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Mazda5 Suspension



  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a similar problem, except that the noise/clunking is coming from the rear suspension.

    I took it to the dealer and they said it was the right rear shock, they replaced it but the noise is still there. It almost sounds like a loose tool moving around and it annoys me to death.

    Anyone have this problem?
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I have recently purchased a Mazda5 in October 2006. All was well until I had the tires changed for winter driving, and it snowed like crazy. Shortly after this, I noticed the "cruching" noise from the rear of the car - it was like the independent suspension really was independent from the front and back. The noise is particularly pronounced when it is cold, and whenever I run over a bump in the road. I also "felt" that the car was not really as stable as it was in October and November. I am reading with great interest all of the "fixes" that have been applied to this problem. Today while at the dealership for the three month check, I noticed that the rear bumper just behind the wheel well had separated and there was a gap in the wheel well (sorry I am not very tenchnical). They fixed it but told me that someone had bumped into my car. Yet there was no sign of any damage whatsoever. I am not stupid, I intuitively knew it was related to the suspension.
    What I need to know is whether there is an actual service bulletin and where I might find this.
  • Here in Toronto ,,nice and cold and lots of crunching in the front end. Complained to the dealer and their response was "were not sure what could be causing that noise". So we lubed the bushings as per Mazda Canada ,that lasted two days -took it back they replaced the control arm and that lasted one night .Thanks to every one in this forum I now have enough ammo to to go to the dealership and tell then like it is , I also notice when the car is sitting at idle and you turn the wheel the lights dimm considerably. Am I the only one who has experienced this ?? Maybe it's that electric motor on the steering ? My wife loves her M5 and with a second kid on the way it's the perfect family car . Unfortunately fighting with these clowns to get it fixed is my department :mad:
  • The North American (US only) identifies a problem with the suspension system and issued a permanent fix. However, it appears that there is an inconsistency in how dealership in Canada offer/apply the permanent fix. My dealership is trying to convince Mazda Canada to provide a permanent fix but they have not received the okay to do this. My "fix" was "nothing" because I would have been back on their doorstep the instant it happened again and I don't think they want that. No greasing, no control arm fix.
    I'm not sure why they would not do the fix for all as it seriously compromises the image they are trying to project of a quality car. It is a known problem with a known fix. Perhaps Transport Canada needs to get involved?
  • In my rush to send this I forgot to provide you with the TSB number 02-007/06. It covers vehicles with VINs lower than JM1 CR **** ** 111238 (before Nov 1, 2005) for stabilizer bushings fix and VINs lower than JM1 CR **** ** 120197 before Jan 27 2006 for the lower arm fix.
    Be aware that Canada does not seem to be included in Mazda North American Operations Service Bulletins or at least that's the excuse I got.
  • thanks for the link . Ive been busy at work the last few days , but I will be going to the dealer hopefully on tuesday . So trishr1 I will let you know what happens ,also I have looking everywhere and reading alot about this problem and somewhere along I read a post from a guy in Montreal who said he got his car fixed with what the dealer said were the new redesigned parts . Well see what happens on Tuesday,,,ill keep you posted... :confuse:
  • I will be very interested in hearing what happens with your car.
    I recall reading the Montreal post and thought I would try to email him and find out exactly what they did and how receptive they were to making the changes.
    I haven't heard from my Service Manager as yet but it is early in the week.

    Where's Phil Edmonston (Lemon-Aid) when you need him - I hope he is reading these emails.
  • thanks for the link to TSB. We purchased our van in April 2006 and it exhibits the rumbling noise while going over bumps slowly. We had it to the dealer on 6/8/06 and they said something was loose in the rear bumper and tightened it up.
    Unfortunately the problem persists. Now with temps in the single digits we are hearing loud crunchy noises from the rear end of the van. The dealer said this is normal and their is no fix for this problem. I will be taking the van in to the dealer on 2/12/07 armed with the TSB to at least deal with the rumbling noise from the suspension.

  • Are you from USA or Canada? I wish you every success with the TSB and I might suggest printing off a few of the emails from Mazda5 Forum where people have had the problem rectified. They just can't continue to hoodwink people into thinking this is normal because it isn't. Beware that the crunchy noise (likely bushings, sway bar etc.) could extend (as it has in mine) from the rear to the front then you'll really hear the crunching big time. I keep thinking on really cold days here that the rear and front ends are going to fall off. I know it won't happen but I'd love to call Roadside Assistance and tell them to come and pick up the front and rear ends. My slogan for Mazda is Zoom Boom.
  • I hear you loud and clear , both front and back are nice and loud now .. Well I had a little discussion with the service department today and presented them with all the printouts and the TSB , their response was 'we will talk to some regional service guy and our service manager later this week " so I told him if I dont get a call by next tuesday I will be there first thing in the morning and I wont be happy . I also told them they can fix my car, give me a new one or just give me my cash back , so now I wait a week and see what kind of crap they will shovel at me.....
    I will keep you all posted and do my best to provide you with any information or progress that gets made ...Hopefully it will be positive.
  • This from MPVclub forum - perhaps you ought to get together with her:
    "hey trish, where in canada are you? i' in toronto and am having the same problem with my mazda dealer -- agincourt mazda.
    they claim that i must have hit a large "pothole" and that since the car has 17" wheels, it is more susceptible to suspension damage... i wasn't buying it, and as soon as i mentioned seeing TSBs online, they changed their tune and did the grease job.... which did nothing. both my front and rear end creak sooooo loudly! it is especially embarassing to drive to school in my brand new mazda5 and have people walking by on the street turn around to see what is making such a loud groaning noise...
    have you heard from mazda canada? are they going to do the "permanent" fix?? i am absolutely angered about this because i even shelled out an extra $1400 for the premium extended warranty!"

    As soon as one of us gets the problem fixed (in Canada) and tells us what the fix was then we can go with evidence. :mad:
  • I am from Pennsylvania, USA. You are right, with this cold weather, it really does sound like the rear end is going to break off. When the temperature is milder we do not get the crunching noise, but we do get the rumbling/rattling sound when driving slowly over bumps that is described in the TSB.
  • I have the same problem which just started about a week ago when it started getting cold. I thought I hit something the first time. That noise is there all the time now, coming from the front end. Every slight bump I hear it loud and clear! To top it off, my passenger sliding door won't open more than about 6 inches. I called my dealer in Mississauga, and he told me there is a recall for the door latches, and that he has heard of issues with the crunchy sound from the suspension. There is currently a service bulletin for it. It involves replacing the bushing from the lower arm, and the stabilizer bushing. I'm bringing mine in next Monday. Dealer will let me know what needs replacing and will order parts necessary. As far as I know, there won't be any charge for this. I will confirm once resolved.
    I will need to find the link for the service bulletin, but in the meantime, here is the text from the pdf file:

    Page 1 of 9
    CONSUMER NOTICE: The information and instructions in this bulletin are intended for use by skilled technicians. Mazda technicians utilize the proper tools/
    equipment and take training to correctly and safely maintain Mazda vehicles. These instructions should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers.” Customers
    should not assume this bulletin applies to their vehicle or that their vehicle will develop the described concern. To determine if the information applies,
    customers should contact their nearest authorized Mazda dealership. Mazda North American Operations reserves the right to alter the specifications and
    contents of this bulletin without obligation or advance notice. All rights reserved. No part of this bulletin may be reproduced in any form or by any means,
    electronic or mechanical---including photocopying and recording and the use of any kind of information storage and retrieval system ---without permission in
    © 2006 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
    Bulletin No: 02-007/06
    Last Issued: 11/03/2006
    Service Bulletin Mazda North American Operations
    Irvine, CA 92618-2922
    2006 Mazda5 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1 CR**** ** 111238 (produced before November 1, 2005) for
    stabilizer bushings.
    2006 Mazda5 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1 CR**** ** 120197 (produced before January 27, 2006) for
    lower arm.
    Some vehicles may exhibit a squeaking or unusual noise from the front suspension or rear suspension when
    passing over a bump at a low speed. This is may be caused by one of the following:
    - The front or rear bushing of the front lower arm.
    - The front/rear stabilizer bushing.
    LOWER ARM 1589a
    Bulletin No: 02-007/06
    © 2006 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
    Last Issued: 11/03/2006
    Page 2 of 9
    To stop the noise, the following mass production changes have occured.
    - The shape of the front lower arms along with the attached bushings has been changed.
    - The stabilizer bar bushing rubber was made harder and the amount of wax that is included in the front/
    rear stabilizer bushing has been increased.
    Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following repair procedure.
    1. Verify customer concern, specifically the location of the noise and root cause component, then move on to
    the procedures that apply.
    2. Verify each repair when finished.
    1. Replace front lower arm. Refer to appropriate Workshop Manual section 02-13 - FRONT LOWER ARM
    2. Perform toe-in inspection and adjustment. Refer to appropriate Workshop Manual section 02-11 - FRONT
    1. Raise the vehicle in the air.
    WARNING: Before working on the vehicle, make sure the vehicle’s engine and exhaust are cooled down.
    NOTE: Do one side at a time, otherwise the stabilizer bar could shift out of position and make the repair
    more difficult.
    2. Reach in through the access area just behind and in front of the cross-member and locate the front stabilizer
    bar bushings.
    1675i AREA TO GAIN
    Bulletin No: 02-007/06
    © 2006 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
    Last Issued: 11/03/2006
    Page 3 of 9
    3. Remove the transverse member to make access easier to the left and right stabilizer bar brackets and bolts.
    4. Remove the two bolts for the right front stabilizer bracket.
    5. Remove the right front stabilizer bracket.
    1 SMALL
    Bulletin No: 02-007/06
    © 2006 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
    Last Issued: 11/03/2006
    Page 4 of 9
    NOTE: It may be necessary to use a screwdriver to pry the bracket off.
    6. Remove the right front stabilizer bushing.
    NOTE: It may be necessary to lightly push or pull on the side of the stabilizer bar where it meets the stabilizer
    control link to allow clearance.
    Bulletin No: 02-007/06
    © 2006 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
    Last Issued: 11/03/2006
    Page 5 of 9
    7. Clean the area on the stabilizer bar where the bushing goes.
    8. Apply a light coating of locally sourced white lithium-soap based grease to the inner cylindrical surface of the
    new front bushings.
    9. Install the new right front bushing.
    10. Install the right front stabilizer bracket.
    11. Align and install the bolts for the right front stabilizer bracket.
    Tightening torque: 40.3-53.9 Nm (29.8-39.7 ft-lbf)
    NOTE: It may be necessary to lightly push or pull on the side of the stabilizer bar where it meets the stabilizer
    control links to allow clearance.
    12. Repeat steps 4-11 for the left front bushing.
    13. Install the transverse member (if removed) and install the bolts.
    Tightening torque: four larger bolts to 36.3-53.9 Nm (26.8-39.7 ft-lbf) and one smaller bolt to 7.8-10.8 Nm
    (70-95 in-lbf)
    Bulletin No: 02-007/06
    © 2006 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
    Last Issued: 11/03/2006
    Page 6 of 9
    1. Raise the vehicle in the air.
    WARNING: Before working on the vehicle, make sure the vehicle’s engine and exhaust are cooled down.
    NOTE: Do one side at a time, otherwise the stabilizer bar could shift out of position and make the repair
    more difficult.
    2. Locate the rear stabilizer bar bushings.
    3. Remove the two bolts for the left rear stabilizer bracket.
    Bulletin No: 02-007/06
    © 2006 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
    Last Issued: 11/03/2006
    Page 7 of 9
    3. Remove the left rear stabilizer bracket.
    NOTE: It may be necessary to use a screwdriver to pry the bracket
  • Sorry to hear from Pennsylvania having problem - probably the TSB (posted) applies to your car/VIN.
    For Mississauga, it was discounted in a way by my dealer as it is a North America TSB (which BTW Canada is not included :confuse: ). Anyways, you may be the first to win the Survivor: FIND THE FIX prize now that there are three of you in Ontario Canada, (2 Torontonians) I am looking forward to seeing who finishes first. There has to be some humour in this, though I sense that most of us are not finding this funny at all.
    I have not heard from my service manager :mad: -though I did contact Mazda Canada by email. Might be a good idea for you and the TO people to email them as well. Just checked my emails - OHHH Mazda Canada will be contacting me shortly I am anxious to hear what they have as a fix - maybe I will win :shades:
  • Received no call from Mazda Canada as yet , but I called and left a message (they had left already) :
    Received a fax from my dealership today ; but all it said was (paraphrasing) sorry you're having a problem, there is no corrective action at this time :P , but we can do a temporary fix (replace the affected bushings which is the cause of the noise) that won't work, but if that will make you happy come on down; otherwise wait for awhile to see if there is a fix later. PS. it is not a safety problem and is not creating any damage (sic to my car). Well at least I have that in writing for later on down the road.
    Someone at work told me he had a paper machae (sp?)lemon made and a sign and attached it to the top of his car (another make). :lemon:
  • Well good luck with Mazada Canada I will probably be dealing with them myself next week.On a lighter note I got a call from my dealer on thursday saying the regional whoever wanted to test drive the car on friday , so my wife took it in they tested it and said they have a new arm for it so she had to leave the car with them ,,this was around 10:30am . Got a call at 5pm saying the car was ready , somehow I dont think the problem was fixed but i will find out when i pick it up saturday morning .I have a feeling i will be back at the dealer by tuesday , as for the saying there is no permanent fix...That is not what I hear , the fix is being applied to cars in the U.S. which mean the parts do exist and Mazda Canada needs to make an attempt to take care of their customers..and to the person who bought her car from Agincourt Maz.. don't feel bad I also bought the extended on my car , alot of good it's doing us now huh ?. Don,t let them try to feed you any crap I have a civic sir with 195k and aftermarket 17"rims on it , I live in T.O so you know I cant avoid potholes ,and yet I dont have any suspension problems . Unlike my new car with only 6000k..Well I will try to update on the weekend after i get the 5 back ,well see what they fixed and how long it lasts. :confuse:
  • Hurray - this is somewhat good news for you (I hope) and perhaps for all the rest of us. Anxiously awaiting news of the "possible fix".
    It is the same car whether in US or Canada with the same problem so a rational person would conclude if there is a permanent fix it applies to all cars of the same model.
    I will have to wait until March to take the regional manager for a ride and with any luck it will still be cold out.
    Winnipeg has MAJOR potholes and my car only has 2006 kms, but the dealer never suggested it was "the potholes fault" which of course is untrue, and a bit condesending.
    At my first service check (when all this happended) I couldn't figure out why the seat belt light kept coming on when I had correctly secured my seat belt - thought ohoh electrical system problems - service tech said it was due to improper seat belt connecting by owner!!!!! I've been driving longer than he has been alive. As I figured out (coming from a 1993 van) when I put my heavy briefcase on the passenger seat, it thinks it is a person without their seat belt connected. Duh duh But the response was customer error...
    Please note that not all dealers are willing to apply the same "fix". I was offered replacement bushings only. Why is this? Cheap for Mazda Canada - a time waster for me and the dealership because I would be back and they admitted in writing that I would not be happy. This is throwing the ball to me to help them help me by going up the ladder which I did - YOU MUST COMPLAIN TO MAZDA CANADA regardless of what they do Please.
  • well according to the workorder they changed the left control arm again and cleaned and lubed the rear stabilizer bushings i am taking the car out for a drive in a few minutes so well see what happens???Ill let you all know.
  • Can hardly wait to hear the outcome.
    Just got finished replying to someone from Manitoba (finally) who has the same problem. See below what they did for her (not for me though they don't want me coming back time and again)
    "On ours they replaced the front sway bar bushings but that didn't help so I am going back today so they can hear the crunching sound again. I'm getting a little tired of making these trips for the same problem - especially since they always want to hear it - well, it's making the same noise it was making the last time you heard it!

    Like others have said - it is way more pronounced when the temp. is cold. Here it has been in the -30's with windchills reaching up to -48 at night so it has been especially bad. Sounds like the car is going to fall apart everytime I go over the slightest bump."

    Ahhh another with the "sounds like the car is going to fall apart" that's not a minor squeak...
    Please update me as to what happens and what is done so I can take that back to my dealership. Thanks
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