, parked the car @ DD's and when I got back and turned my 5 back on, the radio didn't work! Bluetooth didn't work, even though it had the little phone sign on display. It didn't greet me with the customary "Hello", either. And the beeping sound we hear when pressing buttons for radio or climate control was gone, too! I was so upset.

    I figured if I just park the car and leave it alone for a while in my driveway, then, maybe, when I use it again it'll be back to working order. Lo and behold, when I turned it back on again a little later, everything was fine. Everything worked perfectly: radio, bluetooth, beeping sound, "Hello!" greeting and all. Strange!

    The worst part of it all - the most traumatizing - was that the last song I heard on the radio before the radio stopped working was "Circus" by Britney Spears! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The agony! It was TORTURE having that song stuck in my head!

    So, anyway, has this happened to anyone before? (The whole radio thing, not the Britney Spears song thing - lol) What do you think it could be?
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I have an 08 Touring and my radio stopped once when the car was only a few weeks old. Same thing happened, It worked when I started the car the next time. I never found out what it was, but it never happened again.
  • 5_more5_more Posts: 43
    Four times in the last six months, my radio has lost track of the fact that there are CDs in the changer, and for that matter playing before the engine was shut off. Each time, the CD's are recognized only after two on-off cycles of the ignition.

    The dealer is uninterested in working on the problem.
  • Tinuninu tinuninu tinuninu (twilight zone music). Strange. Well, if it doesn't happen again, then I'll be fine. But, if it does, then I will be taking it to the dealer.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Hey nissmazlover my radio stopped working as well this morning. I got into my MZ5 to go to work turned it on and the radio greet it me like always...HELLO, then my iPod was playing because I can see on the display the timer going on track #85 but no sound was coming out the speakers, I then tried to switch to AM/FM and it would not do anything, so the last move was to turn it off and It did turn off. Only problem was that the radio would not turn on again, nothing, nada, zilch! So I quickly remembered your post and I turned off the vehicle completely, let it sit for 30 seconds or so and turned the vehicle back on, but.....nothing still, dead. Needless to say I commuted to work with no stereo... that SUCKED! I got to work parked and went into work. I just came out after two hours of my MZ5 being parked and turned off to check again and what do you know...VOILA! the radio works. Weird, but I guess that makes two of us. BTW mine is a 2006 MZ5 Touring Auto with the 6CD in dash and auto temp A/C.
  • I've got a 2009 Mazda5 GT, about 3 months old. Radio stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I had to shutdown the engine to make it work again. Today, happened to me again. Tried to shut it down for more than 5min, but this time, nothing. I tried about 4 times.

    I'm hoping it's gonna come back cause I can't live with no music at all. At least give me the radio! ;-)

    I'll take it to the dealer if it still doesnt work tomorrow.

    Anyone who had this issue got it fixed? By the way, any of you guys having any mods? I've got HIDs and I was worried if it could cause an electrical issue of some sort...
  • I own a 2007 Mazda 5 Furano and yesterday my dashboard lights decided to flash on and off randomly along with the "beep" to tell me my seat belt wasn't on when it was. The most curious thing though was all dials kept flicking up to max, for example the speedo said I was doing 140mph when I was actually only doing about 20, including petrol gauge, then flicking back to zero then righting themselves.
    This happened over 20 times (i got fed up counting) over a short distance of about 8 miles.
    None of the external lights seem affected, there is no problem with the power steering or power assisted brakes and the radio, windscreen wipers and heater all work fine. The indicators were a bit confused though, even though on the outside of the car they were indicating right, inside the car they were indicating left, then right, then left again.

    It only seems to happen when accelerating from standstill to about 30mph and happens more frequently when the car is warmed up.

    I have taken the car to the dealer who are clueless (not sure if this is the normal state for them or just because of this problem as I haven't tested them out before).

    Any Ideas????
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    The needles behavior indicates low voltage in the dash. It happened to me twice in a Mazda when the battery was drained. All gages would go up and down.

    I hope this clue helps.
  • That sounds possible, the garage haven't come up with a solution yet and they have had my car for 5 days, no joy.
    I will mention this to them tomorrow.
    Did you manage to sort the problem out?
    Thanks for the respose by the way :-)
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Oh yeah! I fugured it out! I stoped leaving the lights on at night! :)
    I was just pointing out that the needles go up and down when there is low voltage in the dash. The cause in my case was a dead (almost) battery - user error.

    In your case there could be a bad ground connection, a defective voltage regulator that suplies current to the instrument cluster or something else that lowers the tenssion.
  • Got my car back today!!

    One of the black covered wires to the dash (from underneath the manifold) had been cut somehow and was only allowing power through when the engine was in neutral or higher gears when it had less vibration. In lower gears the engine vibration was separating the two ends of the wire and causing the needles on the dash to go weird.

    The guy at the garage (Simon) was made up that he had found the problem.
    I was pretty stoked too :-)

    Thanks for your help, the garage said it gave them the idea for looking at the wires.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I have a question of my own. I have a brand new 5. On the lower pannel over the left leg, driver side, very near the hood release, there is a small black... cube screwd on the plasric. There is a wire going from it in the back of the pannel. This seems to be added in hurry, like an after thought. It's not the ODB connector. Anybody knows what this is?
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