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Mazda5 Suspension



  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    I dont think Mazda has definate answer or resolution to this issue...however, a lot of MZ5 owners have tried fixings on their own i.e

    -replacing sway bar bushings constantly as soon as they start making noise
    -lubing up exsisting sway bar bushings
    -replacing sway bar bushings with aftermarket ones

    or in my case...I replaced the rear sway bar bushings with the 2nd generation (2012 and up) MZ5 which are way bigger and beefier. I had to do some alterations to make them fit on my 2006 MZ5 but no noise since then. The easier way but also a little more expensive way is to replace the rear sway bar, sway bar bushings, bushing braces with the 2nd generation MZ5 parts. They bolt right up and they are imo bigger, beefier and better.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,150
    Or an aftermarket bar with poly bushings.

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  • chi12chi12 Posts: 1
    Hi david, i bought the mazda 5 2012 sport last week brand new but when i drive over the bump i hear little noise from rear but not sure its from outside or inside the car can u help me? I dont know what rubber seat u talked about is so can u teach me clearly?
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    Hello chi12, welcome. If you just bought a 2012 MZ5 and it is making noise, better take it back to the dealer have them hack at it. My remedy so far was for my first generation MZ5 (2006) in which I used the 2012 rear sway bar bushings and bored them out a little bit to fit my sway bar. I am out of warranty thats why I have to find ways to fix it myself but if it was under warranty I wouldn't monkey with it.
  • dukemondukemon Posts: 1
    Just wondering why people are even trying to replace the bushings when it seems like half of the problem is that the control/stabilizer arms are undersized. I own a Mazda 2006 sport with all these same issues but would like to get it resolved once and for all. Obviously aftermarket is the only way to go for us First-gen's. That being said can anybody recommend THE BEST aftermarket parts for my 5.

    -best replacement control arms (with bushings already installed)
    -best stabilizer bars "
    -best sway bars "
    -best end links
    -best shocks/struts

    I suppose a person could hope that Mazda Canada will do the right thing but I think that ship has come and gone.
  • rv1458rv1458 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Slurp, any updates on how your improved sway bar assembly is holding up?

    I'm seriously consider a 2012 Mazda5, but definitely want to know that they've fixed the suspension and tire wear issues of the first generation.

  • Hi

    I had a lot of problems with my Mazda 5, rear and front suspension. We change the Shocks from and rear, Links rear and front, base mount, stabilizer bar rubbers rear and other parts. I had two mazda but seriously I am changing to other model (honda cr-v and Ford edge). Do not recommend mazda 5.
  • slurpslurp Posts: 8
    Hi rv1458 sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your question. Well so far so good. No noise, no squeak / crunch from the rear end...nothing. I was worried that the problem would rear itself during the colder winter months here in winnipeg when the bushing material is subjected to extended periods of cold temps but so far so good. Like I said in my earlier posts I am cautiously optimistic that mazda may have solved the problem by swapping in the 2012 parts into my 2007.
    Have you purchased a 2012 yet? I drove one recently and they're pretty nice.
  • jjac28jjac28 Posts: 2
    Im going back to my dealership for the second time now with the same issue-terrible creaking noises coming from the back suspension.
    It seems to be worse when its warm outside. Ive already spent around $900 to get this fixed but the problem is back. The car is only 4years old with 75k km on it , looks like Mazda produced a defective vehicle and we have to pay for it now.
    I they dont fix it this time I will never buy a Mazda again . very disappointed.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    edited May 2012
    Sorry you feel this way about your 5 and although I know that our 5's are not perfect and have a couple weak points (suspension being one) they are great little people haulers with lots of fun and sporty things about them. However, if you are not the type of owner that likes to get their hands dirty a little bit, it could end up being a costly vehicle to maintain. I personally have tried various things in resolving the rear suspension noise issue and I think I almost got it. I am currently running Prothane 19mm rear sway bar bushings as well as aftermarket sway bar links with some white lithium grease on the rear spring upper rubber seats. My next and hopefully final attempt will be to teflon tape the upper coil of the rear springs and teflon tape the upper rubber seat as well, since I am almost positive that this is the main place where the noise comes from...we will see.
  • petesmazda5petesmazda5 Posts: 12
    My 2007 Mazda5 has creaked winter/summer since I picked it up new from my lousy dealer in Whitby, Ontario, Canada (I won't mention the name). They wasted my time trying to fix it and never could. Finally when the car ran out of warranty they said I would have to pay for them to try and fix it with no guarantee that they could fix it. Ever.

    I just consider it a lesson learned on what brand not to buy ever again. I'll sell it this summer and try a company with better engineers. After all, if they can't fix a simple squeak can I trust the air bag to work in an accident?

    Now I'm seeing rust all over the roof which is pathetic since I hand wax my car three times a year, spring, summer, fall so it has good paint protection.

    And no, Mazda Canada was no help whatsoever.

    Sad to say I owned a GM once and it was actually better!
  • poohbear9poohbear9 Posts: 2
    own a 2009 m5 with 80000 mile with rear suspension noise. going to replace shocks with koni FSD's and follow advice of lubing rear spring seats and possibly replacing bushings as you suggested, maybe end links. question: any advice at getting a comprehensive service manual for $50 or less? Also considering replacing front/rear springs in the process. any experience with this as to whether it would help (replacing springs)? thank you
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    You can probably find a used or even new shop manual in eBay for about that much. The front springs require a spring compressor to release the tension but the rears are very easy to remove and replace. You'll need a tower and a jack, remove the rear links from the lower control arm and the lower control arm bolt to the knuckle and springs come out. To install reverse the process but use the jack to compress the spring and lower control arm to fit the bolt.
  • poohbear9poohbear9 Posts: 2
    thanks. had dealer look at it and the noise was coming from the rear spring seat being worn and the spring isn't sitting exactly where it should and is rubbing the frame (housing) in which it sits. Going to replace the spring seat and clean and grease the area and keep an eye on it. the dealer sprayed some lube on the area and that has gotten rid of the noise but I imagine it will return soon.

    Anyone have any experience with purchasing the DVD repair manuals on ebay? Actual hardcovers on ebay are selling for $150 for the 2009.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    We drove a Mazda 5 as a rental car a couple of months ago and loved it. We were planning to buy ... until we saw this thread. Are the suspension problems fixed on the 2012's? Replacing bushings and tires due to early wear makes the cost to operate quite high.
  • brammerbrammer Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    Our 2009 Mazda 5 has gone through 5 shock absorbers in 47000 km. We tried getting resolution from Mazda Canada, they refused, calling this a "normal wear item".

    Nice car, as long as you don't mind changing your shocks with your oil :(

    Oh yeah, and the "creaking" continues.
  • staypuftstaypuft Posts: 6
    With 19.5k on the odometer and 20 days or so left on 3/36 warranty we just had a blown driver-side shock replaced. The symptom was clunk noise over bumps. Dealer replaced just the one shock.
  • 114K miles, and I finally bought a daily driver because I could not stand the noise from the front - it sounds like the wheels are about to come off. My mechanic replaced bushings, tie rods, etc, and told me "the only thing left to replace is the steering rack." I kept the vehicle for its utility but I can't handle the racket for more than an hour. It will keep me from buying a Mazda again - shame, as the vehicle is otherwise sporty to drive, and nothing has fallen off or broken.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,150
    After 114k miles, you have a noise that a bad mechanic can't fix ... and you are swearing off mazda for this. Alrighty then.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • Bought this 2008 Mazda5 GS in March 2012 with 48,000 km (SW Ontario, Canada). I have four small kids and didn't want to go in a minivan or SUV. The car is great and I also wanted a manual transmission which this car has. I knew that Consumer Reports had a black dot for suspension. So, I didn't really care about squeaking from the back or occasional scraping/grating noise from rear suspension that would appear when loaded car went over sped-bumps. However, a week ago the car developed a thumping noise from the front passenger side when going over bigger bumps. It would be nice if it's a front strut and that's all that needs replacement, but after reading postings on this forum thread, it could be many more things...
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