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Mazda5 Suspension



  • kukarekakukareka Posts: 18
    I've experienced the same crunching noises at rear suspension on my Mazda5, 07 each cold season as many described at this blog. Rear shocks were replaced twice already. First time because of crunching noise and second time because rear of the car was doing fishtail motion. Pretty scary feeling behind the wheel, I'll tell you!
    Both times Mazda techs claimed that shocks leaked. Also, alignment goes off at least twice a year. I think that Mazda made HUGE mistake when they changed suspension for USA to make it "sporty". I'm sure European 5's don't have this problem since their suspension is stiffer. So it is either design flaw or parts or both! I wonder how 09 model suspension different from previous years? According to "Consumer Reports" 09 doesn't have suspension problems.
    Lastly, Mazda plays "blind" to this issue with suspension, until it will get sued like Toyota. We, consumers should send our complains to NHTSA. They would investigate once number of complaints rises. If it wouldn't be suspension, it would be a great quality car. Personally, I put " X " on this car and will get Honda or even Toyota instead.
    Mazda5 sucks!
  • kukarekakukareka Posts: 18
    My suggestion is exactly the same as you said at last.
    Dump this car ASAP!
    Suspension is crap and will be always crap!
    It doesn't matter how many times parts get replaced or lubricated!!!
    At only one dealership tech admitted to me "of record" that "these cars are known for this problem", the rest of them (mazda techs and their managers) either play stupid or keep their mouths shut.
    Buying Mazda5 was a mistake for me too! Crunching noises at winter, rear shocks replaced twice, alignment goes off at least twice a year (even though maintenance and tire rotation schedules are followed), tires get chewed up.
    I'm looking forward to Odyssey 2011!
    Mazda5 goes kaput!
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    edited June 2010
    Alignment goes off at least twice a year? How are you driving it? Where are you driving it?

    Just be aware that the 2011 Honda Odyssey is the first model of the next gen, and is when all the bugs show-up. Usually all first models of the next gen cars have flaws
  • kukarekakukareka Posts: 18
    Driving is normal. 10-15 mi a day, no passengers or load. I don't abuse this car or any I owned. Maintenance is up to date too.
    Since if you call yourself coolmazda5, I wonder what year is your 5 and how many miles you have on it? Have you tested your car in freezing temps? Did Mazda send you questionnaire on the second week of ownership too? It tells you something, doesn't it?
    Hey, you wanna swap?
    Just kidding.
    But seriously, ANYBODY wants swap mazda5 07 for odyssey or sienna???? We'll call it an even exchange!
    Perhaps, 06-07 models are the only ones with suspension issues... I really want to know if owners of 2008-10 models do or don't have these issues
    I've owned 2 Civics and Accord (all bought new). One is still running with 98K. With Hondas I've never experienced any problems. I just think that I made a mistake to buy 5 and switch to Mazda.
    I agree with your point about 2011. This could be the same fate as 2006 for mazda5.
    Regardless, mazda5 is kaput!
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    I own 2 Mazda5s, an 06 and an 08. Yes, the 06 has gotten the relevant recalls and TSBs. The 08 so far OK, nothing to change under warranty. Yes, the 06 has squeaked on cold winters. I actually traded-in a Honda Civic for the 1st Mazda5. The Civic gave me a couple of severe issues that left me stranded on the road (exhaust, start relay) and so far the Mazdas, nada. Also, my dealer has been very decent (the 2nd one, the 1st one not at all) so that helps...

    I asked about the alignment because I've not experienced eating tires nor alignment issues. Only problem is that the OEM Toyo Proxes tires are horrible, I replaced them on the 06 as soon as the opportunity presented. Looking forward to do it on the 08 before Winter starts...
  • kukarekakukareka Posts: 18
    I feel better to know that your 06 had similar problems, and I'm surprised to know that 08 hasn''t. Would you possibly know what's the prime diffrerence between the 2 in terms of suspension, please? Are the shocks different, bushings, etc?
    My 07 has over 30K, tires are OK. I did all rotations as scheduled. My toyos are OK for now, but do get chewed up quicker than of Accord's for example.
    I still believe I should sell my 5 and buy something else. But before I'll make such a decision, I'd wait for other owners who have 2008-10 year models to confirm your statement regarding 08 model. In that case I'd sell my 07 and get a brand new one.
  • kuruma808kuruma808 Posts: 2
    I mentioned our '08 Mazda5's rear-suspension crunching noises to our dealer's service dept. when I brought it in recently for routine service -- even referred them to the prior years' service bulletin. They said they took the rear suspension apart, couldn't find any signs of wear, abrasion or other problems, and moreover couldn't even hear the noise (which had been obvious to all passengers for several months.) They didn't charge me anything beyond the other service work, and offered to take another look if I could bring it in again to demonstrate the noise.
    I gave up, drove the car back home -- and noticed that the noise really was gone!! I deliberately took routes that set off the crunching before, and the car was silent! I figured something in the disassembly/reassembly process must have done the trick.
    This situation lasted for about a week, when the noise reappeared while driving over a normal speed bump. It's become more and more pronounced since then -- still not as loud or consistent as before, but definitely trending upward.
    Don't know what this says about the cause of the problem, other than it appears that rather fine tolerances are involved. Cold temps are not a factor here, as the car has been in Hawaii since purchase.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    edited June 2010
    I don't feel any critical differences, but as I've been reading it seems that there was a very bad lot of shocks in the warehouse for the first models. Bushings seem to be of different (read "better") materials now. Also, I'm sure Mazda did some adjustments to the suspension (i.e. camber) after the years have passed. For example, I can tell that while the Proxes are horrible, on the 08 they seem on better shape than the ones on the 06 at the i.e. 20k mile mark.

    I've serviced both in the same place
  • 09mazda509mazda5 Posts: 2
    I have an 09 Mazda5 and haven't had issues with suspension noise, but have now had both rear shocks go out (one at 18K and now the other at 22K). The Yokohama Avid tires that came with the vehicle also have flat spots on the inside edge of two tires (currently both on axel where shocks failed) even though the tires have been rotated every 4K since purchasing the car new. Mazda swears the shocks aren't causing the unusual tire wear pattern. Alignment was checked at 18K. The service manager said there was an issue with the shocks but that supposedly something was changed to address the shock issue and that he hasn't had any come back (yet) since the "new" design shocks have come out. Parts manager at another local Mazda dealership says the shocks go out "all the time" and that's "just what they do." No on else has a shock that will fit the 09 Mazda5 yet (have checked several shock manufacturers-apparently there was a shock change from 08 to 09 model?), so I'm stuck with what Mazda makes for now.
  • kukarekakukareka Posts: 18
    Thanks for the posting!
    Your message exactly reflects my concerns on suspension issues of Mazda5 I've described in my previous postings, and it agrees with so many other postings at this thread
    . The rear shocks were replaced twice on my 07 Touring, fortunately both times under warranty. I've checked reviews here at Edmunds for 07-09 mazda5s. For 07 and 08 there were couple concerns regarding suspension, and none for 09. It only means that owners of 09 didn't accumulate enough mileage to experience the issues yet. The fact is that tires get chewed up too soon because these tires probably too skinny to soften the shocks and vibrations from the road surface that leads the suspension to fail prematurely. Yeah, mazda could have replaced shocks for the better ones for 09-10 year models, but that doesn't mean that tires would last longer nor suspension wouldn't fail.
    I liked this vehicle for a number of reasons until I had to go to dealerships to fix numerous suspension related issues. Features of this car are great, but safety is my most concern.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I read a post that a tech in Canada (?) cut a small groove inside the bushing before installing it and filled it with the required grease. Problem solved.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    We bought our '09 with 22k miles on the clock. The dealer had replaced the rear shocks before we purchased it. I thought it odd they needed them so soon. Well, now at 36k, they need replacing again. We had the strange sidestepping over bumps and then a clunk recently developed. I jacked it up to check it out this evening and oil starting pouring out of the left rear shock. We also have had a vibration almost from day 1 that the dealer won't acknowledge. I don't know if the 2 issues are related yet.

    Was hoping to find an aftermarket solution (better shocks), but no luck yet.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    According to Koni's website, their sport (yellow) shocks will fit mazda5s from '05-'09. A bit pricey, but if they work...

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • 2009 Mazda's have new generation of old problems. The reply about the yellow shocks is a good solution option. There are not many options for solutions to Mazda5 problems. Caster is factory set and there is no aftermarket adjustment kit available. Dealers and the manufacturer know this is a problem with suspension and alignment. The problem with paying $60-$100 for a 4 wheel alignment is that the dealership can show you a printout with whatever numbers they want to show you. A dealership shop manager (local family dealership that touts a "community" image) showed me exactly how this could be done - it is very simple, they just adjust the numbers as if you were calibrating a meat scale (he demonstrated this to me to stress a point he was trying to make about how insignificant -to him- was a printout I had from a non-dealership alignment shop that showed contradicting numbers to the dealership printout when the alignments were done 2 days apart). Mazda has known for years about Mazda5 suspension problems, tire wear and shock issues (and expensive strut issues). They have also known about vibration issues. Please note that burried deep in the sales "contract" and owner's manual is the automatic agreement you agree to that states you have basically given up most of your rights to any substantial restitution for manufacturer's inherent problems. Upon signature of purchase, you are doomed to "arbitration." This usually means a very lengthy process for you that the car manufacturers simply consider a cost of business and are only too happy in the end to pay out $1K-6K (no more than 30% of the value of the car) to settle an arbitration case and make you go away. You will be stuck with the car and the problems even if you are persistent enough to stick with an arbitration case. Most people are not persistent enough. Less than 10% of bona fide vehicle lemon cases are pursued through to settlement.

    And of course, the dealership you purchased your vehicle from will do everything in its power to distract you, dog and pony show you, lie to you, and then finally tell you they have no authority to help you whatsever because after all, they are only the seller and they have nothing to do with the production or warranty of the vehicle. And oh yes, about that very expensive extended warranty that is pretty much useless; always read the fine, fine, fine print before purchasing one of those. When the dealership sales person tells you that you have to decide on the spot about the extended warranty or the "special deal" will no longer be good if you wait a day or two, rip up your whole sales contract and walk out the door - this is not a dealership that will stand by their sale or you when you need them. Extended warranties are marked up at least 100-300% You will spend all of your vacation and sick time trying to get shocks and tires covered under your warranty not to mention spending all of your vacation time running back and forth to the dealership for service problems in the first year of ownership of a Mazda5. In fact, this is how they should advertise the an excellent transport vehicle to travel to and from the dealership as you spend all of your vacation time and personal leave trying to resolve brand new vehicle problems!

    You will be told at least 2-3 times that your problem can't be duplicated in the shop. And, while you are doing what you think is fullfilling your duty of having the vehicle to the dealership at least 3 times for the same problem, the dealership will write it up differently each time - always ask for copies of paperwork and don't leave until they put it in writing exactly why you are there in your own words. In fact, this is how they should advertise the an excellent transport vehicle to travel to and from the dealership as you spend all of your vacation time and personal leave trying to resolve brand new vehicle problems! Very few extended warranties are manufacturer extended warranties. Ford has one. Even though Mazda is Ford in many senses, Mazda extended warranties are NOT Ford warranties, they are 3rd party warranties. PLEASE NOTE, when the American public starts demanding that car manufacturers offer REAL, NEW manufacturer vehicle warranties that demonstrate manufacturer faith in their own productions (50-60K mile bumper to bumper warranties not, just 100K power train warranties), cars will actualy be manufactured with better parts and better care. Why do you suppose Mazda went from a 5 year, 50K mile bumper to bumper warranty on every new car to a 3 year, 36K mile warranty in the last few years? Was it because they were making better cars? I don't think so. Continue to empower others. Continue to post on these forums, they are wonderful tools. Post your experience everywhere you can on the internet. Demand Excellence! You are paying for excellence. The idea of the Mazda5 vehicle is a great idea. It is too bad that Mazda teased the world with this vehicle. :lemon:
  • Check seat belt buckle receptacle on driver's side next to console. With weight in the seat, the buckle receptacle rubs between seat and console. slide a piece of foam with doubles sided tape down in between console and buckle receptacle. I'm glad you will be getting rid of the Mazda5 soon. Wise choice. While a bit more pricy, Volvo has a family vehicle with room for people and gear, great visibility, handling and safety. Volvo dealerships tend to be way more service oriented than Mazda dealerhsips. Volvo mechanics seem to be happier with their jobs too! Makes a difference when you work for a company that stands actually wants to stand behind and in front of their product.
  • The Australian "adjusters" for the front shock towers, don't have caster as an adjustment? That would surprise me.

    I'd find out what was taking the shocks out before I spent the money on the Koni's.

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    I honestly think the shocks are just inferior. Don't forget, this is a Mazda3 underneath it all. So we've got shocks designed for a 5-passenger 3000-lb car holding up a 6-passenger 3500-lb car. You put 6 adults in this thing and you're pushing those shocks way beyond their designed limitations.

    I haven't had tire wear issues, personally. Although we've only had the car 14k miles so far. I took it to Sears for an alignment and they only found the right rear wheel was toed out a bit out of spec.

    Just to update again, I didn't go with the Konis. A bit too expensive and I was worried it would make the ride too harsh for the wife. I have ordered the Monroe Sensatrac 5607s online and should have them mid-week. I will report back the results.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • Hey - to each his own......... but 14,000 on shocks? I have 34,000 on mine and they are still fine......... And with tall he documented problems from the factory I ALWAYS do the research and take a very very close look at why something is happening.

    Its like the brakes 33,000 and all four rotors and sets of pads - gone. I don't drive that hard - my VW's ALWAYS got at least 50,000 and that was just for the pads.

    So it was out with the old and in with the new: ALL aftermarket and ALL much higher spec.

    You could be chasing this shock thing forever (or replacing them every 14,000. There is a reason they are going bad.

    Good luck,

  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    edited August 2010
    2006 M5 GT with 55,000 km on the clock. One rear shock has completely drained of oil and needs to be replaced. That was shocking enough - replacing a shock on a vehicle with only 55,000 km on it? Rather lightly driven car, 90% of kms with 2 or less people on board.

    Next shocker - dealer tells me they only have one in stock and they can't find any others, not in Canada, not anywhere in N.Am.! I will have to wait a couple of weeks til they can get another in, which is fine with me. I just can't believe that there is not one other shock for a Mazda5 anywhere on the continent. This makes me laugh. I should call around to other dealers, i imagine i could find another in the city where i live.

    What do you think?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,147
    edited August 2010
    Go to an independent shop, is my advice. I purchased 2 Monroe sensatracs for the wife's. $75 shipped to my door and took me all of an hour to replace. I'm anticipating these will prove far superior to the stocks shocks. So far, they feel great.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

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